Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


But Chen Yi got his military education in Japan. So what did you expect. He ran Taiwan like the Japanese military did when they first arrived.

Thank Godness, CKS shot Chen Yi, when he returned from the Mainland.

The DPP did nothing to resolve this issue, only the KMT had the LP to take down their own corrupt individuals.
So when is the DPP going to have to LP to take down CSB?


Sorry, but you missed something from Chen Yi, let me remind you:

"# "Mainland Chinese were advanced enough to enjoy the privileges of constitutional government, but because of long years of despotic Japanese rule, the Formosans were politically retarded and were not capable of carrying on self-government in an intelligent manner."(1947)[3]

"It took the Japs [sic.] 51 years to dominate this island. I expect to take about five years to re-educate the people so they will be more happy with Chinese administration."(1947)

As far as Japanese education, the guy was a Chinese Nationalist, above everything. And, more than all, he was an opportunist who tried to flee to the CCP as soon as he saw the turning of events. So, in the end, he was nothing more than a weasel.


A point of fact is that he was Japanese trained and used his Japanese training on the former Japanese colony. It is not a secret that he was specifically chosen to govern Taiwan because of his Japanese experience.

Are you trying to state that Chen Yi was not Japanese enough to the former Japanese colony?


no, I'm pointing that above all he was an opportunist and, as many KMTers, he only saw Taiwan as a place to make money. When he got kicked out from Taiwan because of the US pressing, then he went to China. After that, while seeing the eminent victory of the CCP, he tried to change fields.... too bad he was caught and ended up like all of those he sent 5 feet below.

As far as legacy, the only thing he left in Taiwan was sorrow and pain. Then again, it will someday comeback to haunt the KMT.


And somehow Chen Yi justifies 25 DPP members rushing the podium to instigate a physical altercation in the LY?

That would be like a KMT member punching LTH because his family was a known Japanese collaborator. :loco:

Wisdom is the ability to see past personal grudges and come up with political solution for all.


They are trying, some guys over there are the ones who don't want to have a political solution, because they know the only political solution is their liquidation.

Other than that, Taiwan would be already a normal democracy, but that is the biggest fear of the CCP - a great culturally Chinese thriving society based on democratic values - something that doesn't exist anywhere else. But Taiwan has to fight not only the external forces of the CCP trying to prevent their own doom, but also against the old machine that never wants to give up of their old privileges. That is why you have people who (while in democracy) have been convicted of attempt of murder and possession of illegal weapons and still hold their Legislator position.


What fantasy. AC if you aren't a science fiction writer you might be suited for it. Square the above with:

Chiang also received his military education in Japan
Chen had spent time in Taiwan (at a 1935 exposition), which would seem to have had a lot to do with his being chosen
Chen was shot only after having served as an official in the mainland and being accused of having communist leanings


Tempo Gain,

And how far did CKS initial governance of Taiwan differ from the initial governance by the Japanese. The Japanese taught CKS how to run a military government under martial law and that's what he did. The mistake that the average Formosan made was to assume that CKS was a Chinese military person, when in actuality his military persona was Japanese.

If Chen Yi committed hara kiri then it would just further my argument, but he was in Japan for less than 10 years so it is understandable if his acculturation didn't go that far.


The CCP has no need to fear Taiwan. Because it is hardly a thriving democracy at this point. It is on a great slide to become the first binglang repubic. This island is going to end up like democratic Ireland with the Troubles.


AC since you have such a great understanding of both Chinese/Taiwanese and Irish/Anglo Irish history, can you elaborate more on that point, or was it something you pulled from the air?



Each group on Taiwan keeps insisting that they are victims of an oppressive regime. The break down of discourse within the government is self evident. Each side pursuing a resolution to the Strait Issue inregardless of the other party. Each side feels that it is justify to terrorize the other side with any political mean at their disposal. It is just a matter of time until the general public becomes the target of terrorization by the zealots of their camp.

What evidence do you have the ROC will avoid the Troubles that plague Ireland for a few decades?


um how about because all the average person here cares about is making money and immigrating to the's a fundamental difference in national character.........the Irish believed in self-determination with a passion and were willing to die for one here in politics, including LTH and the TSU, give a fuck about independence anymore.........they just want to court popularity so they can stay in power and keep cronyism running........

i say this even tho' a long-term green supporter........ethnic factionalism may be alive and kicking but the actual independence movement is dead and buried because the electorate itself won't support it. every man and his dog has funds in China and/or opportunities........they won't risk this with anything as silly as self-determination.......rather a rich taiwan province than a poor but proud Taiwan Republic.........(sad but true i have already left the movement, given up hope, burnt my membership card)


I believe they are now trying to make evidence that they don't need to declare Independence, because they are not dependent of anyone. But the truth is that, except for the grass roots (normally those who suffer the most), they are the most "nationalist", either one side or the other. But politics in Taiwan only has two flavours: China and how to keep the cookie-jar...


Oh dear. Well, at least the health minsiter should get reasonabe treatment.

"We condemn any form of violence. The public would not want to see such a thing happening in the parliament," Premier Liu Chao-shiuan told reporters after visiting Yeh at the hospital.

Waddya mean? There's betting rings surviving on nothing but!



It wasn't the DPP, it was one of KMT's Mafia goons.... there are pictures proving it....

And the reporter that was squeaking is, actually, a reporter for a blue media outpost whose husband happens to be a KMT legislator... go figure it out...


[i]It wasn't the KMT, it was one of DPP's Mafia goons.... there are pictures proving it....

And the reporter that was squeaking is, actually, a reporter for a green media outpost whose husband happens to be a DPP legislator... go figure it out...

er... and the DPP goon had a huge friggin sword/traditional weapon in the LFY!..[/i]*

(I love being an online Taiwan political commentator... just close your eyes and tow the party line, embellishing the facts as necessary for dramatic effect... I should start a blog...)


Whoa! A swording would have been really cool!



is there any news media group in Taiwan that isn't bias?

I mean even some chinese newspapers in the US are bias. For example, in that protest back in March 2005 in washington DC against the re-election of CSB, my dad held up a sign saying "The election was fair, the people has spoken, go home and keep Taiwan's dignity"
The mob of kmt's attacked my father and mother. The kmt friendly media edited out the part where they attacked my mother and father, but only put in when my father faught back and took down 12 guys. The police ended up arresting those involve in the fight, but my father was the first to be let go. Since this incident i've became extremely distrustful to the media, since they didn't show the mob attacking a 60 year old lady and labeled my father as the aggressor.
Predictably the DPP praised my family's efforts.....


Lest you in Taiwan think you alone have monkeys in the legislature, here's a speaker in the HK fake parliament tossing a banana at the head person, whatever he is.



Throwing bananas and saving eggs as heavy artillery? Wow, they need some Taiwan kung fu lessons. Swords and cell phones get better results anytime!!


Personally, I want to see a lunch box fight. :sunglasses: