Best Pizza in Taipei


Is that place still going? Good. I have a personal preference for the thin, Italian-style pizza, but 8818 is the best deep-pan pizza I've had on the island.


Still there and its better now than when I arrived almost 4 years ago.

For pizza in T-Town...its the shi-zizzle!

(I have no idea what 'shi-zizzle' means...none...nada...just thought it sounded appropriate)


Depending on where you live there is great pizza available at Mama Mia Italian restaurant in Shulin on Fuxing Road ... the place is run by an Italian and he's doing the pizza himself ...


I can attest to the goodness of Vincenzo's pizza. Incredible, as is everything else on the menu. Well worth the trip.


I'd almost forgotten about him. Definitely time for a return visit.


It's Chicago by a mile. No matter whether it's taste (he makes the best sauce I've had in Taiwan, and he puts on as much as you want-and it's real pizza sauce!), or value-you simply can't beat his 2-for-1 takeout special-two larges for about $500NTD. Not really a sit-down kind of place, though it is possible-don't know if he sells beer or would mind if you brought in your own.

Alleycats has gone downhill noticeably, see my comment and that of Xiaoma in the Alleycat's thread. Even at its best, I still think it wasn't the equal of Chicago, especially the sauce, though I did like the four cheese pizza.

For me, from now on, only Chicago will do.


I've enjoyed their Pizza's. They always ask me if I want extra sauce. I asked them why not expand and franchise. They told me that they tried it but they failed because the workers dont care about their work. They said that they have been in Taipei for 20 years, maybe some one can verify. They are getting old they said and well a little tired. It would be bad to lose them I think. The first time I went there I ate a large by myself, left satistied.


Here's the official website for Chicago Pizza.
I believe they are actually a huge Japanese Pizza Chain.
I also believe that there use to be a lot of them here, but they all shut down except for that remaining one.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Anyways, they still get my vote as the best pizza in Taiwan.
Friendly service, in English, and willing to make your pizza any way you want it.
Cheap prices, huge delicious pizzas.
2-for-1 on pickups.
I always get the free extra sauce too.


Yeah, I'd like to know, too!


I'll have it up for you guys later today-it's a two-minute walk from AIT. re the previous poster: I know he's been in business at least 13 years-6 at the present location. I don't think he's part of that chain--I've had Japanese pizza,and believe me, this is not Japanese pizza. He learned his pizza skills while in the US. He's very chatty and likes to interact with his customers. Great English, even better pizza. Long may he prosper!


臺北市大安區建國南路二段11巷1號1樓 Jianguo S. Sec. 2, Lane 11, #1
2707-2121 open all year; hours: 1100-2000

How to get there: the easiest way is to start off at the Giant Bicycle shop on the corner of Jianguo and Xinyi. Walk south on Jianguo (in the direction of Heping East Road). At the very first alley from Giant (approx. 75 meters), take a left. You should see the Chicago Pizza signboard at the corner. Proceed down this alley about 50 meters. Chicago will be on your left. Very easy.


Prince Roy, I never said they served Japanese Pizza, I said they are a chain from Japan.
Look at my link.
And I know all about his English skills.
I've been going there for several years now if you look at my past posts.
As I've said before, it's my favorite pizza here.
Good stuff.
May he prosper indeed.


Only 13 years? I thought they'd been around a lot longer than that. I've had pizza from there several times but not for many years. A bit too bready for my taste. I'm a thin crust kind of bloke.


I seriously miss that pizza from Chicago's. Living down south with not one pie place worth visiting is depressing. Long live the Curry Chicken pizza!


at least 13 years...could be longer. I'm sure he'd be happy to alter the crust thickness for you-I always get regular crust, which is what I think you're talking about. He does thin crust and deep dish, too. Definitely North American style, which is fine in my book. And his sauce is truly tops.


I hope that other bloke was wrong about these guys feeling old and tired. I do plan to come back to this island someday.


I have tried to eat at Mary Jane's twice in the last month or so.Both times I have arrived less than 10 mins before they have officially opened for dinner.Both times I have walked in and have been told that I can't order for another 8 mins.Not that they can't start preparing or cooking the pizza,but that they won't take my order.Both times I have walked around the corner to Biff's to get some pita bread.MJ's.. get it together!!Biff's..good stuff,food,price and service.


I had my first pizza from Chicago Pizza today, and it was good. It's better than Domino's or Pizza Hut, that's for sure, but I don't know if it will replace the Chairman Mao™ pizza I always get from Alleycat's. (The Chairman Mao™ has goats cheese, fresh basil, pepperoni and sun-dried tomatoes - ask for it by name!)

But back to Chicago - the pepperoni was ok, but not very spicy. I ordered a regular crust, but next time I'm going to order a thick crust. The sauce was great - different from Alleycat's but still very good. They also included packets of hot pepper, which is something that Alleycat's should really be offering as well - my taste buds like that extra kick.


I had some of this last night and it was um-um good! ... kPizza.htm


No problemo, dude.
Next time you're in, just ask and we'll be glad to put some of the dried chilis we have on every table into a nifty little resealable bag for you to take home.
For Gustav.