Best Pizza in Taipei


I just checked it out last night and was quite favorably impressed. It is very homey and you see all the work done in front of you, by Elke, the friendly hardworking proprietor.

My breakdown of the pizza:

Crust: 6.5 It was an authentic stone oven crust, but somehow missed being crispy enough with that soft inside that marks a really good one. But a "not bad" crust nonetheless.
Sauce: 7 Tasty, but I prefer more sauce. The tomato taste blended into the background instead of standing out.
Cheese: 7 Tasty! Not that gooey, and a few bald spots, but the cheese presence was definitely felt.
Toppings: 8.5 Really good. Very fresh and flavorful, and adequate in amount. I could really taste every ingredient and enjoyed them. Tomatoes, mushrooms, salami, black olives, all sang their little flavor song to my palate, and it was good.

The German beer was very good. The atmosphere is very family oriented and lively, if quite simple and unpretentious. Elke and her staff were all nice and "real".

But definitely call ahead on weekends,especially at lunch and dinner, or be prepared for a long wait.


This place deserves another mention here. Their thick crust pizzas set them apart. I'll be back soon.


Agreed, Tempo Gain. Pizzeria Oggi does produce a fine pizza. Their margharita was excellent.

I would say Pizzeria 15 and Oggi are my two top pizza spots now in Taipei. Both are head-and-shoulders above most of the other pizzerias in Taipei at the moment.


Ah blanket statements of personal preference...don't you just love em!


Enjoy, along with some pizza from 15 and Oggi, two of the top spots for pizza in Taipei, in my humble opinion.

(Isn't that what this thread is all about--stating personal preferences, in this case about pizza?)


Sure...but it would be better to say this place is better for thin crust, this for Margherita, that for service. It's all personal preference in the end. For instance I know lots of Americans like deep crust pizza and plenty of cheese, something I would never go for myself.


Earlier in this thread:

In another thread about Pizzeria Oggi:


It's alright...just stating that there ain't one greatest place for all..just our own preferences.


Exactly, there are folks who lurve Pizza sprinkled with garam masala and who can beat roast duck pizza??? No point talking about Pizza places that matter :unamused:


Isn't this thread entitled "Best pizza in Taipei"?

:slight_smile: :bravo:

Right on, divea!


Don't take it personally, I don't agree with the premise, not you.
For instance Alleycats got most of the votes, but which Alleycats makes the best pizza, there is significant variation between the restaurants, on what night, which pizza , personal preference..etc etc.


No worries, headhonchoII.

I just enjoyed another excellent pizza (Margharita) from 15 last night, and I will be heading up to Oggi again soon to try more of their pizza. And I look forward to trying out some of the other places on this list, as well.


I’ve had pizza in Taipei and it was fine.

Although they seem not to have heard of oregano.


Are you comparing them to American pizza? Not starting a pissing contest here, just curious.


I’ve tried my fair share of what some restaurants claim to be New York style pizza in Taipei and there’s only one place that has hit the mark dead on, Little New York on Yanji Street.


I went to the one in Ximen but wasn’t impressed by the crust. Big Boyz does it right IMO


Noted and bookmarked.


I wasn’t impressed either with Little new york. I tried a couple times trying different pizzas but was really let down. The problem with these American style pizzas is they are AMERICAN SIZED. So many times I was let down with the lack of toppings they pile on in the US or the size and thickness of the pizza. If they do pile on toppings and is large, i’m paying maybe 500nt for it. Which is not ridiculous in the US, but quite a lot for something in Taiwan.

Italian style pizza is the way to go, you don’t expect a huge pizza pile on with toppings. They seem to focus on ingredient quality. Solo Pizza is the best I had, give it a try. The owner studied pizza making in Italy.


that place looks quite good on google. hows the price? i tried pizza oggi near tienmu which was pretty authentic for italian style but damn… its hard to justify paying so much for something that gets eaten in about 5 seconds.

it would be nice if pizza express opened here or something like that, just so people would understand what an averagely decent pizza is. even alley cats isn’t great. ive had it a few times and it doesn’t really hit the mark. do any westerners here like Taiwanese pasta? its popular, its everywhere but it just doesn’t do anything for me. not even sure why but its just something i have zero desire to eat.


It’s very reasonable. Allie cats is sooooo expansive for what you get. My gf took me to solo pizza (she’s Italian) and says it’s the best and most authentic pizza she had.