Beer Alert & Directory IV


Gowest handles door to door deliveries islandwide. We stock a delicious IPA from Scotland.If you require a product/price list kindly give us a shout. ... istle.html


I contacted the flying dog brewery back home to see if we could work something out but they said they were T their distribution limits.. Seems counter intuitive to me though.. Turn down business....


I've been after Sierra Nevada to export for many years, but they aren't ready to export to Asia. A lot of their product is gray market exported to different places, and after they address some of these problems, they might be ready.
I've had GoWest's IPA and its really good, but for a beer closer to the US version of an IPA I suggest you try the Liberty Ale from Anchor Brewing. Its a US style Pale Ale, but with 45 IBU's of hops its the closest thing to a real Northwest IPA around town. Just got in a new shipment so its very fresh. We also have Old Foghorn Barleywine Ale (9%), if you go for stronger tastes. Feel free to give me a ring. We also have Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter, Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Rogue American Amber Ale. COD for home delivery.

Thanks & Regards,
Jim Boyle


How much is the anchor ale by the case? Also how is it that anchor got such a foothold here???


The Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter and Liberty Ale are all NT$1900 delivered COD to your door. Old Foghorn is NT$2300. Rogue Dead Guy Ale and American Amber are NT2200.

I wouldn't say we have a foothold, but I've been trying to get out the good beer message for several years now. It is a tough battle against all the well known mass-produced lagers.



Do you by chance do mixed cases of the Anchor with 8 each of Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter and Liberty Ale?


Jim, I totally agree with you Re getting the good beer message out which in our case includes real cider, too. We started importing our range of authentic British Beers and ciders back in 2003 and it's still very much a struggle today, however, i believe the lager brands are stagnating in Taiwan.Peoples tastes are broadening to match the wide variety of previously unavailable drinks particularly IPA's, Amber Ales, Pale ales,bottle conditioned ales, Stouts and cider.
St.George's Day and the Royal Wedding are approaching and we're offering free delivery island wide on any full case purchased.Any purchase over NTD3500 receives a 10% discount.Cheers.


Just picked up some Tooheys Old at the local carrefour going for just $55. They also have Tooheys New and Gold if you is into that kinda thing.


More great beers and ciders in Taiwan can only be a good thing! There's an Amber Ale in Alleycats from the UK and we stock a multi-award winning Welsh beer called Ramblers Ruin



Where art thou summer brews??? Actually, just tried an Ashahi 'Ichiban Mugi' from the local family mart which went down quite well. A bit disappointed with the 7-11s. Thought they'd have a few new ones in. Guess it's early days.


I've been making do with the Guinness Foreign Extra from Wellcome. At least I can get a good buzz from only two cans. :slight_smile:


Even the Irish won't drink Guinness Extra Stout. That stuff is horrible. :sick:


Nah, I like it a lot. I'm part Irish, don't I count? :wink:


Never mind the Irish, even the pikeys won't touch that shit!


Those Hawaiian beers are back in the 7-11 on YongKang St. Happy days. There is a German Beer in a tallboy can that I'm yet to try, looks interesting also.


In Danshui 7-11 signs are up saying that the summer beer festival starts on June 29 - buy 3 bottles, get 21% off. But so far there's no special beer in the fridge. (Sigh.)

Remember folks: the beer special may last a month, but a year ago the supply lasted maybe a week!


Not even the wankers on the site would drink that. That's worse than meths.


Is that the Malaysian crap? With the molasses and everything added to make it the right colour? That stuff is filth. I don't mind the stuff in the widget can, though. At least it tastes SOMETHING like Guinness. That foreign export is about as much Guinness as Asahi Dry, though. Avoid, unless you actually ENJOY the taste of poorly mixed chemical effluence!


The beers are here! There's even a 7.7 Danish brew I've never heard of before ... probably tastes shite, but will give it a try.


Hm, perhaps girls aren't as particular about their brews as you fellas. To me, it tastes fine, even reminds me of the Bigfoot I used to get from Sierra Nevada. I suppose my tastebuds just aren't as refined. And for my budget, 56NT a can (or less, when it's on sale) for a beer with 7.4% alcohol, is just fine. Now, if any of you gentlemen are willing to treat a lady to a finer, more expensive brew.....I won't turn you down! :laughing: