A guide to Taiwanese VISA Debit Cards


guys which is the best bank to get a visa debit card? im planning to use it for online shopping


Which bank do you have? That's the best starting point, esp if they know you.


I still don't have bank account here im planning to open one


Read through this thread you are posting in, it is a goldmine.

I fell over Chinatrust and First bank as 2 names.

I use Union Bank. I do not thing it's especially foreigner friendly, however as I also run my company banking through it, they tend to give me good service. I would not know if their debit card works online, as they gave me a handful of credit cards instead. I do not have a guarantor, BTW, however I am weering off topic here.


I have successfully open an account with chinatrust and taipei fubon bank without arc. I show them my taiwan passport (without taiwan id) and ui number. I have no arc. At first chinatrust only gave me an atm card, after several persuasion, they gave me a visa debit card. On taipei fubon, straight away they gave me a mastercard with an easycard function.

I have tried using taipei fubon's debit mastercard to book plane ticket. I have not yet try chinatrust visa debit online purchase since I just received it today.


I'll add my positive experience today with Bank of Taiwan in Taoyuan.

After I deposited my pay, I asked the young woman at the counter about getting a debit card (I already have an ATM card with them). I specifically asked for a Visa debit card (Visa金融卡 jīn róng kǎ) that I could also use internationally, not a credit card (信用卡). There was absolutely no hesitation or unwillingness on her part. She brought me the application and said I could fill it out right there at the counter.

I was told I would get my new ATM/VISA debit card combination in one week.

More info which may be pertinent:

  • I've been a customer at Bank of Taiwan since 2008.
  • I have an APRC, but they also wanted to take a copy of my passport, which I had fortunately brought along just in case.
  • We spoke Chinese 90% of the time for this transaction; however, this branch of Bank of Taiwan had always been very accommodating to me back when I mostly used English.
  • The application was all in Chinese, and it seems like they have a policy that it must be filled out in the customer's own handwriting (?) When I questioned how to write a certain character, instead of just writing it for me--which has always been my experience in other places--she made sure to write it on a slip of paper so I could copy it myself. But she was very helpful when I didn't know what information was required in certain boxes.

I went in preparing for the worst (hassle, rejection, a "too-ma-fan" attitude) but experienced just the opposite.


As far as I know an increasing amount of banks have the VISA debit card 金融卡 as their only option. My VISA debit card which I got in 2010 was also processed without too much hassle, apart from them asking their manager, which looked at my APRC and then just nodded it off.


Its funny how everything in the bank related to foreigners requires asking the manager.

I think even the small banks like CHB, Esun and the like all have them now too

You would think all the locals would have a credit card and not need debit cards.


The bank was in Longtan. Last time I complained that I only had a visa, and that the mastercard they gave me was without a chip, the local branch for reasons beyond me told me that I needed a mastercard world card. OK, they then wanted some income stuff from me, which I could not give as i am self-employed, after 2 weeks they gave me the card.

OK, back to debit cards. I have had it renewed, I recall being asked to sign somewhere.


Question on this: do you know what are the limits of this card (limit for withdraw in taiwan / abroad + limit of payment: in taiwan / abroad / online) ? The one they gave you is the ugly pink/blue one with the girl doing the shopping ? (I tried to ask another one but they have only this one).


Yeah, I got that blue card with the cutesy and fashionable girl and guy going shopping...blergh.

According to the disclosure that came with the card, the standard daily debit limit, both domestic and foreign, is 50,000nt, but you can request a higher limit up to a maximum of 200,000nt per day. This is subject to the limits that individual stores may have, which range from 20,000~50,000nt per day. There's something about a monthly 200,000nt limit, but I'm not sure if that's only ATM withdrawals/transfers or what. Below is the Chinese so you can check...



Didn't see any post about it, so I thought I'd update...

The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank provides VISA debit cards as well. They have two versions, one of which can be used as an easycard automatically toped up from your account by 500NT increments, which is quite practical (although I wonder what happens if your card gets stolen...) and also have a "paywave" function.
They gave it to me without any difficulty.



Just re-confirming that it was fairly easy to get a VISA Debit Card at Taishin. Went to the local branch with Passport, ARC and drivers license and it was fairly straightforward.

If you are content with a card that does not have your name printed, they can give you one on the spot. For a card with your name printed, expect to wait up 7-10 days.

Some limitations:
-> The card is marked "Electronic use only". Don't worry. This just means that it can't be used in situations where instant electronic approval isn't available. These days, that basically means you're in one of two situations:
1) The store's phone line has died and they want to use an old-school "knuckle buster" [1] machine to take an "imprint" of your card. This won't work because your card doesn't have the embossed characters on it.
2) You're on an airplane. (they might still accept the card accidentally, but they're not supposed to)

-> The card doesn't have a visa PayWave chip

-> By default, it will not be enabled for access overseas. Just ask for that to be enabled, and they'll inform you about the withdrawal/overseas fees and switch it on.

When you get your card, you'll be in a branch anyway, so head straight to the ATM. Go to the service/function settings section and update your PIN. You need to do this to activate the card. The card has two PINs - a 6 digit one for local use and a 4 digit one for international use. If you can update your 6 digit PIN, but not your 4 digit PIN it probably means your card was not enabled for overseas access properly, so go back and fix that.

Oh, and ProTip: If you forget your Internet banking username/password, you can use your card in the ATM to reset that. If you ask at the counter, I think there's a 50NTD fee :slight_smile:

So far the card has worked online at PCHome, in-person at Carrefour and at the Taishin ATM to get cash out. Will be trying it overseas next month.

[1] [google.com.tw/search?q=knuc ... e&tbm=isch](https://www.google.com.tw/search?q=knuckle+busters+credit+card+machine&oq=knuckle+busters+credit+card+machine&tbm=isch)


Postal Bank: Debit card

post.gov.tw/post/internet/U_ ... D=24030107


Some great information here, thanks!

I have read the first post and also all the information since the last update in 2013.

Having spent the last 5 years without a Debit/Credit Card…It is one the first things I want to sort out when I arrive in Taiwan.

I need to be able to use the Debit Card to buy things online. Shopping on Amazon, buying a flight, booking a hotel. Ordering a pizza…(??)
I also need to be with a bank that allows me to send money to my English account with relative ease. The preference would be being able to do it online with an English e-banking system but going into the branch to do it… is not a deal breaker.

I don’t need an overdraft, I just want to be able to use the money I earn freely.

Taishin Bank seems to tick most boxes, but according to the first page, no one has really touched on the international transfer side of banking. Can anyone enlighten me there?

Thanks in advance!



Let me follow up on this but do that via a different (better suited) thread - you will find related info here:


I’m with 合作金庫 as well and have a Visa debit card. It actually does have your name on it currently, I know as well in the last my name was not on the card either.
Anything to do with banks in Taiwan is seriously such a pain, I’m not sure about other banks as I can’t speak for them. But as far as mine, the online banking website and app both instantly make my MacBook or iPhone look like they are ancient devices from the 90’s with its Windowsesqe feel lol. I thought their app would be somewhat more new since well it had to be developed for mobile devices, but sadly no it still looks like crap.
Also I misplaced my card, went in to apply for a new one while I was waiting for my ARC to be processed, and they would not issue me a new card until I brought the new ARC. I’m guessing you could also bring the ROC ID certificate In the meantime. But what makes zero sense to me is that you can actually withdrawal the money with your passport but can’t be issued a new card without the ARC. Like if your going to accept a passport as means of identification to take a clients money out, why can you not provide a new card? It wasn’t like I was making a new account. Anyways, besides the fact I guess and sick of trying to understand why some roles exist. But yeah, the point: Names are printed on the cards currently, and don’t lose them haha.


Which of these banks can I get a debit card with on just a visitor visa dna NIA foreigner ID?

Cheers guys