Climate Change VI - Warmists and their Demise



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and many a search on Kyoto will reveal the costs and that these were accepted as reasonable during the negotiation process. They were known and accepted despite the recognition that Kyoto would do very little to slow global warming.

Now, you have quite a lot of questions to answer from the previous post no?

Chris: Gosh... sarcasm... I assume that if you think that we should continue to spend money to achieve nothing that we can all recognize that spending to give you a college education was a similar exercise in futility?


Here you go...

July Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded in U.S. ... in-us.html

The average temperature last month was 77.6 degrees — 3.3 degrees above the average 20th-century temperature, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Wednesday. ... A hot July also contributed to the warmest 12-month period ever recorded in the United States, the statistics showed.

A prominent NASA scientist, James E. Hansen, reported in a journal article published on Monday that recent extremes of hot weather have been so pronounced that scientists can say with near-certainty that events like the Russian heat wave of 2010 or the Texas heat wave of 2011 would not have happened unless global warming was under way.


I swear visiting Forumosa is a lot like going to a movie theater and instead of the movie ever starting you just get a big dose of FOX news and it won't end unless you leave.

Why do these wacky conservatives promote their whackadoodle talking points HERE of all places? This entire thread is based on an article published by a conservative think tank that hires fake scientists to write fake skepticism over issues that real scientists are no longer in serious debate over. Funded by billionaires and proudly declaring its agenda is to promote a counter point to actual scientists, the Heartland Institute does such classy things as host events with the likes of the Koch brothers' sleazy lapdog, Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin. None of this has anything to do with real science or real world problems... it has to do with big money putting doubt in people's minds about science and preventing concerned humans from restricting corporations from regulations to keep the world cleaner and kinder.

And here we are on a web forum board for ex-pats living in Taiwan who come from countries all around the world, finding out that FOX news is on... even here.


To be fair there are only 3-4 people like that on Fcom. And probably only 2 of them are sincere.


And just last year when North America was relatively cold, it was the exact opposite. Those who subscribe to global warming alarmist views could not wait to berate (poetry in motion :slight_smile:)those who looked to localized weather conditions as being "only weather" and sniff "not climate." So a year goes by, conditions are different and even more important for a group that prides itself on its scientific rigor... the standards do as well... gosh... what is one to think?


They sure are loud for those kind of numbers. So half of them are Colberts, eh?


But they're like Monty Python's Black Knight: very vocal and will never admit defeat even when royally trounced.


:roflmao: well said! My analysis is that nobody listens to conservatives anyway. They're just happy to have their little circle jerk here on Forumosa. They just sit around spinning their bullshit to each other. Its not like with all their typing for all these years they changed even one buxiban teacher's mind. I mean their batting average must be worse than the Mormons or other Christians here (no disrespect, but its very hard to convert Taiwanese). Anyway I will enjoy a little laugh when Obama buries Romney in the election. Don't take their bait. Don't feed the trolls. Just start your own threads with your own provocative titles. I notice they have little to say about the current electoral vote projection. I don't know which is better news, the Obama landslide, or the fact that it shut them up for a while.


Oh no, the other half are still conservatives, but trolls.


What is dead may never die.


Are you referring to principles? say regarding human rights? Truer words were never spoken :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:


That doesn't link to the article you quoted. It's just a home page of a group called the Copenhagen Consensus Center. There's no search function either.

Yes, but we're not at a place to talk about solutions yet. One of the main components of your argument is that climate scientists don't really agree on the reasons for global warming. Have you conceeded that the National Academy of Sciences article is accurate in stating that 97-98% of the world's active climate researchers (defined as climate researchers with a minimum of 20 publications) agree the IPCC's tenets, including the conclusion that most of the global warming of the last century is due to human activity? You keep dancing around this issue. Maybe I missed your answer in your lengthy, clause by clause responses. A simple yes or no would suffice. :thumbsup:


Funny how people keep ignoring the link.

It really ends the debate, everyone needs to STFU.


2011 was not warm relative to the past century. It was the 9th warmest year on record, despite heavy snow events in North America and Europe. From NASA:



So, let me know when you have responded to my other points and I will be happy to share why the answer is NO.


So much laughing about Republicans... why it almost reminds me of the many years that the US has spent under Republican presidents. Oh Reagan... what an idiot... oh George HW Bush... what a wimp... Oh George W... what a gunslinging cowboy fool... oh Romney... are we back to wimp again? really?

True the Republicans often laugh at Democrats for being out-of-touch elitists in Hollywood. Wait. Isn't that what Republicans are being attacked for here?

Then, of course there is the whole religious fervor thing. Republicans beaten up for believing in God and acting upon their beliefs, which is so RIDICULOUS especially when we look at the Democrat and liberal shibboleths of more government is better always better and the whole Communism thing which no one ever mentions anymore now that we have grown into the global warming alarmism phase... The redistibution remains the same though.

So all these great Democrat and socialist and liberal and leftist ideas and one bankrupt inefficient, uncompetitive system after another. Greece? Much of Europe? California? Illinois? Detroit? New Orleans? the former Washington DC? and all this after Thatcher took a good whack at the system and spurred its competitiveness and all this after Communism and the Soviet and Maoist models FAILED EVERYWHERE. And the UN aid and assistance (remember Oil for Food?) and Third Worldist NeoColonialist redistributive efforts ALL FAILED? and yet, despite all these failures, we have a board full of laughter about the Republicans?!! especially from some here who used to bewail all sorts of evil failings in George W only to fall silent when Obama not only maintained his programs but went so much further? No... Laughter is not called for here. Sickening wrenching vomits of disgust and contempt and disbelief generated by too much irrational "motion."


At last we agree on something.

Romney's not a wimp though. I'm going with "Mitt the Twit".


Ha! You have completely forgotten about social democracy. You have no intellectual credibility!


Yes. We all agree with that.

No, he was a decent president. But no match for Clinton.

Saddled the US with a backbreaking debt and slumping economy. So yeah, I agree he was a cowboy fool.


Why do you go on and on about communism? When right-wingers use the C word (as well as the word "socialism"), they look like comic book characters to us liberals. (And we pretty much only use these words when we're making mocking imitations of right-wingers.)

Know this: we on the left despise communism as much as you do. None of us would have wanted to live in Soviet Russia. The thing is, we don't obsess about it. Communism is dead and buried, never to rise again. Nobody in the US has seriously advocated it since the 1930s.

You know, Archie Bunker was a parody of right-wingers, which is why the script writers of All In The Family had him mention communists and communism all the time. Even in the 70s, that kind of talk sounded comical. It's even more ridiculous sounding now.

My advice to any right-winger who wants to be taken seriously: don't say "communism" or "socialism". It means they don't know what they're talking about, and that that they have lost the argument