Beer Alert & Directory IV


Welcome to Taiwan and the shortage of good microbrewed beer.
For the U.S. microbrews you'll only find Rogue, Anchor Steam (quite a few flavors and found in a number of places), and Saranac (at RT Mart). You can throw in Samuel Adams lager at most 7-11s. Other than those, the rest of the American brews fall into the panther piss category (Bud, Miller, etc.).

There's quite a number of trading companies, though, that sell Belgian brews on their websites, as well as a number of cafes around NTNU and NTU that sell many different Belgian beers.

Nonetheless, this year's summer beer-fests at 7-11 and elsewhere are actually rather decent, versus past summers' offerings.


I'm loving the Petrus Dubble Bruin. A bit on the sweet, caramel side, but a nice finish. Besides, you can't go wrong with 3 decent bottles of Belgium beers for 167 NT. As for the range of beers, it's a bit hit and miss at each 7-11. I guess when one finds a 7 with a well-stocked fridge, it's :discodance:


I'll second that. I've tried just about all of this summer's crop at 7-11, and the Monteith's is easily my favorite. They also have Gordon Biersch Pilsner and Hefeweizen, but these taste exactly the same as the Kirkland beer from Costco except at twice the price--they're from the same brewery in San Jose in fact. IMHO all the German canned imports are just hai hao.


Had this beer literally a few hundred feet from its maker Anchor Brewery at a little hole in the wall on 18th street, next to Farleys Cafe (owners name is JAzz) with great burgers and fish and chips and a great beer selection in the cooler. Cheap prices too.

Pretty awesome brown ale ! If they have Anchor there , and seems they do, be on the lookout for it or ask the importer to import it. Its a winner !!


I have a sneaky suspicion these brews you speak of are the same as the ones we get cheap at Trader Joe's here in the bay area.

6 bucks for a six pack. They are good tho.


Yeah, you can get pretty much any beer in the world in the Bay Area (though I have yet to find Beerlao, and I doubt I'll ever find Taedongang).

We in Taiwan are less fortunate.


Big cans of Beerlao at Hi-Life!


Do they also offer free hurl capacitors?


Local grocery had Boddington for $60NT, not a super bargain.. but hell it beats $5.00 a glass in the states... so I purchased almost all of them.
A few weeks later... ofcourse.. the price is increased to $75NT. 15 NT increase....grrrrrrrrr!
Stella is selling at a cheap price... but not sure for how long.. the size of the bottle is small.. but still cheaper than $5.00 glass in the states.


Beer :bow: bullshitter :bow: alert: The bridge from Wugu to Yonghe... as you pass over going towards yonghe you will see a huge neon sign "BEER WORLD".... I walked all the way back down there from the bus stop at the MRT... only to come upon a generic hotpot restaurant... with just Taiwan beer. :raspberry: :fume: :noway: :roflmao:


If you mean Wellcome, I noticed they have an (apparently genuine) Belgian beer called "Tongerlo". It's not bad. Originally on sale at $112 for two. It's now less of a bargain at about $75.


I bought a 6 of them at the cheap price. Not bad.


Jason's at Q-square was flogging something called Tui yesterday at 19NT$ a bottle. It's an india pale ale from NZ. Never heard of it before but it was quite good, the two bottles I bought went in quick succession. It's sell by date was 10.12.12 hence the reduction, but it tasted fresh to me.

Fill you boots!


$19! Will be by tomorrow


Has anyone ever seen any American micro-brews here? Would anyone be interested in buying some cases if I get some shipped over?

I'm looking for Sierra Nevada and/or Dog Fish Head in particular but anything will do.


You'll have to go to Hong Kong for Sierra Nevada, they don't export to Taiwan, dammit.


They sell Rogue in the CitySuper in Breeze last I checked.... also these guys:


I wonder if GoWest will be offering more of their luverly beverages on discount delivery this year. The website appears to be down for maintenance as I type.
I sure hope they are back for more, as there is nothing quite like having a case or two delivered of Strong Suffolk, and Belhaven on Christmas morn.


Hmm come to think of it I think I'm going to try to get a case or 2 of Hommel Bier tomorrow. Nothing like an early Christmas. Why wait?


19NT for a Tui? :astonished:

Yeah right.