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Note that I'm putting all these compositions into a playlist of my own device. whatever ... 968267E871



#63 ... ons/2qDKCo


ron carter - blues farm

george benson



I stil haven't got a chance to listen to all these wonderful tunes yet, but this one kicks ass. I love that bass.


John Abercrombie with Ralph's Piano Waltz from his Timeless (1974) lp in a trio setting with Jan Hammer and Jack De Johnette


Nina Simone - Images ... castID=403


Treme has me stuck in New Orleans. If I can get away, I think I might head down there this June for the NO Jazz Fest. (hah, who am I foolin'?)

Music by Joe Oliver. Nicholas Payton on trumpet.

The reference. Check out the the trumpet solo at 2:45 in (careful, there's some extra noise at the very end of the file). Eighty two years old this year, that trumpet solo, and it still makes my jaw drop. I wish Satchel Mouth could get together with Mr. Payton, I'd pay a lot to see that.




Mister Jimi -
Some great players and great tunes.


Yeah, I remember Grappelli played on Paul Simon's first post-Garfunkel record.


  • Possible Taipei gig in September


I posted this elsewhere, but surely it deserves to be here.


These cats go:


Yeah! Thanks for that one! :thumbsup:


Anything and everything from Hugh Masekela

1996 - Hugh playing on the the maids fm radio in the kitchen, rage against the machine, and cypress hill casettes: interesting times


This page put some good vibes in my brain. Thanks, everybody.