Any Internet marketer, entrepreneur here?


Hey guys & girls -

My name is Tony, I am curious if there is any internet marketer or online entrepreneur here that are interested in meeting up & talk about business.

A little background on myself
I am a full time internet marketer specialize in paid traffic (ppc, ppv & media buy), but my market is US, not Taiwan. I was an affiliate marketer for a few years and now I have developed my own product/brand.

When I was in the US, i would travel around to attend digital marketing/advertising show such as affiliate summit east/west and ad:tech.

I am interested in meeting people who are in the same industry that can help me understand Asia market & maybe tell me if there are any seo/ppc conference in Taiwan that are worth going to.



Hi tony,

I'm also interested in this field.
When I was back in Indonesia , I' had been a part-time internet marketer for few years promoting my partner's products. And I've also gained some SEO knowledge from my experience.

In Indonesia, the SEO-industry is now at its best growth when everyone has noticed that importance of SEO itself.
Now I study in Taipei, and I still have no idea how's the industry right here :slight_smile: (since I'm still new here)
Hoping to meet ppl in same area too!



You guys should come to the Forumosa Entrepreneur's Meeting this Sunday at Alleycat's: [


maoman - I am gonna be there for sure.

topimiring - wanna grab lunch sometimes? PM me if you are interested ~~


You say you have developed your on product or brand? What is it? I have done the same and have been working on 2 web sites here in Taiwan in Chinese and am in the process of putting together another. Since my wife is Taiwan born and both US and American citizen she is fluent in both Chinese and English so it makes the translation easier.

I attended the last meeting but won't be at this one but would like to meet and talk if you want. I live in Guandu beside the University of Art. just e-mail me at and we can swap stories. I lived 25 years in Vegas and have seen marketing done right and wrong and Taiwan has no idea about marketing on the net. IMHO.


is there anyway to recognize u guys at that event ?


Of course I would find this forum only the week right after the event that I would love to go to was held. Anyways, I am extremely interested in this field of internet marketing and on-line business running. Wondering if any of you guys with experience would like to meet up and talk business or help a newbie out in the field. Got tons of idea's, just not sure how to get them off the ground. Shoot me a personal or an e-mail at to swap some thoughts and ideas.


I know of at least one who is in Taipei, and is working hard to do this kind of stuff. I'm also running several sites, but my Affiliate earnings are still minuscule ($50 pm or less)... but I'm working on developing the sites. I hope to reach $500pm within a couple of years or so.



I'm an affiliate marketer and web developer in the US doing paid search, paid social, and PPV. I'm very interested in moving to Taiwan. I have a question. Is there a way to make an affiliate marketing business count as a Taiwanese business in order to obtain a visa ? If I incorporate in Taiwan, have a bank account in Taiwan, and pay taxes in Taiwan is that enough ? Or would I have to hire a local and lease real office space ?

I know this is a big question and I don't wanna hijack your thread so if this out of control I'll move it to it's own thread.



That's so much work to obtain a visa...

You might as well find a small business like an after school tutoring, pay them a little $ and have them get you a working visa. I know it doesn't sound very "legal", but visa at taiwan isn't hard to obtain, and it would only cost small business less than $20.

If you do make it to Taiwan, hit me up, I am always open to meet like minded people.


I don't think you have any idea what it costs to apply for a work permit and resident visa. A resident visa cannot be obtained for $20.


A personal friend of mine owns an English after school tutoring for kids from 1st to 6th grade. She hires foreigner to work for her and get them working visa.

She is the one that told me it only cost her 500 NT for working visa. I am not 100% sure on the resident visa


I am! My business has been covered by Wired magazine, Men's Health, Reader's Digest, Vanity Fair, Playboy (note: my business is not pornography related!) among others.

Email me if you're interested in meeting up. I'll be in Taiwan from April to perhaps June (or May).


There is no such thing as a 'working visa', there are visitor visas and resident visas. With few exceptions work is NOT possible on a visitor visa. First a work permit has to be applied for through the CLA, then a resident visa and finally ARC. Excluding the work permit and resident visa the ARC alone costs TW$1,000 per year.

Then once the employee has their visa withholding tax and NHI has to be paid each month. It's a bit difficult to get around that since you already gave proof of minimum wage to get the visa in the first place.

If a 'working visa' could be had by filling in a few forms and paying TW$500 with no questions asked there would not be any illegal teachers.

Not trying to give you a hard time, just trying to nip this in the bud before someone thinks it is true.


Hey Guys,

I'm an affiliate marketer, and will be in Taiwan in a few days -

How did you guys set up your e- business ? What kind of VISA do you operate on ?

I was thinking of starting a Hong Kong company and creating a representative office.

The thing is, I don't really need a rep office, because my clients are worldwide and not Taiwanese focused.

I'm just displaying ads on some English Language sites and receiving commissions on them.

Could this still work out ? It would be optimal to me, but don't want to take advantage of the system either.




I'm Arie, i'm with imOnline, eCommerce company that specialized is deployment of multi-international eCommerce systems.
Anybody interested in this area, looking for JV or any other interesting venture.. i'de love to hear.
i'm in TW till end of Nov 2011

if there's anyone that speaking chiense and knows well the consumer market in TW, i would love to get in touch



I am a blogger that has a few advertisements (mostly from friends) but was wondering how Affiliate Marketing Companies such as can help boost my revenues. In a related question, does not seem to recognize Taiwan as a separate entity from China and Chinese companies must follow this protocol:

So has anyone used successfully while based in Taiwan? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have no experience with CJ, but I was just looking around on their website and see that they have Taiwan listed under country, and you can select USD for your functional currency, so you shouldn't have any problem.

Nice name, btw, Mr. Danger.


Yes, that's what I tried, but upon registering, was informed that I was in China. :doh:


Well no company in Shanghai would be authorized/interested in helping you, so I suggest contacting CJ directly. Good luck!