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The Weissbier is labeled with a 6-month period, but the 18-day draft beer is only good for 18 days, supposedly.

I did get over to Wellcome on Friday, and picked up a few of the Weissbiers. Very nice tasting. Thanks for the recommendation, Tempo Gain.


They are. A bit steep at $90 a bottle, but good. One ibuprofin killed the impending hangover, so that's a plus.


Basically beer of low alchohol percentage 6% and below should have a normal shelf live of 6 months to a year ... when stored properly, dark and cool. The 18 days is obviously false marketing, a plot to have you buy and consume it. If I put beer in a bottle in the sun for two days it will be spoiled and taste like drinking from a sewer.

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Young's Double Chocolate Stout at Family Mart yesterday. It has one of those nitrogen cartridges. Very nice. NT$90 or so. I would buy it again but probably won't be buying this too often since I'm not normally a fan of stout and dark varieties (but with the cold weather.....).


Got a Weissbeir yesterday at Mastsusei but didn't drink it yet. I like to have a beer before my meal but was too famished when I got home to wait. I'm looking forward to trying this after the good reviews I've seen here. The 18-day beers hit the spot for me after the really hot weather has set in. Nothing really special in the taste- just very refreshing in my opinion.


The Weissbeir was good but not excellent. I wasn't completely blown away by the difference in taste I was expecting but there was enough difference from what you normally get with an Asian beer to make it stand out. I'll be trying it again because sometimes it takes me more than one taste to make up my mind. Kind of expensive I have to say. In some ways, I'm happiest about the fact that we have some more choices and maybe also that Taipei Brewery had the balls to try something so different.


Not for the faint-hearted. ... ng/204696/


That stuff is really cheap at Wellcome.


Simple Mart also has it sometimes, if I recall. I didn't care for it, though. I'll stick with the lovely Belgians I get at Cafe Cobee in Danshui. Had a superb Malheur 12% last night, um.


Some taipi weissbier at the Wellcome today in a new bottle and for $62--a lot more appealing price


The offering this summer at 7-11 is just terrible, but I got some German Bitburger Premium Beer and was pleasantly surprised. The label says #1 draft beer in Germany. I was expecting something better than Budweiser or Miller Lite, of course, but really not that much better. Again, I was pleasantly surprised and I'll be getting more. It had a bit more bitterness than I normally like, but a good solid taste that I definitely want more of. I felt it was a taste that I would appreciate more and more over time if it were available like Corona is throughout the year.


Interesting, I will have to give that a try.

I cannot understand how bars keep upping their beer game, but 7-Eleven is completely shitting the bed this summer. Cass? Bear Beer? NOBODY wants that shit, neither do they want the B-rate Euro-piss on offer. There are great British Ales, American crafts, German beers available in a lot of bars in Taipei, even delicious mainstream beers like Estrella and Moosehead are popping up more and more.

Why can't 7-Eleven do that, why the crap in a can?

To be fair, I did like the Orion.


This morning I was listening to CBC Vancouver, and, idiotically, I kept listening through their twice-a-month interview with a craft-beer columnist. The different seasonal beers the craft breweries have for the summer, different festivals and tastings, and so on.

I really should have turned it off before listening to all of that. I wanted to curl up in bed and cry.


The Bitburger is alright. Truly the best available are the Pripps Bla and the Kaiserdom.
But as DD says, these are all in cans, which are surely easier to ship, but fade in comparison to the bottled.

Seven is again showing their logistical expertise by immediately not replenishing stock in my immediate neighbourhood.


I got the Bitburger, Pripps Bla, and a South African beer (can't remember the name now) for my three to get the discount. I'll try the Pripps Bla tonight. Went for Grolsch last night. Family Mart is having a buy one, get the second for NT$10 and I couldn't resist.

As for cans versus bottles, I read an article recently saying it's all nonsense and cans are just as good. I was always a bottled beer guy, but now I'm not so sure. I need to do some more research! I got a couple of really nice, heavy pint glasses from a microbrewery back home that I put in the freezer for a while that really helps with the can beer.


Well, Bitburger is a quite bitter Pilsner, and a standard big brew in Germany. Nothing to write home about, seriously. But then I am more into the southern German Lager beers anyway.


Cans are a better option if you are pouring into a glass. No light seeping in to damage the brew, and no air seepage through the sketchy cap they often put on at craft breweries.


In some ways, I'm just trying to be positive. I just got back from a month in the US and tried several different beers each week. There are so many craft beers and microbreweries around now, it's easy to find tastes that are to your liking. And I'm sure I would be even happier in Germany! I guess I wasn't expecting much from the Bitburger but found myself satisfied starting with the first sip.

I really enjoy drinking right out of the bottle and so I'm sure it's the whole experience I like (the feel of the bottle, condensation, etc.). What you are saying are the kinds of things I read in the article. Again, I think I need to thoroughly research this very important matter.


Given that I passed the Estrella brewery and liked their light brew while sitting under the stars last week - how does that one measure up?

Also, gingerman, how about a can or 10 when you are in the hood next time?


Estrella is not bad at all.
Kaiserdom is by far the best available at this summer's slim pickings. Though not many cans left in the Sevens, as few others and I have been stocking up.

Indeed, Mr. He, it is long overdue, this next time. :bow: