A guide to Taiwanese VISA Debit Cards


I have a Fubon. But I just did some googling and it should be okay. May have to explain a bit but given my work it shouldn't be hard.


When my Taiwan Debit Visa doesn't work, I use https://www.entropay.com/

It will cost you 5% but that's the difference between a debit and credit card.

I've often had the Taiwan Visa Debit card rejected but never the Virtual Visa.


What a smart concept! And since that company is based in Malta it is very likely safe to use.

Would you mind giving a bit more information about how and where your debit card can be used, so that we can include the information in the "master list"...?


Can you tell us a bit more about your card and where/how it can be used?


No name on card but I call her Roxanne.
Sexy, sleek, easy on the eyes.
7 digit pin locally, 4 internationally for ATM withdrawal.
Have used to make online purchases (lots of Kindle books), buy plane tickets, groceries, hotel rooms, etc.
Get a cell phone message after each purchase as a safety feature.
Once when I returned from 8 weeks in China I found I could not withdraw money at the airport. The girl at the visitor centre figured it out: the chip was filthy and after she cleaned it with a pencil eraser it worked fine.


Many thanks! :wink: And the other data has found its way into the post at the head of this thread...


Entropay is now regulated by the FSA in the UK (Financial Services Authority) so it's quite safe.

I registered a domain name at domain.com and at first, I got a message that my card was rejected. The message suggested I call their customer service, but I ignored it. 24 hours later, it was approved. So it worked but wasn't instant.

Hostgator.com webhosting rejected my card, so I used entropay.


Thanks for the added info - this looks like a valuable "escape route" for people who get stuck with whatever card they have, and i have added it at the bottom of the page at the head of this thread.

Mind telling me about more about your Taiwanese VISA debit card: which bank? can it be used abroad at ATMs? can it be used abroad for shopping? which online service does not work with it?


HSBC. It has a 6 digit pin for local and 4 for international ATMs. No fee if you use it at HSBC ATMs globally.

It doesn't work at Amazon. Amazon doesn't ask for the verification number; I think that's the main problem.

It works at http://www.hymarkets.com/


Thanks for the info - i have added it to the master list...


DBS - doesn't currently offer debit cards of any kind... :loco:


You mean the Singapore headquartered DBS? Do you need to use them?
At least it sounds like they are not discriminating against foreigners... :wink:


Well, started to do work for a Singaporean company, so the bank transfers will be easier this way (I hope) as it's their bank in Singapore. And yes, DBS as in the Singaporean bank that also has branches in Taiwan since about two years back apparently.
Went to the local branch as you should here (local as to where your ARC is registered) and ended up being meet by invisible foreigner syndrome to start with, although after getting a bit frustrated with them they got someone to come over for another branch that helped me set up my new business account. They have some form of online banking as well, but I haven't got my account details as yet, so we'll see what it's like when I do. Set up a personal account as well, asked about a debit card and got told they don't have them, at all... Apparently it's something they're going to be offering in the future though from what I understood.


Don't know whether you still use/need the Cathay United account, but regardless of what you do with that, you could open another one with Taishin bank and get their card - then all you have to do is transfer a substantial amount every month from DBS to Taishin to cover your card use...


That might make sense a little down the road, yes, as I'm thinking about closing my accounts with Cathay, had a little bit too much hassle with them for no real reason. Nothing big, but a lot of small, frustrating things.


So, I've been reading all the guide (very usefull btw :wink: ) and seems like Taishin Bank is the best option to open an account that also works like credit card right? But what about if I want to receive a monthly payment via Paypal from USA to this account? Does that works?? I'm not familiarized with Paypal at all, and I will be receiving not sending, so would I have to link this account to Paypal?

To finish, a last question do you know the minimum amount to open a Taishin Bank account?? nobody talks about that in their reviews

Thanks everybody!


Yes, you can receive money from Paypal to Taishin bank. I think it's 1000 to open an account.


The master list and the info contained there is great! But can we update the list with what one needs for successfully applying for the cards? That is the main issue, as far as I understand it.

In other words, of the banks that offer it (thanks for the info!), which one will give it to me?

I have an ARC yearly, passport and pay taxes and stuff~ but no other kind of ARC. Can I really get a debit card to use on Amazon, etc, with just a normal ARC?


I think i put NT$300 in when i opened my acount (didn't take the passbook along on my trip, so i can't check right now) - maybe there is no rule but the staff just makes a suggestion...

In any case, it is not much and whatever you've deposited at that time you can take out as soon as you've received your cash card (and, conveniently, there are Taishin ATMs in Familiy Mart stores). But if you want to use a debit card you will need to have money in the account anyway... :wink:


I'll update it if there is new information. :slight_smile:

The banks listed here are all reported as having issued cards (to the customers listed below the bank names), meaning, what you see here is not just theoretical information.
So... you could start at the top of the list, confirm "Amazon OK", and work your way down - how many cards do you need? :wink: