Best Pizza in Taipei


I think you just did. :wink:


Easiest voting choice I've ever made....


AlleyCat's on ZhongXioa is awful. And AlleyCat's on LiShui has less sauce every time I go.
I would really like to see these two problems remedied. I'm not sure how to remedy the ZhongXiao one. The pizza there had no flavor. LiShui is still good. But only if you order extra sauce.

Mary Jane's refuses to give you extra sauce. So you are stuck with the dryness of the pizza. Which is a deal breaker when you are talking about how dry the pizza is.

At this point I eat Pizza Hut. But I have no tried Capones or Olala.

elektronisk is right about the owners at AlleyCat's. And the service. I still do AlleyCat's for get-togethers and that is because of the amazing service and atmosphere.


Chicago Pizza will put on as much extra sauce as you want at no extra charge.
I know you thin-crust pizza snobs still turn your noses up at Chicago's but I still love it.


Would that be snobs who prefer thin crust of snobs who dislike thin crust?


The ones who prefer thin-crust and drink wine with their dainty meal.

Don't get me wrong, I like Alleycats, but every time I mention Chicago's on here, people rip it.

It's a deeper, thicker, messier pizza.

And you'll never complain about it's lack of sauce.


I'll have to check it out.



Agreed. Chicago Pizza is the best pizza in town. I miss Pizzano's in North York (Toronto).....or even a late night pizza from Pizza
Pizza, or Little Ceasers.


Try the Special Curry pizza: shrimp, chicken, potato, chillies and onions. Great pizza but be can be VERY spicy if you ask for it. Ring O' Fire.


It's been said before, but they have 2-for-1 when you pick it up.
2 huge 14" pizzas for around 500nt.
My favs are the #5 and #8, but I just might try the curry on your advice.
I'm not normally a big fan of shrimp-on-pizza though.
Oh, and make sure to check out the wildlife in the bathroom. :slight_smile:


Ha! Yep....8 and the Special Curry for me. Can't beat that for 5 bills.

Hmmmmmm beeeeer....peeeezzaaa......makes M0NSTER sumpin sumpin. Don't mind if I do!


Does anyone know the hours for Chicago Pizza?

I went by last Wednesday at about 6:45 p.m., looking forward to trying out some of this pizza for dinner, but it was closed. I mean completely closed, with the shutters/ security gates pulled down. I did see a few delivery scooters with the boxes that keep the pizzas warm (Chicago logo was on them), so I knew I was in the right place.

Anyway, I'll probably give them another try tomorrow night (Tuesday). Are they open that day? Should I call ahead to make sure?

Thanks for any info, Monster or Josefus or Frostfox.


Call ahead.
Chicago's number is 02 2707 2121
I think they close early most nights-like 8:00.
It's possible they are just closed on Mondays.


Thanks, Josefus.


I felt like a pizza the other day and so ordered a pizza hut veggie thing.

What the hell is going on with the base? It tastes like donuts! My girlfriend claims that this is normal in Taiwan...please tell me it isn't true! :loco:


It's true at Pizza Hut and Domino's and Napoli's.
Not at Alleycat's or Citzen Cane or Mary Jane's or several other one's I can't think of.


whew!really? I haven't tried the pizzas here, maybe I should try..I got pizza bar in my neighbourhood at nanshijiao.


Pizzas here aren't very good -- you'll see. They often have corn or mayonnaise on them, among other obscenities. It's worth a trip up to Shida or the 101 area for an Alleycat's pizza instead.



Jian Kang Road across from the Stadiums


Real, good pizza


shi-da?where is it? is it in Taipei? do u have the address?thx u


Shi-Da is the Taiwan Normal Univesity, located in Guting. Mary Jane Pizza is the place to go there.

Also check out the Best pizza in Taipei thread.