Beer Alert & Directory IV


There's a raspberry and a cherry that I know of. I've had both with the Young's, and both were very good. Wouldn't be surprised if there are other berry-flavored lambics, too.

Really, any fruit that goes well with chocolate should work - just find the like flavored lambic.


The peach lambic was good. A bit too sweet, but good. If you have alcohol-averse women in the household who don't normally drink, it'd be a good choice for training wheels.


Well the 7-Eleven sale has begun but it's 18% off this year, not 21%. That's not a big deal but their lack of a decent selection this year is very disappointing. This is the worst summer selection I've seen from them in years. Thankfully I stocked up at Carrefour.


Yeah, I'm disappointed by the 7-Eleven selection this year too.

On the plus side, the Carrefour in Danshui (and presumably other branches?) is selling Saranac IPA and Pale Ale for 55NTD a bottle - I'd never heard of the brewery before, but looking at the bottle I guess they're a microbrewery based in Utica, New York. Decent stuff if what you like is the North American style of pale ales and IPAs - which, happily for me, is exactly what I like.


7-Eleven has no clue about Beer offerings / promotions in terms of portfolio.

Grimbergen for example is a great beer ...when its not 36 degrees outside.
They should pin-point their selection to thurst quelling refreshers. Not the beers which mean "eat and drink" at the same time....


Yeah, Carrefour also had Saranac around the New Year and I tried it then - very pleasantly surprised. Back then they only had the Pale Ale and the Amber Lager. I'm not much of a lager fan but the Pale Ale was great. So last week when I saw Carrefour's current selection of Saranac I went a bit nuts :blush: Over a couple dozen now waiting to be drunk. Their Black Forest, IPA, Pale Ale - all very good stuff and at a good price. :thumbsup:


You've made me feel less guilty about my shopping plans for this afternoon!

Ah, shopping for food and beverages in Taiwan. You see something, you like it, and you know you may never see it again - so you buy an absolutely absurd amount of the stuff.


Very true, but beer should be kept in a cool place (if not chilled). Just sitting around in the heat may not be all that good for it.


Oh, it doesn't sit around for long.


For those in Kaohsiung or just the south, check out my post here: ... 8&t=121993


Hello ale enthusiasts or Maiden fans,

Iron Maiden's new beer called TROOPER will be available soon. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Some nice beers.

Problem is, just like when I enter a shop, if I can't see a price I hardly ever can be bothered to ask someone and usually just leave.


Pricing will be added soon. Agree with you, certainly favourable to show that, however the legislation in Taiwan is confusing / unclear surrounding websites that are perceived as online alc stores. Most consumers who are interested request a price list from us which we naturally send by PM email etc. Cheers.


Just cracked open a Taipi Weissbeir. I'll say this--it's the best Taipi I've ever had. It's tasty. A bottle of the 18-day cooling in the fridge. Been wanting to try that for a while.


This 18-day tastes like it's on the 19th day though


Where did you pick up the Weissbeir? I've had the 18-day beers, and they're a bit better than normal Taiwan beer, in my opinion.


Wellcome! I want to get some more.


Whats this 18 day beer? You have to drink it by the 18th day? Or what?

Its interesting that TAiwan Beer will make new stuff. How is the WEissbeer?

Eventually TAiwan Beer will likely be gobbled up by one of those few Beer Behemoths that are grabbing up everyone.

Its probably the fact that the TW govt owns it that is keeping that from happening.


I think it has been lagered for 18 days or you have to keep it for 18 days before opening ... or it's the expiration day because it's no preservatives in it except from the 5% alcohol and hops ... low alcohol lagers don't keep for long ... beers under 6% can't be kept forever! Anyways, they call it draught (draft) ... there is a few guys in the brewery that fill the bottles from a tap ... it takes 18 days to fill a truckload.

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One i saw today had an 18 day expiration period on the lid. I swear the one the other day had a six month period stamped on there. I dunno. The Weissbier is good though. Sure of that :slight_smile: