Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


As far as open mic nights... Riverside Cafe on Roosevelt has an open mic night on mondays, Bobwudaye on He Ping East st. has open mic on Wed night and Revolver has an accoustic night the first thursday of every month. It not really an Open mic night but if you talk to the guys running it before the show starts, they can usually fit you in for a three song set.


gyspy jazz players in central taiwan, email



Guitar Teacher Available (English Speaking)

Here is a video demo!

Available Classes:

Beginner Lessons:

Acoustic Guitar - Learn basic chords and rhythm, plucking techniques, play your favorite songs asap.

Electric Lead Guitar - - Learn scales and how to apply them.

Advance Lessons:

Blues Guitar - learn the blues including slide guitar, open tunings and fingerstyle guitar blues

Rock Guitar - Learn the different scales and modes, plus fast picking technique that works, learn how to shred in no time.



Guitar Teacher available,

Been teaching professionally in Sweden for 4 years and has been a musician before that and am now teaching here in Taipei.

I teach both Acoustic and Electric.
Teaching most styles from Acoustic to Electric on both Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Want to improve your soloing? Or get around riffs better? Maybe learn how to write music? Improve your finger-style in Acoustic? Your strumming techniques?

Or maybe you want to learn how to record your own songs?

I'm a patient, dedicated and generous teacher that loves to see my students improve :slight_smile:

I live in Xindian, feel free to contact me for more information.




I'm moving to Taiwan at the end of the summer, likely Taipei, and I am concerned about being away from my drums. I have done stints abroad in other countries and it was always difficult not being able to play regularly. So I'm thinking about having my set shipped over (it's a pretty small simple setup, and I'm thinking of buying an 18" or 20" bass drum to make it easier), maybe packing the cymbals and hardware when I initially fly over. Would it be possible to find vacant practice spaces to rent for jam sessions, etc? I've read about rehearsal spaces that you can rent by the hour that already have amps and drums already, but I would like to have my set there to be able to play some shows as well if I can find other musicians easily. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.


Looking for any musician who loves dark rock, post rock, ethereal, avant-garde, melodic rock, or metal contact me at my youtube account/video below.

Bands like Dead can Dance, Fields of the Nephilim, HIM, Charon, Gregorian Monks, Opeth (black water park), Death Spell Omega, for basic examples.

I'm a Taiwanese guitarist and singer in Taipei that is looking for people: that has a home studio for recording, is able to write new songs, is able to want to do live shows, anyone of the above. Contact me!


Just moved to Taipei, looking to form a gyspy jazz trio (im a guitarist)
looking for one guitarist and one violinist, jam to perform in clubs or streets.



I play diatonic harmonica, learned from Muddy Water's harp player Jerry Portnoy, and Annie Raines, and I sing as well. I would like to start a blues band or get involved with an existing band. Message me if you're interested.



Guitar player looking to form Fusion/New Age/Rock trio or quartet. Influences include Pete Townshend, Guthrie Govan, Joe Satriani, Return to Forever, JPP, John McLaughlin, Led Zeppelin, Yes, etc.




I'm an overseas Chinese from Indonesia. I'm a rhythm guitarist and I have a death metal project. Right now it's only me alone doing the project. I want to look for someone who is willing to collaborate with me in the songwriting. But first I want to state that I'm not an expert guitarist. I can't play lead but I can do basic stuff like Napalm Death's Suffer the Children. I live in Zhongli (Taoyuan). If you don't live in Zhongli, we can also work online, we can write guitar tab by using Guitar Pro. I don't mind if you're a guitarist, bassist or drummer, as long as you are into metal and willing to write metal music. Basically I'm into old school death metal, deathgrind and some black/death metal (or war metal). You can contact me if you're interested via my email, Thanks!


I have a band here in Taipei, but our vocal just left us for job relocation. We play rock, disco, funk, jazz and billboard popular songs (such as Adele, Image Dragon..etc). Our practicing time is usually on weekend, and we also love to play on stage. There are two keyboards, one guitar, one drummer, and one bass in our band. Most of us like Earth Wind and Fire, Michel Jackson, Bruno Mars, and definitely we are very nice :slight_smile:
If you would like to join us, please do not hesitate to PM me :slight_smile:


Jazz heavy rock guitarist seeks players and band formation.


I am a Dutch bassplayer who previously played in 80s new wave-inspired bands, but I also never shied away from playing (hard) rock, funk or even chansons. I live in Xindian, New Taipei City, so please drop me a line if your band is in need of a bassplayer or if you want to set up a brand new band. I don't have a bass yet, but am willing to invest in one if there is an opportunity for me to play in band.


This thread isn’t very active, but here goes. I’m a bass player looking for other musicians to jam with (but not perform since that would be illegal).

I’m new to Taiwan (~3 weeks), and still fairly new to bass (~3 years). I play mostly jazz and blues bass, but I can do pop and country as well. My influences are Earth Wind & Fire, Incognito, Jamiroquai, all of James Brown’s bass players, Duck Dunn of Stax Records, and Bob Babbitt/James Jamerson of Motown. (I’m nowhere nearly as good as any of my influences, but I aspire to be.) I only have a bass guitar for the moment, but I’m interested to buy, and learn to play, an upright as well.

I’m a former drummer (20+ years) and saxophonist (10+ years), and while I no longer own or play those instruments, I could pick them up in a pinch on an ad hoc basis. I consider myself to be primarily a bassist now. Until recently I was taking lessons from a pro jazz/blues bassist in Los Angeles for over a year, and I also participated in a lot of blues jams at McCabe’s Music in Santa Monica.

If anyone needs a bass player who is forbidden by law to perform in Taiwan, maybe I’m your guy. :sunglasses:


I am looking for a bass player if you want to co contact me.


I may be looking for a rock vocalist if you want to contact me.


I may be looking for a bassist if you want to contact me.


Hi everyone,

I recently moved to Hsinchu. I am looking to join a band (ideally in Hsinchu, but will consider Taipei and other places).

I have been playing the drums for 12 years, and have been in bands for 10 years. The last band I was in performed regularly in pubs/bars and at weddings, where we got paid for each performance.

Ideally I would like to join a cover band, but will consider originals too. I am into many music styles, including blues, funk, rock, soul, jazz, reggae, and more.

Let me know if you are interested,


For recordings/videos of me with my previous band, see: