Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


But once you find one, what are you going to do with them?

I thought so.


Does anyone know the best place or website where a vocalist can search for a band out in the Taipei area?


Anybody here on this board interested in a vocalist? I have been in 4 bands that range from Alternative, hard rock, and punk. I'm just looking for a few guys to jam with. I arrive in Taipei in a couple weeks. Message me if your interested :slight_smile:


I don't have a band for you to sing in, but if you just want to sing, I know that there are a number of KTVs in Taipei that will let you sing along to their songs. :neutral:


not too much activity on this thread recently...

I've been here for a few months, recently moved my electric gear over. I've made a few musician contacts but I'm looking to meet more. My chinese isn't quite good enough to talk music yet so i'll have to wait a little while to go local.

looking for people with more of an indie rock inclination. tend to prefer stuff with a lot of guitar, a lot of harmony, really dig the elephant six groups- poppy, noisy, pretty, dissonant, what have you. oh and i play guitar and sing...

feel free to pm me. not really interested in playing covers or doing really specific genre type stuff (metal, reggae, etc.)


American Taipei permanent resident. Guitar player plays a Rock/Jazz/New Age sound. Strong rhythmic sense with lead capabilities. Own a Fender Telecaster, Takamine acoustic and Roland Cube amp. Guitars are of high quality with great sound and seek to use both in band. Seeking drummer and/or bass to start. Possible addition of vocals later, but also want to do instrumental music. Please contact if interested in making serious, beautiful music with richly complex character. Also contact at


Everybody's got those cube amps. I lost my AC adapter. waaa!


Never met a guitar player who can't make a crap geetar sound great. Never met a gitfiddle so good that it can make a crap git player sound good.
I have a Roland Cube too, but I cannot imagine it EVER being big enough to cut through a mix with drums and a bass! Even miked into a PA. I don't care if your tele is an original '52 with handwound boutique pickups, its NOT going to sound great with a band through a busking/bedroom amp!
Edit: Oops! A Cube, not a Micro Cube. I heard the 80w one is quite usable and that there's a 40w one that talks the talk but doesn't really walk the walk. Which one are you talking about?


Mine is micro. I admit it.


I probably would not disagree with you about the Cube, it's a bit too small and confined in it's sound--though the actual sound is very nice. I have a 40XL.


Are there any musicians in Taichung Area? It seems that almost all the musicians are from Taipei. Anyway, Im a a lead guitarist, but kinda want to form an acoustic trio (2 guitars one vocal), bob dylan, astrud gilberto type etc..., maybe jam, play in clubs maybe do a recording and hit the music lottery. email: Im a permanent resident.


Ah, this is a really, really late reply, but the Modern Musicians forum is a decent place to look, it's where I found my music partner.

and zender, ouch. KTV is completely different to live stage, plus singing is a lot harder than you think it is until you start performing and suddenly go 'oh shit, there's all this stuff I had no idea about'. The only easy part is getting started; it's not easy to get good at it!


Titty Tea is looking for musical performers for Saturday nights. Solo artists or duos are welcome. We open to all types of music; previously we have hosted: open-mic, blue grass country, classic rock, modern folk, and jazz.

Titty Tea is located in Zhubei near the HSR station.

Interested parties can contact by email at:


Check us out on Facebook. Search "Titty Tea"


Hi! If anyone is in need of a singer, I am definitely interested. I have a degree in vocal performance, and I am technically a high full lyric soprano, but my real (not so secret) love is pop-ish music. Amy Winehouse type stuff is my specialty.


Soprano wanted

We (soprano/alto, tenor and bass) are looking for two people to complete our a cappella quartet. We intend to sing close harmony/jazz.

Are you:
- Interested in (close) harmony singing?
- Able to read sheet music (to a degree)?
- Regularly available for practice? (We haven’t yet determined day and hour.)
- A somewhat experienced vocal group singer?

If so, hope to hear you soon!

By the way, this is in the Taipei area.


DAMN. I would be all over this if I lived there permanently.
Any chance of some pick-up singing later this month? I can read anything (perfect pitch) and I'm soprano/alto a well. I am in musical withdrawal in this cultural backwater where I'm forced to live. :fume:


ironlady, I thought you lived in New York??? :sunglasses: And you have perfect pitch and can sight sing?? WOW. Woman of many talents! :bravo: :thumbsup:

I'd be interested too if I was in Taipei and a soprano. I'm a contralto ... the only genres that like contraltos are opera and pop = =" :aiyo:


I HAVE A GIG FOR A LOCAL BAND. Looking for someone to play Friday and Saturday Night in a restaurant in San Chung, 100 seat room, restaurant by day but a reocking place by night. Will be open late . Rock/Blues/ You play it and we will listen.

Also looking for a few night of Jazz if you or someone else is intertested

Contact Lee at if interested


do you need a full band? or a one man band and a vocalist would do? i know someone who might be interested if their sched permits.


Our lead guitarist is off to Australia for a year next Feb, so if anyone is interested and has time to practice once a week on either Saturday or Sunday and play a few shows a month, send me a message or go to and leave your info.

Here's a vid to give you an idea of what we play.