Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


And the minimum requirment should be at least 50% Chou Dofu...


Many years ago when I last lived in Canada, one of the Vancouver TV stations I watched would intersperse fights from the Taiwan legislature in with the late night hockey highlights and fights. Very entertaining. I can't recall which was more rowdy!


The latest

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Chao Li-yun, center, is surrounded by scuffling legislators as she tries to chair a meeting of the legislature’s Education and Culture Committee in Taipei yesterday.



Education and culture committee. I swear, you couldn't make this shit up. :roflmao:
And then they wonder why people hold them such utter contempt. (Actually, no, they probably don't give a shit, the stupid, dumb, mouthbreathing hicks.)


It's rare for government to be a source of national pride, but here it's such an embarrassment! How can I possibly instill in my daughters a love for their country when it isn't a country, run by a government that isn't a government?


At least they're not out in the private sector. Someone would be dead.


YEEEHAAAAA!!! ... 2003477482


I'm pretty sure they actually LIKE to look upon themselves as thugs and ignorant hayseed buffoons. I mean, they MUST, surely?
It's just a pity they fail so miserably and just come across as babyish clowns.
Fucking hayseeds in a fucking hayseed country. Hicksville in extremis.


Here in Canada, we never hear anything on the news about Taiwan, with the exception of the once a year annual fist fight which makes the 6pm news :smiley:

Real classy


Its kindergarten, but more fun !


I'm seeing 2 (two) incidents of LP in this top pic...OOOO LaLa!


What boring times we’re living in. Such a rich history of bad behavior, yet the best the current LY can come up with is a slap and a hair pull? :noway:

I still think a 'caption this" contest would be a good idea.


The insfrastructure development program will be a financial and forced abolishment disaster. I can’t stress this point strongly enough: I’m so done with this place. When I leave I’ll do everything I can to stay there and not look back.


In Ukraine, the pro-Russia folks actually take up arms and carve up Ukraine.

In Taiwan, the pro-China folks can fight DPP in the Parliament. I’d say the situation is contained. I’d say the Taiwanese Parliament has done its job. Better than having ANTIFA youth throwing molotov cocktails on the streets or burning down Japanese cars.

Also in the Euro Maidan revolution Yanukovych’s government actually fired shots and killed the other side. Whereas in Taiwan MYJ’s armed police (the Bao 1, Bao2, Bao3 etc ) merely swung the baton and used non lethal forces on the Sun Flower revolutionists.


[quote=“Gain, post:173, topic:21360”]
I’m so done with this place. When I leave. . . .[/quote]

I thought you were planning on getting your license here:

. . . examinee. . . .[/quote]


Getting a license (which isn’t guaranteed in any way because the exam is not easy) doesn’t mean I want to actually use it.


I understand that, but if you do get it, I think it can be a good thing, and it seems to me that just the process of preparing for that exam would make a person knowledgeable in a potentially useful way.

If you got it and decided to leave, I can’t imagine that it would hurt to be licensed in more than one country.

Anyway, if you doonnnnn’t liiiike it heeeeere :slight_smile: --why don’t you stick around and try to change things?



Now this is more like it!

Water balloons, chairs, the Speaker advising the Premier to vacate the premises… When are they going to turn this into a musical? :popcorn:

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