Cat of the day



Highlights for busy slaves:


Russisch Blau - Katze by Lani, on Flickr


Kitten on the floor by Valcke Nicolas, on Flickr


Guys, I found another oil covered kitty on the street. Please those of you who drive, remember to tap your hood or honk if you love animals and your engine. Kitties seek the warmth of the cars’s engines and hence get hurt.

OTOH, we will have a gorgeous tabby for adoption once I am through with him. Very clever chap. Bit fierce but he will thaw out.


Looks like this one.


Not sure if I already posted this one…

So just in case, here’s another one. :slight_smile:


curious cat by Salvatore De Mitri, on Flickr


365-018 Snake Temple Cat [explore] by Christine und David Schmitt, on Flickr
P1182954 by Vladimir V. Samoylov, on Flickr