Beer Alert & Directory IV


Carrefour at Chih-Shan MRT station near Tien-Mu has Rince Cochon 330mL bottles (8.5% alc) on sale at the UNbelievable low price of NT$29. I almost did a double-take. As such, I had to grab 5. Did leave 2 on the shelf for someone else. ha!


I stopped my local 7 this evening, and one of the clerks turned me on to this. ... mpid=DD004

Not the same as having it there in the cooler racks, the best impulse buy ever, but still some good quality brews there, at not too bad a price, comparatively speaking.

Glad to see some Fuller's Honey in there. I usually despise honey and fruit beers, but that one is a sure fire enabler.

I will order some tomorrow.
I have a feeling that those toothbrush inspired dry heaves are about to get a lot smoother.


Figured I'd copy this thread here, because it's more about the beer than the food: ... 9&t=110563

There's a new place in Danshui that has an amazing selection of imported beer, mostly Belgian, at extremely reasonable prices. The thread has photos of the beer menu. The food selection is also quite nice, portions small but very tasty. Tonight we tried escargot, garlic shrimp, and chicken wings, along with the beer. Yummy.


help! looking for:

any one of these

or these


7-11 has sam adams sometimes. Just the regular one i think. Especially during the summer beer promotion, that happening this year? I've never seen a yuengling and don't expect to (unfortunately!) It sounds Chinese enough :slight_smile:


Maybe doing a search in the famous beer thread in which I am sure this one and better are to be found :ponder:


Lol, Yuengling I believe is german, think the founder was Pennsylvania Dutch.

Yeah, you know I have heard somewhere that certain 7-11s have them. I've tried looking (checked out 4-5 nearby stores) but the search went nowhere! How'd you think one would go about finding one that sells em? Like maybe theres some sort of criterion a store has to meet or whatnot.

I'm not sure how much longer I can stand just going on budweisers.


I'm sure I've seen that American crap in Carrefour.

They also have proper beer from Europe.


Oh, and City Super have a pretty good selection too, but it varies depending on what mood they're in.


7-Eleven has some interesting beers in the summer, but as mentioned above they vary from location to location and change rather frequently.

CitySuper in the Breeze Center has a good selection... some Rogue beers.

Costco sells their own Kirkland brand microbrew beer--not half bad and the cheapest of the lot at $33NT/bottle.

And Cascadia imports craft beer from the West Coast.


Seems you have no idea how good the beer is in the US. Too bad for you... :smiley:


Samuel Adams is good? :astonished:

You guys do have some great beer and some amazing micro breweries. I like Brooklyn and Anchor Steam Beer amongst many I have tried.


I have tried it, honest. I gave it a fair chance. Even in the US, there doesn't seem to be much choice - it all tastes the same. Characterless. A bit like German beer (I'm guessing the US brewing industry has its ancestral roots there).

What you guys need is a delegation from Belgium to show you how it's done :wink:


Ha! Now you're just trying to start a flame war. But seriously, Belgian beer is fine... if you like your beer cloyingly sweet, overly alcoholic, and yeasty.


not much choice? you can't be serious. from the aforementioned anchor steam and the anchor liberty ale to mcsorley's ale to harpoon ipa, populist ipa, point the way ipa, stone pale ale, sixpoint resin... and I'm not even a beer expert.

if you're anywhere in the states right now, please go and give any of those a try. if not, well the next time you're there you'll know what to look for. :wink:


I'm just thinking of last years passion fruit beer at 7-11 imported from the US. That stuff rocked.

This year they have a Belgian beer that is also awesome.


bump hic


Perhaps I misunderstood finely. No, I don't care for Sam Adams, either. But, if he was referring to American beer in general as "American crap", then he's way wrong.

There are many, many fine quality microbrews in the US, and the selection of styles is enormous.

Then you really haven't tried much. The selection of styles in the US is enormous. I cannot think of a style I haven't seen brewed and available in the US.

Oh, Lord. You don't know what you're talking about. Sorry. If all you've tried are German lagers, then you haven't even scraped the top, yet. And what type of lagers have you tried? Its not like German beer refers to only one style of lager. And the Germans do brew a few ales, too.

And your guess is wrong. The US ancestral beer roots are in ales. When the US was founded, ale (rather than lager) was declared the official beverage of America. German immigrants did bring their brewing styles later.

Honestly, if you think US beer is most characterized by characterless German lagers, then you really do not know much about recent and current American brew culture... because ales are king in micro-brewing America.

I like many styles of Belgian ales. But, we in the US do not need the Belgians to show us how to brew. There are already many microbreweries brewing Belgian-style ales in the US. Many of these are of very high quality, too.


Finley's just pissed because he can't get Carling Black label here. Or Tetley's. :laughing: :laughing: Or Tennents lager. Or McEwans Export. Or how about a nice refreshing can of Kestrel? Wanna talk about REALLY crap beer, finley? You do NOT want to tread that path m'boy. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Or eight Ace for 1.49? :slight_smile:

I agree - the UK doesn't know how to do it (anymore), either. AFAIK most of the world's mega-breweries are all turning out the same crap. As a couple of people just said, it's mostly the smaller companies who can afford to focus on quality. I came across someone selling homebrew cider in farmer's market last time I was in the UK (Devon). Excellent stuff. Nothing like the fizzy apple juice you get in pubs.

I stand corrected :slight_smile: I'm sure there are some top-notch artisanal beers over there, but they're unlikely to have much a distribution network, which means I've probably never seen them (I've spent a grand total of ... ooh, about 4 months in the US). Same with the microbreweries in the UK, or Germany. All you get on the shelves, or in the bars, are the big brands. They have the marketing clout to get their stuff front-and-centre. By the same token, that's what you're going to get imported into Taiwan too. I have tried the Anchor Steam Beer range (several of them), btw. Don't like 'em. But I guess that's just me.


While I don't mind Anchor Steam (referring only to their steam ale and not to the rest of their beers), I certainly don't seek it out.

BTW, steam and cream are the only two ale styles indigenous to North America.

You need to use Google. there are specialty beer bars in virtually every town in the US. My home town, population 13,000, has two such pubs, where I can find about 1,250 different beers.