Climate Change VI - Warmists and their Demise


Communism is a evil system; talk about internal contradictions, inefficiency and inequality! But, I am frankly aghast at the wholesale labeling of basic public goods, infrastructure and other prerequisites for our Great Society with the Socialist label. My god, I never knew my Wharton professors were commies!!!

"good of the people"? I read as "good of the retired, white, bible thumping Republican base that doesn't understand that Medicade is a government program.

Climate change is a typical low probability high impact event. It's worth exercising due caution and it is worth ensuring that externalities are correctly priced into the markets.


Because we can't have policies that are good for the people. :unamused:


Eh? Who said that?



Most of the people I knew growing up, going to high school and university and in the working world were against the Soviet Union, and believed it was an "Evil Empire". And now most of these same people are concerned about Global Warming.

When it comes to activists, as opposed to just "regular folk" I have met quite a few lefties to be sure, but the greenest activists were the least Marxist or socialist of the bunch. I've met plenty of green capitalists.

I don't know why Fred insists in living in some sort of cartoon cliche world of commies and free men or whatever, but it bears little resemblance to the world I know.


The world you know? hmmm so many things that one could say...


Well, the world I see. Of course we all get some things wrong, and our viewpoint always evolves - or it should. But clinging on as you do to exaggerated dichotomies is hardly the path to enlightenment.


It's bloody boring is what it is.


Oh. I just interpreted it as Fred finally coming out of the closet and admitting how f'ed up George's policies were.


Gosh. Since I have only been criticizing George W.'s spending priorities domestically and their effectiveness, one reallly HAS to wonder about the reading comprehension of most lefties on this forum. Whatcha all from Alabama or something? Ironically, aren't you the ones who usually have great doubt about Republicans ability to sign their name and such stuff?


Look, apologies, but I was away for a while and I missed your sudden conversion to bipartisanship pragmatism. :slight_smile:


Steady, now.


I was listening to last Friday's edition of the Randi Rhodes Show (a liberal radio talk show) yesterday, and one of the callers was a Marxist. She tore him a new one demonstrating how Marxism is severely flawed and that capitalism is superior. She said that he was the first Marxist she had ever encountered.

The only communists and marxists I've encountered in the US (and I grew up in the SF bay Area) are those antisocial weirdos who set up booths at anti-war demonstrations and university campi. One hand is more than sufficient to count their numbers. They're the kind who will say "Well, what do you have against communism anyway?" and look like deer in headlights when you mention the gulags and killing fields.

Modern liberals (the overwhelming supermajority) are not communists; we're not marxists. And the handful of communists there are don't have a snowball's chance in hell of coming to power or even influencing public policy.

Oh, and by the way, the Soviet and Chinese communists were huge polluters, so I have no idea how this notion that environmentalism = communism came about.


And insert climate change activist in the above and the antisocial weirdos remains the same.

gosh I ran out of hands counting in the leadup to the Iraq war but now you are right! amazingly so! Where are the same protesters and their desire for peace with regard to Libya? Syria? rights in the Middle East following the Arab Spring?

Or Syria... Libya... Arab Spring... Cuba..

Not in name but the anticorporate, anti profit making, anti productive rants are there all the same and THAT is precisely how we can smell the same shit with regard to the climate change alarmist brigade... the same approved statements that are regurgitated by this generations Red Guard... and woe to those who go against them... suddenly then violence and correct thought political intimidation are the norm.

Because they no longer call themselves "communist." Now, they are "climate change activists" or "economic redistributionists" or those who seek "a fair wage" or those who want a "livable wage" or those who want "social justice" or those who want to outlaw "hate crimes" against x y or z group which as we all know opens the barn door for any and all criticism against the favored (haha) group to be muffled and silenced completely with outraged outrage...

That would presume that much of the claptrap political theory that exists on much of the left is based on rational understanding of anything. The irony is that the very same follies that you revel in with regard to Bible banging Southerners is alive and well and kicking in half-educated San Francisco riot tourists and protest professionals. Get it? See it? smell the coffee?


Actually, anti-social would be building an industrial site that runs through a nearby community, and poisons everyone who lives near it with cancer, and not being able to be charged because you lobbied government.

Social would be trying to convince your fellow man that we should do something about obviously extreme temperatures that do silly things like destroy massive amounts of Russian wheat crops, or raise sea-levels to a prospective 70 additional meters in 100 years.

But how could one be shocked that you've got something as basic as fucking reality, backwards?


Would you like to cite a few examples to prove that is the case? Seems all any group has to do now is offer the mere suggestion that the same is taking place and a multi-billion class-action lawsuit follows.

So until CO2 came along, there were no droughts? and you have a plan as to do something to stop the rising temperatures? What would that be pray tell?

All you have to do is say denial aint a river in Egypt... go ahead... just say it... :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:


Most Lefties in the States derided Pres. Reagen for calling the USSR the Evil Empire. :idunno:


Koch subsidiary builds factory near river. River becomes poisonous and socializes cancer among a dozen or so people who live along the river. Some of them die. Consequently, exactly nothing happens. Why? Koch Industries, and similar rich folk give so much money to politicians and their opposition that they spend a great majority of their time campaigning for said money, leaving them with less than zero fucks to give, and zero time to give it in.

Fred, it's kind of annoying having to find information for you that everyone else knows. Do you know how to "research information?"

That's exactly what the Koch funded climate denying scientist Richard Muller said, until he "researched information."


You would certainly know a lot about annoying... Are you sure that you are not Big John's "little brother." Think about it... think about it...

  1. You made a point.
  2. To back up that point, you could provide a link.
  3. It is not for others to "research information" to support your assertion. You do that.
  4. Are you sure that you are not Big John's "little brother?" Think about it. Get it? Get it?

Keep posting. You are such a caricature of the paranoid, mindless left that we revel in your example...


Really? Climate deniers shrinking by the month, and I'm a caricature? That's cool, bro. :discodance: :discodance: :discodance: