APRC Application Procedures (Official Checklist)


Good for you cyberguppy! Let's hope the rest of the process goes smoohly.

My appointment is in 2 weeks :discodance:


Awesome! :bravo: I've got my fingers crossed for you. Also, thanks for sharing your experience regarding the acceptance of partial year income.


Just got the good news today!!! :slight_smile:

received the letter and I called local NIA here in Hsinchu, and told me to visit them tomorrow and bring 10K ...

next step OWP...

Thanks again everyone....


When you go for your OWP, just hop in a taxi. It's a pain to get to the CLA (from the immigration office) via MRT. Arrange your APRC pickup so you have >60 mins before lunchtime/closing time: 20 mins in a taxi, 20 mins to fill in the form, 20 mins while you wait (they'll do it for you there and then). Remember to bring your passport and another photo.


Hi Finley

Thank you.
Local NIA service, just ask for my payment then gave me a receipt and ask me to come back after 2 weeks for the ID.

Probably after i got the ID then go to taipei for OWP.


Bonny Chung, Forumosa, and all others that assisted.

You're the best. Got the P between the ARC today!.


How long did it take? I have been waiting at least three weeks now.


I'm curious too. On Friday it will have been* 4 weeks since I turned in my paperwork. Anyway, I was told it would probably take 4~6 weeks.

*Future perfect tense at work!


I submitted my paperwork on May 31st and yesterday, June 26th, I received the approval letter from Taipei! As of today, the Taoyuan office still hasn't receveied their copy; they said to call back tomorrow. I'm just so anxious to get that card in my hand and to go get my OWP...


4 weeks! Bonny said she's had her hands more than full. I did call in to check. They should send you a notice in the post too before they call.


June 29th: Got my approval letter from Taipei
July 1st: Taoyuan NIA office called me to "come in for your APRC." I excitedly drove there, only to be told to pay the $10,000 and my card would be ready on July 15 :aiyo: So still waiting...


I'm holding my new APRC in my hands. No employer nor expiration date on it...booyah! :yay:

Heading to Taipei tomorrow for the OWP.

Thanks to Northcoast Surfer and everyone else who contributed helpful information along the way!


Dear All,
I am living in Taiwan from August, 2007. I studied in Taiwanese university from Sep. 2007 to May 2011 (student ARC: language courses and Master degree program). I started to work in Taiwanese company from May, 2011(and still working). I never left Taiwan for more than 1 month. I have the question - when am I be able to apply for APRC? Can I apply for APRC in May, 2014? (at that time I will have the working ARC for 3 years). All suggestions and answers are welcomed.


Welcome to Forumosa

If you look on page 1 of this thread, you will see that:

  1. Time as a student does not count
  2. The best way to know if you can apply for the APRC is to get NIA do a check on your stay. Go there, better than calling.
  3. Remember it is 5 years if you are single, you can stay 183 days here -no need to stay all the time on The Island. So probably you'll be a candidate for APRC on 2016, but check with NIA first to see if this is right.
  4. Make sure you pay all your taxes, have no overstay and that your salary is the amount required.

Good luck


Dear "Icon",
Thank you for the reply!
I have just noticed the note at the instructions - “請自行確認最近5年內之久留期間(學生/外勞期間不算入)是否都連續不中斷.“ So, calculating 5 years from my first month of working carrier in Taiwan, I'll be able to apply for APRC in May, 2016. Ehh...more 2.5 years.
加油 ))


Got my paper and finally called to confirm so yes, I have been accepted and now just need to find the time to pay for this thing. Thanks to all, especially Northcoast Surfer, for making this a pretty painfree process all around.

By the way, I applied using my own bank account statement with no tax or salary statements as I work freelance. No problem.


Great news. Congratulations. BTW, you have to go all the way to the boondocks, right? NIA next to the morgue? Bit of a trek, yeah, but hopefully a one time deal.


My official address is in Taipei so I only have to go to the Xiao Nanmen office. But hey, I am busy. Can't they mail this thing to me? :laughing:


After you pay, yes, of course! You can buy the stamped envelope over there, write your address and voila, they deliver.



I just joined this forum. I have been living in Taiwan for 16 years but I don't have an APRC, yet. I am going to try to apply for one, although I will have to go via the real estate appraisal route, unlike most of the posters here.

I joined because I found this awesome thread about the APRC. However, although most of the information is updated on page one, this long thread which is now 102 pages long is a bit overwhelming, especially for a new-comer! I will take my time to read through all the important information and I'll try to summarize most of it into a wiki page, which then can be kept up to date as more information trickles in.

Thus, I hope to be able to contribute something useful to the expatriate community in Taiwan.