Beer Alert & Directory IV


The Abbey I lived relatively close by back in the ol country went commercial mid of December.
Having the best beer of the world ( check beer bible etc) the Monks needed a capital boost and sold 15.000 units of their brew to the US where it became such a rarity prices sky-rocketed.

Now, I don't remember having seen this one in Taiwan yet but if you ever have the opportunity to taste it, do not resist.
It is pure nectar - made by " gods men". ... last-time/


For LO BO TO and other US microbrew lovers: I import Anchor and Rogue from the US west coast. Currently we have Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale, Anchor Porter, Old Foghorn Barleywine Ale, and Anchor's seasonal winter ale "Our Special Ale" . We have a shipment of Rogue's Dead Guy Ale and Brutal IPA coming in next week. Please give me a ring: 0961-150012. Home delivery is easy. We can supply pubs, clubs, and restaurants, and are happy to do tasting events, too.

Jim Boyle
Bao Brothers Trading


Getting some pretty good beer at Welcome lately. Valentins Weissbier Dunkel $69 for 500ml! Nice.


Belhaven Scottish Stout - This beer will take a Guiness stout outside and destroy it in a bar fight. Found it at Mega City's grocery store... highly recommended. This is truly Guinness's worst nightmare for a stout beer.


Sounds good! The Tongerlo is on sale again, too.


Carrefour selling Harboe Pilsner 5.0% ABV 500cc cans on sale for NT$37 (equivalent NT$24.4 for 330cc).
Considering on the same shelf the 330cc cans of the same brand are on sale for NT$25 and they are 4.6% ABV, it's a no-brainer which to choose.
Don't look for microbrew-quality taste here. Rather, just decent thirst-quencher at nice price.


Thousands of cans of Taiwan Beer all over Freeway 1 at Taishan.

Grab em while you can :smiley:


Isn't that one of the signs of the impending apocalypse?


I think that was the apocalypse. No beer for Taipei during Chinese New Year!


Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new importing company bringing in Ace Ciders from California. They're based in Kaohsiung but I'm sure they will deliver island wide...well, maybe you should ask. Anyway, they can be found on Facebook, Ace Cider Taiwan.


Carrefour has a beer sale on now. Some good brews available. I highly recommend the Saranac Black Forest (if you can find it) for NT$ 55/bottle. Lindeman's Peach beer surprised me as well - very nice.

Wellcome's has Young's Double Chocolate Stout which is a good change of pace to regular brews. Basically a mix of chocolate, coffee, and stout. Not as sweet as most other chocolate beers.

And 7-Eleven should have their annual "but three get 21% off" beer sale this year. I look forward to seeing what's available. I've already ordered their Grimbergen through i-bon and it was decent.


Hmmm will have to stop over there.


It would be a shame if you didn't :laughing:

While I can't currently post the picture I took in Carrefour Dazhe of their choice - it is AWESOME in regards of offering / pricing of (Belgian) beers.
Some class A beers are at 80NTD - which is only 10-20 NTD surplus vs back in Belgium. Truly super offerings and still new stuff to discover which they didn't had on offer last year


RT Mart has London Pride Ale, and their Porter on sale for 69/79 NT per 330 ml bottle.
And a bunch of other Belgian muck that one should only partake with a meal.

Call me a fargin' Limey, or a damn Kraut, but christ if those beers are made for getting DRUNK, as oppposed to some idle sipping chit chat over some shrunken cheeze.
Don't get me wrong, I verily enjoy a good sup with me meal, but if I want to get hosed, well, I shall hoist the Anglo-German.


Just made a trip to Carrefour. Not a bad selection - thanks for the heads-up. As for shrunken cheeze and getting hosed, it sounds like someone hasn't experienced the delights of Belgian trippel beers, typically 11-14%.


That Young's is a very fine English ale.

If you can find a good Belgian fruit lambic, try a half and half with the Young's. Makes for a very refreshing after-dinner sipper.


Oh, please!
I spent 2 years of my former career in Brussels.
Don't even start on beer with the likes of me, thank you very much.
I WILL drive you asunder.


Then you should know what I'm talking about :slight_smile:

Goes well with chips and mayonnaise. Not easy to get here, of course.


But I guess when I mean getting hosed, it means at 3:43 in the morning, without a meal.
Belgian is great with a meal, but for a real empty stomach drunk, I still prefer that of Limey or the Kraut.

And as a lifer of the hops, one would fade unto black if one did not think that it should really be my third or fourth career.


Is there a particular flavour of lambic you'd recommend? That Peach one I mentioned was pretty darn good but I'm not sure about mixing it with a chocolate stout.