Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


Yes, that was it. They started at 11 am or so. By 11;30 a fight had broken out after speaker weaker wanker Wang walked out after realizing he could not stop the disorder. I thought he was supposed to call the cops. !

The cammies and the KMTs, and DPP Wang fat guy with long hair, well, they all started fighting, didn't look too bad, but suddenly this KMT guy emerged with a cut over his left eye and rather than get medical attention, he savored the moment, just stayed in the LegYu chamber, that's Legislative Yuan shortspeak, and he hammed it up for the TV cameras, look at my eye, look at my eye!

No women this time. Just men. Bloody men


Well that's one way to end peace...resort to violence. :laughing:

What's so wrong with the peace bill?
It just reiterates the "1992 concensus" and CSB 5 no's.

It's not like these two events didn't occur already in Taiwan...or did it? :noway:

Pan-Green are against peace...


[b]KMT Legislator Zhang Shuowen is surrounded by colleagues after being
beaten in the face with a mobile phone during a legislative session
yesterday. Discussion of the national communications commission bill
ended in a brawl between the pan-blue and pan-green camps yesterday.
Debates in the legislature often end in fights and the throwing of kitchenware
and food.

Photo: Wally Santana, AP


This, believe it or not, was a feature on Star News Asia last night. Also had another dude climbing atop what looked like the speaker's desk and promptly falling off.

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It's even in the Belgian press ... above a link to the web TV version ...

Monkeys ... nothing more than monkeys ... uncivilized monkeys

I would shame myself being a citizen or president of a country like this ... and politicians like this have to approve laws that give foreigners rights in Taiwan ... jeez ... no wonder that everything is so complicated


I thought Belgians were way more hairy and could climb trees way better than any Taiwan politician?


Belgian and Hobart:

Please stay on topic. Belgian please moderate your tone.


CNN news reader showed clip of fighting and said:

"A new method of fighting was introduced in the Taiwan legislature, slinging cellphones!"

"Well, it takes all kinds!"

This last phrase is now being taught in all the newspapers' English study pages, a new way to learn English!

How to say that in Chinese?


That blood looks SO photoshopped.


Are these legislators? They look like the local badminton or pingpong team ... :laughing: sorry ... meant jujitsu team


Maybe he stabbed himself in the eye with a mobile phone to win sympathty votes. I demand a truth commission !


Yuan carpets are red so the bin lang stains aren't so obvious... :unamused:


M & M posted this link to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) in the Sports Forum:

Leave it to the CBC to see the humor in the recent legislative fisticuffs. Guess it was a slow day for hockey fights!:lol:


Can the Legislative Yuan get any more ridiculous? Now they're donning police body armor and Taekwondo outfits! :unamused: ... 2003275579


BAROC ... banana republic of china ... :smiley:


This quote from NPA's Deputy Director-General Shieh Hsiu-Neng in that article is classic:

"We lent the equipment at the request of the lawmakers.We have done it in the past and will continue to do so in the future," Shieh said.

"We lend the equipment to legislators when they need them for their work, regardless of their party and have no intention of getting involved in the legislature's business,"

:bravo: :laughing: :bravo:


Well the story is now making rounds in the a humor piece.

It will good to let American soldiers know that this is what they will be dying for.


Is this what the 6/10 Office is pushing now?


The CNN news reader who showed the segment of the fighting for all the world to see on CNN International, laughed out loud after it was over and said: "well, it takes all kinds!"

That could become Taiwan's new slogan: IT TAKES ALL KINDS.

Let's turn a negative into a positive.


First off, who said tha the PLA is capable enough of killing any US soldiers. Second, they won't actually be dying for Taiwan democracy but Communist Chinese containment and hopefully some regime change. Woohoo...even a Pro-China Anti-Taiwan KMT supporter like you should get excited about a little Commie regime change.