Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


You'd think they could learn from the mistakes of others (for example, the undisciplined US Congress back in the 19th century) ... this could be applied in a number of areas, not just the LY. The Japanese have been very good at this ... that's a big part of the reason they went through industrialization faster than any other country in history ... because they copied what others had done, and made it better. The Taiwanese gov't seems to want to re-invent the wheel all over again. They don't care if there are examples of good government and more efficient bureaucracy out there, they have to do it "their way." This is what bothers me the most, me thinks ...


I agree. This is Taiwan generally. A country who's so insular and unable (due to cultural factors) to learn from other countries and peoples due to their perceived superiority is a country in big trouble. Not everyone is like this but I feel too many are and it's frustrating and depressing to deal with day-in-day-out.


Mother Theresa,

Police brutality have nothing to do with LY brawling. You have Police brutality cases in USA, ROC, and every other country on the planet.

One needs to address the issue of why doesn't the PRC annual congress meeting doesn't end up in a fist fight.

There is something wrong with ROC democratic process if it allows these type of individuals to be elected into office in the first place.

Just by citing that ROC is has direct elections for LY members and PRC has a republic system for their congress is not enough to allow this type of behavior to continue.


I find this reasoning to be misleading. If it made every political and social decisions based on how the USA would have conducted itself, it would be useless to ROC, which maybe part of the problem on Taiwan in general. A German based political system with USA reforms is what ROC has now.

I do agree with you that ROC needs to learn from other governments. However, I beleive they need to take a hard look at Singapore and PRC, and how their political counterparts conduct themselves to gain international respect. Especially Singapore, which is even smaller than Taiwan, yet has so much more political capital than Taiwan on the international theater.


You have got to be joking!!! :noway: What in the world could Taiwan learn from the PRC except NOT how to run their government?!?! Singapore I could agree with, but the PRC is the LAST place Taiwan needs to be looking to for lessons on anything ...


We don't know if the PRC annual congress erupts into fistfights or not, because such meetings are probably closed to the public and if a newspaper reported on such an event it would surely be closed down and the editor imprisoned.

One could say the same about US administration and there may be some truth to that. But, most people around the world feel it's better for citizens to have a right to elect idiots into office than to have them crammed down their throats. And maybe, just maybe they're not all idiots after all. Maybe a handful are competent.

I agree that this type of behavior is sad. Ideally lawmakers would work together to accomplish lofty goals or at least disagree politely and strive to reach compromises instead of pulling hair and throwing things. The people are counting on them and they consistently let the people down. But at least in Taiwan the government doesn't actively abuse its citizens to the same extent that occurs in China.

[quote]. . . Tens of thousands of people continued to be detained or imprisoned in violation of their fundamental human rights and were at high risk of torture or ill-treatment. Thousands of people were sentenced to death or executed, many after unfair trials. Public protests increased against forcible evictions and land requisition without adequate compensation. China continued to use the global


This is a tricky argument technique: mixing-up quite reasonable thinking (something wrong in Taiwanese politics) with a lunatic-fringe political agenda (PRC as a role model for good governance). It initially had me wondering if the author was onto something, until I read it the third time.


Tell me that's a pun and not a real description of what goes on the LY.

My words not only are they beating each other up. They are competing to see who can get the most sympathy.

Maybe the PRC style of media shutdown on embarrassing events is not a bad idea.

me river.


You know, reading about all this is not so bad, but SEEING IT LIVE ON TV when it happens, or even on the evening news on re-runs is SICKENING. One reason why I never watch TV here anymore. It's really sad that Taiwan has come to this. That these spoiled rich kids in the legislature resort to such thuggish tactics, even now, after so much media criticism of their antics over the years, it is a sad day for Taiwan. Yes, bring back martial law. This freewheeling Bob Dylan democracy stuff does not work here.


Compare with polite Japan Diet. Why doesn't the leadership here, whoever that is, make rules that say that anyone who acts thuggish in the halls of parliament here loses their job immediately and is not allowed back in the chambers? There need to be strict laws. Even Trong Chai, who I used to respect, he was on on it this week too.

They are all corrupt bastards and bitches, especially that Diane Lee.


I don't think the media is doing too much "criticizing" in this regard, to be honest. I think both politicians and the journalists who "monitor" them revel in the opportunity to make this a front page story. It's what makes you famous and it sells newspapers. Winners all round.


[quote] No fooling, this is why. I was also told that for many Taiwanese (my breakfast store laoban clued me in on this


[quote="Etheorial"][quote] No fooling, this is why. I was also told that for many Taiwanese (my breakfast store laoban clued me in on this


Etheorial: Owned.


I don't think I ever praised simplified Chinese or making low wages. It's unfortunate that those people have to work for such little money and in poor conditions, and that the CCP chose to mangle the Chinese language to promote literacy.

A stupid Communist idea.

Meanwhile, peasants are peasants. Betel nut is disgusting, [Moderator has deleted bigoted comments here]. Reporting that voters in central and southern Taiwan get excited about their numbskull legislators beating each other up shows the kind of primitive culture they come from. Do we need to talk about the virtues of that city in central Taiwan where the cab drivers drive around with baseball bats in the trunk?

You know, it's a bit like some Americans voting for George Bush because they think he'd be a good guy to have a beer with or becuse they think he's "a good Christian", failing to realize that the guy you'd want to have a beer with or the guy who preaches about God alot may not necessarily be the guy who is best suited to run the country.

Such are the flaws of democracy.


Yes it does. English, on the other hand, sounds disgusting.


Not at Sandman -
Certainly does when it is uttered by elitest twits speaking down their noses at us "poor sods" they think beneath them.
Whiney shits they are..they are.


Fortunately, the sods are armed, so they can defend themselves, family, and property against "elitist twits."


Does anyone know where to find pictures or clips of chair and food throwing legislators?


What happened in the Leg today? Saw a guy on TV, eye bloodied by cellphone attack, while white hair gent taken to clinic? What were they fighting about today and who won?

Some clowns came dresses in cammies, others in kungfu outfits. Has Taiwan gone officially wacko or did I miss something on my vacation?


It was probably the pan-greens trying to block passage of the cross-strait peace bill and the NCC bill. They said previously that they would resort to violence if they felt it necessary.