Cracking the Naturalization Language Exam - A Guide


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The Naturalization Language Examination is an exam which foreigners who wish to become naturalized citizens of the Republic of China (Taiwan) can opt to take in lieu of completing 200 hours of Chinese language instruction. It was created and implemented with the idea that newly minted Taiwan citizens should have some basic knowledge regarding government, education, social welfare, laws, culture, traditions, and daily life of Taiwan. It is not unlike naturalization exams that many other countries have. The exam study guide (pictured above) has a lot of very interesting and valuable information that all foreigners wishing to become naturalized Taiwan citizens should possess. At the time of examination, you will only be asked 20 questions out of the possible 200 questions contained within the exam study guide. If you are the spouse of a Taiwan national, you need to attain a score of 60% in order to pass (12 correct out of 20). If you aren’t married to a Taiwan national, then you need to attain a score of 70% in order to pass (14 correct out of 20). You can get a copy of the study guide, find out the dates and times for upcoming exams, or can register to take the exam at your local Household Registration Office. They are also responsible for administering the exam for the established testing dates.


I originally analyzed this exam study booklet and created a written guide for myself in order to find the Naturalization Language Exam’s weaknesses and to facilitate my ease in passing it with the least amount of effort. In addition to this guide, I made computerized practice exams using TAC Software’s Multiple Choice Quiz Maker (MCQM) so that I could easily practice the study guide’s 200 questions over and over again before I took the actual exam. After I passed the exam with a successful score of 100%, I thought I would pass my guide and computerized multiple choice practice exams on to others who might have a use for them. Therefore, I have haphazardly put this ridiculously detailed guide together and foolhardily named it “Cracking the Naturalization Language Exam. All for your amusement, derision, public ridicule, and scorn if you are so inclined. FLAME ON! I make no warrantees, expressed or implied as to the usefulness of this guide and/or computerized practice exams, and accept no responsibility in their use or misuse. However, I will say that if you do use them and still fail to pass the Naturalization Language Exam, then you’re more of an idiot than I am and don’t deserve Taiwanese citizenship anyway! There is no cost for this guide and associated computerized practice exams and I expect nothing in return for them. If you paid anyone else for them, then good for them! As for copyright (©), there is none. This work MAY BE reproduced, redistributed, edited, corrected, sold, included in other publications, in whole or in part, with any alteration deemed necessary, and without prior written or verbal permission of any kind. Remove my name, put your name on it and claim it as your own, all with complete impunity. Any other use that you can think of is also permitted without the expressed prior written or verbal permission of Northcoast Surfer Cody Maverick. Basically, I don’t give a rat’s ass what you do with my cracking guide and computerized practice exams. Such a deal!


First and foremost, I would like to graciously thank Maoman and Goose Egg for creating and administrating the online Taiwan discussion forum is an extremely valuable resource where important information, ideas, debate, and hugely entertaining pissing contests flow freely on a daily basis, all for the benefit of its users. Without it, my literary masterpiece and its distribution wouldn’t exist. Secondly, I wish to thank Forumosan Bismarck for painstakingly translating the Naturalization Language Examination Study Guide into English and also including the Pin-Ying to go along with it. I used his transcription, which he emailed to me, to easily analyze the examination for weaknesses and also to create the computerized practice exams. I wouldn’t have wasted my time doing it myself otherwise, so a hearty “Thanks mate” to him. An honorable mention and shout out to other Forumosa members Ironlady and Sjcma for donating their time and valuable translation abilities to Bismarck and for keeping him on track and assisting in various translation issues when he first set out to do it. Lastly, I wish to thank the pool of highly educated Taiwanese officials who made such a ridiculously half-witted, asinine attempt to create a meaningful Naturalization Language Exam. Their typical Taiwanese attitude of “A quick shitty job is good enough” clearly shines through and makes it extremely difficult to fail this exam. There is absolutely no requirement for Chinese language proficiency or even basic Chinese ability in order to pass this exam!

So, without further eloquence (self-important egotistical drivel), here’s the guide. I hope you find it as helpful for you as it was for me when I took the Republic of China Naturalization Language Examination. I would say good luck, but, trust me when I say that you won’t need luck to pass this exam!

Surfingly yours,

Cody Maverick, Northcoast Surfer

[color=#FF0000][u]Cracking The Naturalization Language Exam[/u][/color]

Postulate 1: All of the above questions (以上都可以) (27)

There are 27 questions where a possible answer choice is “All of the above”. (以上都可以). For 26 of these 27 questions the correct answer is “All of the above”. The only question where “All of the above” isn’t the correct answer is question #165 where the correct answer is (1).

Select “以上都可以” every time you see it, except for question #165, for an overall 13.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Postulate 2: Yes/No questions (是/不是 ) (14)

There are 14 Yes/No questions (是/不是 ) and the answer is always, “Yes”. That’s a 100% rate. Select “是” every time you see it for an overall 7% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Postulate 3: The longest answer questions (51)

There are 51 questions where one of the answer choices is longer than the other possible answers. The correct answer for 37 of these questions is the answer where the number of Chinese characters is greater than the other answers, the spacing and/or addition of parentheses makes the answer appear longer than the other choices, and no numbers appear in the possible responses, and there are only 2 or 3 answer choices. That’s an overall 18.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions and reading or understanding the questions are unnecessary!

The remaining 14 long answer questions need to be studied and simply memorized in order to get them correct. They are questions 11, 24, 26, 28, 30, 92, 95, 109, 112, 131, 133, 161, 181, 183. That’s an additional 7% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

By following the long answer postulate you can increase your overall correct rate toward the total 200 questions by 25.5%!

Postulate 4: Specific dates questions (5)

There are five questions about dates. Memorize the following Month/Day combinations and select them for your answers. What are these dates for? Who cares! None of these dates appear together in the same question, so you are safe. That’s an additional 2.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Memorize these dates
10/10 10月10日
5/1 5月1日
9/28 9月28日
3/8 3月8日
4/4 4月4日

Postulate 5: Telephone numbers (7)

There are 7 questions about telephone numbers. Memorize these numbers and select them when you get to a question where they appear. Exception! The number 113 appears with the other numbers below on four occasions. Therefore, only choose 113 when it doesn’t appear with any of the other numbers below! What are these numbers for? Who cares! Memorize and select them for an additional 3.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Memorize these phone numbers
110, 112, 113, 119, 165, 1950

Postulate 6: Number of Months questions (個月) (6)

There are 6 questions about number of months. They are questions 20, 39, 121, 122, 123, 151. Always choose the answer with the smallest number. Exception. There is one question where the answer choices are 2個月, 4個月, 6個月. Only in this case is the correct answer the largest number, 6 months. Memory trick. Remember, the old baseball rhyme? 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate? That’s an additional 3% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Postulate 7: Number of Days questions (天) (6)

There are 6 questions about number of days. They are questions 43, 66, 67, 74, 172, 174. Just remember the numbers 7, 15, and 30 and choose them when you see them. Exception. For question #74 the correct answer is not 30天, it’s 60天. When 15天and 30天appear in the same question, always choose 15天. That’s an additional 3% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Memorize these numbers of days

Postulate 8: Age questions (years old) (歲) (9)

There are 9 questions about age (years old). They are questions 21, 29, 38, 62, 79, 102, 113, 152, 199. Just remember the ages 6歲, 14歲, 18歲, 20歲, and 65歲 and choose them when you see them. Exceptions. Only choose 18歲 when it appears in a two answer question and only when it appears in the question where the answer choices are consecutively 18歲, 19歲, 20歲. When 6歲 and 18歲 appear together, choose 6歲. Only choose 3歲 when the other two answers have double digits (10 and 15). That’s an additional 4.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Memorize these ages

Postulate 9: Unique Answers questions (9)

There are 9 questions which have unique answers that only appear once throughout the entire test. They are questions 15, 77, 90, 145, 146, 150, 158, 170, 180. Memorize these unique answers and select them when you see them. What do they mean? Who cares, they only appear once and they are the correct answers to the questions! That’s an additional 4.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Memorize these 9 unique answers


Postulate 10: Number of Years questions (年) (12)

There are 12 questions regarding number of years. They are questions 2, 3, 9, 12, 22, 55, 56, 59, 78, 99, 153, 159. This technique is a little bit more difficult and you have to follow the proper progression in order to successfully answer all of these questions correctly. That’s an additional 6% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

  1. Always choose (9年) for the answer.
  2. Always choose (10年) for the answer.
  3. Always choose (4年) except for question 153 where the correct answer is (5年).
  4. Always choose (5年) unless it appears with (4年) (except question 153)
  5. Only choose (1年) when the question has the following age range.(19歲至36歲)
  6. Only choose (3年) when it is the largest number of years of the answers.

Postulate 11: Able/Unable questions (會/不會) (2)

There are 2 of these questions. The correct answer to both of these questions is “Able” 會Note that one of these answers begins with “Able” 會 and has additional text afterward. That’s an additional 1% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Postulate 12: Correct/Incorrect questions (對/不對) (1)

There is 1 question. The answer is “Correct” 對. That’s an additional 0.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

[color=#FF0000][b]Statistical Tips – Not as reliable as postulates, but still very handy[/b][/color]

Statistical tip 1: Can/Can’t questions (可以 /不可以 ) (15)

There are 15 of these questions. The correct answer to ten of these questions is, “Can’t” 不可以. (67%) The correct answer to five of these questions is, “Can” 可以. (33%). It’s best to study for these questions, otherwise the next best option is to choose “Can’t” every time you see it if you aren’t sure as the statistics are in your favor. There are two questions regarding cars. If you see the character for “car” 車, in the question, then choose “Can’t” 不可以 for the answer which would give you an additional 5% correct rate towards the 200 questions.

Statistical tip 2: Questions with matching character counts (27)

There are 27 questions where the possible answers have the EXACT number of characters for the answers. They are questions 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 18, 31, 33, 36, 40, 58, 85, 87, 93, 98, 117, 143, 155, 177, 179, 180, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 200. All of these questions have 3 possible answers, except for questions 117 and 155 which only have 2 possible answers. For six of these questions the answer is the first answer (22%). For ten of these questions the answer is second answer (37%). For eleven of these questions the answer is the third answer (41%). If you can’t remember the answer where the character count for all the answers is the same, the best statistical advantage is to choose the third answer every time you get to a question where the number of characters are the same for all the possible answers. That’s an additional 5.5% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Statistical tip 3: Need to/Don’t need to questions ( 須要/不須要 ) (3)

There are 3 of these questions. The correct answer to two of these questions (#51 & #61) is, “Need to” 須要 . Only one (#135) is “Don’t need to” 不須要 . Therefore, statistics dictate that you choose “Need to” when you see it. That’s an extra 1% correct rate toward the total 200 questions.

Statistical tip 4: Have/Don’t have questions (有/沒有) (2)

There are 2 of these questions. One answer is “Have”, 有the other is “Don’t have” 沒有. You have a 50% chance of answering the questions correctly if you can’t remember.

What kind of results can you expect?

If you use the simplest methods with the least amount of studying and practicing, you will be able to get a 77% at worst! Here’s the proof below. I had an American friend with absolutely no knowledge of Chinese language take the full 200 question computerized practice examination. He was able to get 77% on his first try. He was able to increase his scores on subsequent attempts to an ultimate 85% based only on repetition and rote memorization. If he can do it, so can you!

[color=#FF0000][u]Here’s the reward for following this cracking guide – A score of 100%!![/u][/color]

Here’s a copy of my actual test results which the Household Registration Office mailed to me.

[size=150][color=#FF0000] Taiwanese Written Examination Translation [/color]

by Bismarck of

Special thanks to Ironlady and Sjcma for translation assistance

政府組織類 (Government Organisation)
Zhèngfǔ zǔzhī lèi

  1. 依憲法規定,總統是由誰直接投票選舉產生的?
    Yī xiànfǎ guīdìng, zǒngtǒng shì yóu shéi zhíjiē tóupiào xuǎnjǔ chǎnshēngde?
    According to the constitution, who directly elects the President?

(1) 中華民國自由地區全體人民
Zhōnghuá Mínguó zìyóu dìqū quántǐ rénmín.
All the people of the free areas of the ROC vote for the President.
Lìfǎ wěiyuán.
Members of the Legislative Yuan.
Zhíxiáshì jí xiàn (shì) zhǎng.
Heads of municipalities under direct central control and county (city) heads.

  1. 總統的任期是多久?
    Zǒngtǒngde rènqī shì duōjiǔ?
    How long is the President’s term of office?


  1. 我國總統每幾年選一次?
    Wǒguó zǒngtǒng měi jǐnián xuǎn yīcì?
    How often are presidential elections held?


  1. 我國的元首稱為什麼?
    Wǒguóde yuánshǒu chēng wèishénme?
    What our country’s head of state called?

(1) 總理
Prime Minister

  1. 我國的中央政府組織有五院,以下哪一項不是屬於五院之一?
    Wǒguóde zhōngyāngzhèngfǔ zǔzhī yǒu wǔyuàn yǐxià nǎ yīxiàng bù shì shǔyú wǔyuàn zhīyī?
    Our country’s central government has five yuans, which of the following aren’t one of them?

(1) 中央研究院
Zhōngyāng Yánjiūyuàn
Academia Sinica
Xíng zhèng yuàn
Exectutive Yuan
Lì fǎ yuàn
Legislative Yuan

  1. 中華民國最高的行政機關是什麼機關?
    Zhōnghuá Mínguó zuìgāode xíngzhèng jīguān shì shénme jīguān?
    In the ROC, which is the highest executive body/organization?

(1) 行政院
Xíng zhèng yuàn
Exectutive Yuan
Lì fǎ yuàn
Legislative Yuan
(3) 司法院
Sī fǎ yuàn
Judicial Yuan

  1. 中華民國最高的立法機關是什麼機關?
    Zhōnghuá Mínguó zuìgāode lìfǎ jīguān shì shénme jīguān?
    In the ROC, which is the highest legislative body/organization?

(1) 行政院
Xíng zhèng yuàn
Exectutive Yuan
Lì fǎ yuàn
Legislative Yuan

Sī fǎ yuàn
Judicial Yuan

  1. 依憲法規定,誰可以代表人民行使立法權?
    Yī xiànfǎ guīdìng, shéi kěyǐ dàibiǎo rénmín xíngshǐ lìfǎ quán?
    According to the constitution, who can exercise legislative power on behalf of the people?

(1) 監察委員
Jiānchá wěiyuán
Members of the Control Yuan.
Kǎoshì wěiyuán
Members of the Examination Yuan.
Lìfǎ wěiyuán
The legislative council.

  1. 立法委員自第7屆起,每幾年改選一次?
    Lìfǎ wěiyuán zì dì 7 jiè qǐ, měi jǐnián gǎixuǎn yīcì?
    Since the 7th Session, how often are elections held for Legislative Yuan seats?


  1. 以下哪一個是屬於我國地方自治的層級?
    Yǐxià nǎyīge shì shǔyú wǒguó dìfāngzìzhìde céng jí?
    Which of the following is classified as local government level in our country?

(1) 行政院
Xíng zhèng yuàn
Exectutive Yuan
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì)
Municipalities, counties (cities)
Ministry of the Interior

  1. 直轄市、縣(市)首長是如何產生的?
    Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) shǒuzhǎng shì rúhé chǎnshēngde?
    How are heads of municipalities under central control, county and city government elected?

(1) 人民選舉產生的
Rénmín xuǎnjǔ chǎnshēngde
Elected by the people.
Zhèngfǔ guān pàide
Appointed by the government.
Xíngzhèngyuàn yuànzhǎng jiānrènde
Part-time positions held by the Premier.

  1. 直轄市、縣(市)首長每幾年選一次?
    Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) shǒuzhǎng měi jǐnián xuǎn yīcì?
    How often are heads of municipalities under direct central control, county and city government elected?


  1. 以下哪一個是縣(市)的立法機關?
    Yǐxià nǎyīge shì xiàn (shì) de lìfǎjīguān?
    Which of the following is a county (city) legislature?

(1) 立法院
The Legislative Yuan
Xiàn (shì) yìhuì
County (city) council
Cūnlǐmín dàhuì
The General Assembly of villages

  1. 臺灣有哪2個直轄市?
    Táiwān yǒu něi 2 gè zhíxiáshì?
    Taiwan has two municipalities under direct central control, which two are they?

Jīlóng shì, Táizhōng shì
Jilong city. Taizhong city
Táiběi shì, Gāoxióng shì
Taipei city, Kaohsiung city
Huālián xiàn, Táizhōng xiàn
Hualian county, Taizhong county

  1. 臺灣除了有2個直轄市之外,還有幾個縣(市)?
    Táiwān chúle yǒu 2 gè zhíxiáshì zhīwài, háiyǒu jǐge xiàn (shì)?
    How many counties (cities) does Taiwan have in addition to its two municipalities?


國旗類 (The National Flag)
Guóqí lèi

  1. 我國國旗的式樣是什麼?
    Wǒguó guóqíde shìyàng shì shénme?
    What does the National Flag look like?

Hóngdì, zuǒshàng jué (jiǎo?) qīngtiān báirì?
Red background, with a white sun on a blue sky in the upper left corner.
Xīng tiáo qí
Stars and Stripes
Hóng, lán, báisède tiáowén qí
Red, blue and white striped flag

  1. 尊重國旗的意義是不是就代表尊重國家?
    Zūnzhòng guóqíde yìyì shìbùshì jiù dàibiǎo zūnzhòng guójiā?
    Is respect for the national flag representative of respect for the country?


參政權類 (The Right to Political Participation)
Cān zhèngquán lèi

  1. 以下所列人民的參政權中,哪一項是對「人」的投票?
    Yǐxià suǒ liè rénmínde cān zhèngquán zhōng nǎ yīxiàng shì duì (rén) de tóupiào?
    Of the following political rights, which is voting for a person?

Chuàng zhì quán
Right of initiative
Xuǎn jǔ quán
Right of election
Fù jué quán
Right of referendum

  1. 下列哪一項是屬於人民的參政權?
    Xiàliè nǎ yīxiàng shì shǔyú rénmínde cān zhèngquán?
    Which of the following is considered to be part of the people’s right to political participation?

Xuǎn jǔ quán, bàmiǎn quán
Right of election, right of recall
Chuàng zhì quán, fù jué quán
Right of initiative, right of referendum
Yǐshàng dōu shì
All of the above

  1. 歸化國籍並設戶籍(領到國民身分證)後,多久就可以投票選舉縣(市)長?
    Guīhuà guójí bìng shè hùjí (lǐngdào guómín shēnfènzhèng) hòu duōjiǔ jiù kěyǐ tóupiào xuǎnjǔ xiàn (shì) zhǎng?
    How long after naturalization and setting up household registration (receiving national ID card) can you vote in county (city) elections?


  1. 憲法規定國民年滿幾歲就具有選舉權?
    Xiànfǎ guīdìng guómín nián mǎn jǐsuì jiù jùyǒu xuǎnjǔquán?
    How old to you need to be, according to the constitution, to have the right to vote?


  1. 歸化國籍後,至少須滿幾年才可以申請登記成為候選人?
    Guīhuà guójí hòu, zhìshǎo xū mǎn jǐnián cái kěyǐ shēnqǐng dēngjì chéngwéi hòuxuǎnrén?
    How many years after becoming a national by naturalization can you register as a political candidate?


  1. 歸化國籍後,可不可以登記成為總統、副總統選舉的候選人?
    Guīhuà guójí hòu, kě bùkěyǐ dēngjì chéngwéi zǒngtǒng, fù zǒngtǒngxuǎnjǔde hòuxuǎnrén?
    Can you register as a presidential or vice-presidential candidate after becoming a naturalized citizen?


一般法律類 (General Law)
Yībān fǎlǜ lèi

  1. 哪個法是國家基本大法?
    Nǎge fǎ shì guójiā jīběn dàfǎ?
    Which law is the country’s basic law?

Civil Law
Guójí fǎ
Nationality Law
The Constitution

  1. 中華民國的國家主權為誰所有?
    Zhōnghuá Mínguóde guójiā zhǔquán wéi shéi suǒyǒu?
    In whom does the sovereignty of the Republic of China reside?

Zǒng tǒng
The President
The Military
Quántǐ guómín
All the citizens

  1. 國民的基本權利是受到哪個法律的保障?
    Guómínde jīběn quánlì shì shòudào nǎge fǎlǜde bǎozhàng?
    The basic rights of citizens are protected by which laws?

Guójí fǎ
Nationality Law
The Constitution
Xíng fǎ
Criminal Law

  1. 以下哪些是屬於憲法所賦予國民的主要基本權利?
    Yǐxià nǎxiē shì shǔyú xiànfǎ suǒ fùyǔ guómínde zhǔyào jīběn quánlì?
    Which of the following are guaranteed under the constitution as fundamental rights of citizens?

Píng děng quán
Equal Rights
Rénshēn zìyóu quán, xíngdòng zìyóu quán, yìjiàn zìyóu quán, tōngxùn zìyóu quán, zōngjiào zìyóu quán, jíhuì jiéshè zìyóu quán
The right to personal liberty, the right to freedom of movement, the right to freedom of opinion, the right to freedom of communication, the right to freedom of religion, the right to freedom of assembly and association
Cān zhèng quán, xuǎn jǔ quán
The right of political participation, the right to vote
Yǐshàng dōu shì
All of the above

  1. 哪個法律規定中華民國人民,不論男女、宗教、種族、階級、黨派,在法律上一律平等?
    Nǎge fǎlǜ guīdìng Zhōnghuá Mínguó rénmín, bùlùn nán nǚ, zōngjiào, zhǒngzú, jiējí, dǎngpài, zài fǎlǜ shàng yīlǜ píngděng?
    Which law, regardless of gender, religion, race, class or political affiliation provides all citizens of the Republic of China equality before the law?

Guójí fǎ
Nationality Law
The Constitution
Xíng fǎ
Criminal Law

  1. 民法規定幾歲為成年?
    Mínfǎ guīdìng jǐsuì wéi chéngnián?
    What age does civil law stipulate as your majority year (adult age)?


  1. 父母婚姻關係存續中,誰是未成年子女權利義務的法定代理人?
    Fùmǔ hūnyīn guānxì cúnxù zhōng, shéi shì wèichéng nián zǐnǚ quánlì yìwùde fǎdìng dàilǐrén?
    While parents remain married, who exercises the rights and duties of the legal representative for minor children?

Zǔ fùmǔ
Paternal grandparents
Shū bai

  1. 販賣第一級毒品(例如海洛因、嗎啡、鴉片、古柯鹼等),最高會被判處什麼刑責?
    Fànmài dìyījí dúpǐn (lìrú hǎiluòyīn, mǎfēi, yāpiàn, gǔkējiǎn děng), zuì gāo huì bèi pànchǔ shénme xíng zé?
    What is the maximum sentence that can be imposed for trafficking first level narcotics (such as, heroine, morphine, opium, cocaine)?

Sǐ xíng
Death Penalty
Zuò láo
Fá qián

  1. 在選舉及前往投開票所投票的時候,可不可以拿候選人贈送的禮物或「走路工錢」?
    Zài xuǎnjǔ jí qiánwǎng tóu kāipiào suǒ tóupiàode shíhòu kě bù kěyǐ ná hòuxuǎnrén zèngsòngde lǐwù huò zǒulù gōngqián?
    During elections or while proceeding towards the voting station, can you accept gifts or money from candidates?


  1. 哪個法律規定女兒和兒子一樣,都有遺產的繼承權?
    Nǎge fǎlǜ guīdìng nǚér hé érzi yīyàng dōu yǒu yíchǎnde jìchéngquán?
    Which law provides that sons and daughters have equal rights to inheritance?

Civil Law
The Constitution
Xíng fǎ
Criminal Law

  1. 撿到別人遺失的財物,如果不知道是誰遺失的,可以送到哪裡保管?
    Jiǎn dào biérén yíshīde cáiwù rúguǒ bùzhīdào shì shéide kěyǐ sòng dào nǎlǐ bǎoguǎn?
    If you pick up lost property without knowing who lost it, where can you deliver it for safe keeping?

Jǐngchá pàichūsuǒ huò fēn zhù suǒ
Local police station
Zìjǐ cáng qǐlai
Pick it up and keep it
Hù zhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office

  1. 為了自身的安全,你可以私自持有槍械嗎?
    Wèile zìshēnde ānquán nǐ kěyǐ sīzì chíyǒu qiāngxiè ma?
    Can you carry a firearm for personal safety?


  1. 遭到別人勒索強取財物時,你應該向哪個機關報案處理?
    Zāodào biérén lèsuǒ qiáng qǔ cáiwù shí nǐ yīnggāi xiàng nǎge jīguān bàoàn chǔlǐ?
    In the event of blackmail or robbery, which authority should you report to?

Hù zhèng jīguān
Household registration office
Jǐngchá jīguān
Xiāofáng jīguān
Fire department

  1. 我國法律是不是禁止獵捕如台灣黑熊、穿山甲、石虎等保育類動物?
    Wǒguó fǎlǜ shìbùshì jìnzhǐ liè bǔ rú Táiwān hēixióng, chuānshānjiǎ, shíhǔ děng bǎoyù lèi dòngwù?
    Does Taiwanese law prohibit hunting or capture of protected animals such as Taiwanese black bear, scaly anteater and Taiwanese mountain lion?


  1. 兒童及少年福利法有規定,父母不可以單獨讓幾歲以下的兒童獨處?
    Értóng jí shàonián fúlì fǎ yǒu guīdìng fùmǔ bù kěyǐ dāndú ràng jǐsuì yǐxiàde értóng dúchǔ?
    Under which age does child and juvenile law provide that parents are not permitted to leave children unsupervised?


簽證及護照類 (Visa and Passport Section)
Qiānzhèng jí hùzhào lèi

  1. 外國護照的效期在幾個月以上,才可以申請來台簽證?
    Wàiguó hùzhàode xiào qī zài jǐgeyuè yǐshàng cái kěyǐ shēnqǐng lái tái qiānzhèng?
    A foreign passport needs to be valid for at least how many months to be able to apply for a visa to come to Taiwan?


  1. 想在我國境內居留超過180天以上的外籍人士,必須要申請哪一種簽證?
    Xiǎng zài wǒguó jìngnèi jūliú chāoguò tiān yǐshàngde wàijí rénshì bìxū yāo shēnqǐng nǎ yīzhǒng qiānzhèng?
    Foreigners who desire to reside in Taiwan for 180 days or more must apply for which type of visa?

Tíngliú qiānzhèng
Temporary visa
Jūliú qiānzhèng
Resident visa
Wàijiāo qiānzhèng
Diplomatic visa

  1. 未滿20歲的人,在申請護照時,需要得到誰的同意?
    Wèi mǎn 20 suìde rén zài shēnqǐng hùzhào shí xūyào dédào shéide tóngyì?
    People below 20 years of age need whose consent to apply for a passport?

Fù huò mǔ huò fǎdìng dàilǐrén
Parent or legal agent/guardian
Court of law
Bùxūyào rènhérénde tóngyì
Does not require the consent of anyone

居留類 (Residence Section)
Jūliú lèi

  1. 外國人持居留簽證入境後,必須在15天以內,向哪一個機關申請外僑居留證?
    Wàiguórén chí jūliú qiānzhèng rùjìng hòu, bìxū zài tiān yǐnèi xiàng nǎyīge jīguān shēnqǐng wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng?
    Foreigners entering Taiwan on a visitor’s visa need to apply for an ARC within 15 days from which authority?

Yímín shǔ gèdì fúwù zhàn
Immigration offices around the country
Wèishēng suǒ
Health institutions
Hù zhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office

  1. 外國人持有的外僑居留證在到期前多久,應該辦理延期?
    Wàiguórén chíyǒude wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng zài dàoqī qián duōjiǔ, yīnggāi bànlǐ yánqī?
    Foreign passport holders with a residence permit should apply for an extension how long before its expiry date?


  1. 外國人在國內的居留地址有變更時,應該向哪一個機關申請登記?
    Wàiguórén zài guónèide jūliú dìzhǐ yǒu biàngēng shí yīnggāi xiàng nǎyīge jīguān shēnqǐng dēngjì?
    Foreigners residing in the country should register a change of address with which agency?

Yímín shǔ gèdì fúwù zhàn
Immigration offices around the country
Wèishēng suǒ
Health institutions
Hù zhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office

  1. 外國人在國內逾期居留的話,會受到哪些處罰?
    Wàiguórén zài guónèi yú qī jūliú dehuà huì shòudào nǎxiē chǔfá?
    Foreigners in the country who overstay their residence are subject to which penalties?

A fine
Qūzhú chūguó
Yǐshàng dōu shì
All of the above

  1. 外國人所持的外僑居留證如果沒有按時申請延期的話,除了會被罰錢及驅逐出國外,是不是也會影響到日後申請歸化時的合法居留期間之計算?
    Wàiguórén suǒ chíde wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng rúguǒ méiyǒu ànshí shēnqǐng yánqī dehuà, chúle huì bèi fá qián jí qūzhú chūguó wài, shìbùshì yě huì yǐngxiǎng dào rìhòu shēnqǐng guīhuà shíde héfǎ jūliú qījiān zhī jìsuàn?
    Foreigners who hold an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) and don’t apply for an extension (renewal) on time, apart from a fine and deportation, can it affect future applications for naturalization or permanent residence when calculating their time (spent on the same visa)?


  1. 在哪些情形下,外僑居留證會被撤銷或註銷?
    Zài nǎxiē qíngxing xià, wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng huì bèi chèxiāo huò zhù xiāo?
    In which situation can an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) be revoked or cancelled?

Shēnqǐng zīliào xì xūwěi huò bù shí. (lìrú tígōng xūwěide fángwū zūlìn qìyuē bànlǐ jūliú dìzhǐde biàngēng)
Application information is false or incorrect. (For example, supplying a false rental agreement for a change of residence address.)
Chí yòng bùfǎ qǔdé wěizào huò biàn zào zhī zhèngjiàn. (lìrú chí yòng jiǎzàode jūliú qiānzhèng bànlǐ wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng.)
Achieved using illegal, forged or falsified the documents. (For example, using fake residency visa for the alien resident certificate)
Jīng sīfǎjīguān pànchǔ nián yǐshàng yǒuqītúxíng. (Lìrú yīn qièdào zuì bèi fǎyuàn pànchǔ nián yǐshàng yǒuqītúxíng quèding.)
Sentenced by the judiciary to more than 1 year in prison. (For example, sentenced to more than a year in prison for the crime of theft or burglary.)



  1. 外籍配偶的國人配偶如不幸死亡,該外籍配偶可不可以繼續在國內居留?
    Wàijí pèiǒude guórén pèiǒu rú bùxìng sǐwáng, gāi wàijí pèiǒu kě bùkěyǐ jìxù zài guónèi jūliú?
    Can foreign spouses of citizens continue to stay in the country, even in the tragic event of the death of the Taiwanese spouse?


  1. 外國人在國內居留期間,如果護照不小心遺失了,可以向內政部入出國及移民署(以下簡稱移民署)那個單位申辦遺失報案紀錄證明,以便向駐華機構申請新護照?
    Wàiguórén zài guónèi jūliú qījiān rúguǒ hùzhào bùxiǎoxīn yíshīle, kěyǐ xiàng nèizhèngbù rù chūguó jí yímín shǔ (yǐxià jiǎnchēng yímín shǔ) nàge dānwèi shēnbàn yíshī bàoàn jìlù zhèngmíng, yǐbiàn xiàng zhùhuá jīgòu shēnqǐng xīn hùzhào?
    During a foreigner’s residence in (The Republic of) China, if they accidentally lose their passport, at which office at the MOI’s immigration department (hereafter referred to as the immigration department) can they go in order to obtain a record of proof in order to reapply for a new passport at the relevant agency in China (ROC)?

Jūliú dì zhī yímín shǔ fúwù zhàn
An immigration office near your place of residence.
Zài jīchǎng zhī yímín shǔ guójìng shìwù duì.
The department of immigration at an airport or border control service.
Zài gǎngkǒu zhī yímín shǔ guójìng shìwù duì.
At a harbour/port immigration authority station.


歸化類 (Naturalization Section)
Guīhuà lèi

  1. 申請歸化國籍,須要具備哪些要件?
    Shēnqǐng guīhuà guójí xūyào jùbèi nǎxiē yàojiàn?
    Which criteria do you need to meet in order to apply for naturalization?

Héfǎ jūliú yīdìng qījiān; yǒu xíngwéi nénglì
A certain period of residency; capacity for civil acts
Pǐnxíng duānzhèng, wú fànzuì jìlù; xiāngdāngde cáilì
Good character, no criminal record; proof of financial resources/ability
Jīběn yǔyánnénglì jí guómín quánlì yìwù jīběn chángshí
Basic language skills and basic knowledge of rights and obligations of citizens

  1. 申請歸化國籍,除了有不可歸責當事人之事由外,須不須要喪失原屬國的國籍?
    Shēnqǐng guīhuà guójí, chúle yǒu bùkě guī zé dāngshìrén zhī shìyóu wài, xū bù xūyào sàngshī yuán shǔguóde guójí?
    When applying for naturalization, besides reasons not attributable to the parties involved, do applicants need to renounce their original nationality?

You need to.
Bù xūyào
You don’t need to.

  1. 申請歸化國籍者,其「基本語言能力及國民權利義務基本常識」認定方式為何?
    Shēnqǐng guīhuà guójí zhě, qí (jīběn yǔyánnénglì jí guómín quánlì yìwù jīběn chángshí) rèndìng fāngshì wèihé?
    How does the person applying for naturalization prove they fulfil the criteria for "basic language skills and basic knowledge of rights and obligations of citizens”?

Céng jiùdú guónèi gōng sīlì gèjí gèlèi xuéxiào 1 nián yǐshàng
Have attended various types of domestic public and private schools at all levels for 1 year or more
Céng cānjiā guónèi zhèngfǔjīguān suǒ kāishè zhī kèchéng shàngkè zǒng shí shǔ huò lěijì shí shǔ dá yīdìng shíjiān yǐshàng
Participated in courses offered by domestic government agencies with a total number of class hours more than a certain period of time
Cānjiā guīhuà qǔdé wǒguó guójí zhě jīběn yǔyánnénglì jí guómín quánlì yìwù jīběn chángshí cèshì
Participated in our country’s basic language abilities and basic knowledge of rights and obligations of naturalized ROC citizens test.

  1. 外國人應先向哪個機關提出歸化國籍的申請?
    Wàiguórén yīng xiān xiàng nǎge jīguān tíchū guīhuà guójíde shēnqǐng?
    Towrads which authority should foreigners first direct their application for naturalization?

Zhùsuǒ dìde hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
The local household registration office
Zhùsuǒ dìde jǐngchájú
Your local police station
Zhùsuǒ dìde qū gōng suǒ
Local district office

  1. 我國人的外籍配偶或外籍養子女,可不可以不經過歸化之申請程序,就自動取得我國國籍?
    Wǒguórénde wàijí pèiǒu huò wàijí yǎng zǐnǚ, kě bùkěyǐ bù jīngguò guīhuà zhī shēnqǐng chéngxù, jiù zìdòng qǔdé wǒguó guójí?
    Can the spouses of Taiwanese citizens or the dependant children of foreign nationals, who have not gone through the naturalization application procedure, automatically obtain Taiwanese citizenship?


  1. 一般的外籍人士在我國合法居留多久就可以申請歸化國籍?
    Yībānde wàijí rénshì zài wǒguó héfǎ jūliú duōjiǔ jiù kěyǐ shēnqǐng guīhuà guójí?
    In general, how long do foreigners need to legally reside in Taiwan before they can apply for naturalization?


  1. 我國人的外籍配偶、養子女,在我國合法居留多久就可以申請歸化國籍?
    Wǒguórénde wàijí pèiǒu, yǎng zǐnǚ, zài wǒguó héfǎ jūliú duōjiǔ jiù kěyǐ shēnqǐng guīhuà guójí?
    How long do foreign spouses of Taiwanese citizens, and dependent children, need to legally reside in Taiwan before they can apply for naturalization?

Bù xū jūliú yīdìng qījiān
No need to have residence for a fixed period of time.

  1. 申請歸化國籍人的未婚未成年子女,可不可以申請隨同歸化國籍?
    Shēnqǐng guīhuà guójí rénde wèihūn wèichéng nián zǐnǚ, kě bùkěyǐ shēnqǐng suítóng guīhuà guójí?
    Can the unmarried minor children of people applying for naturalization accompany their parent’s application for naturalization?


  1. 歸化國籍的申請,須經過哪個機關的許可後生效?
    Guīhuà guójíde shēnqǐng, xū jīngguò nǎge jīguānde xǔkě hòu shēngxiào?
    Applications for naturalization are subject to the authority (approval) of which organisation in the application process?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education
Ministry of the Interior

  1. 在歸化國籍後幾年內,如果發現申請歸化時不符合國籍法規定時,內政部就會撤銷歸化國籍之許可?
    Zài guīhuà guójí hòu jǐnián nèi, rúguǒ fāxiàn shēnqǐng guīhuà shí bùfúhé guójí fǎguī dìngshí, nèizhèngbù jiù huì chèxiāo guīhuà guójí zhī xǔkě?
    How many years after naturalized citizenship, if it is discovered that at the time of naturalization there were discrepancies with the provisions of Nationality Law, can the Ministry of the Interior repeal naturalized citizenship?

  2. 歸化國籍後,是不是仍須在國內居留滿一定的期間後,才可以向戶政事務所申請初設戶籍登記及申領國民身分證?
    Guīhuà guójí hòu, shìbùshì réng xū zài guónèi jūliú mǎn yīdìngde qījiān hòu, cái kěyǐ xiàng hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ shēnqǐng chūshè hùjí dēngjì jí shēnlǐng guómín shēnfènzhèng?
    After naturalization, is it still necessary to have residence in the country for a certain period of time, and only after that time can the naturalized citizen apply for a national ID card from the household registration office?


  1. 申請歸化我國國籍時,外僑居留證即將到期者,是否須要向內政部入出國及移民署辦理延期?
    Shēnqǐng guīhuà wǒguó guójí shí, wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng jíjiāng dàoqī zhě, shìfǒu xūyào xiàng nèizhèngbù rù chūguó jí yímín shǔ bànlǐ yánqī?
    At the time of application for naturalization, if your residence permit (ARC) is about to expire, is it necessary to go to the Ministry of Interior Immigration department to renew (extend) your residence permit?

Yes, you need to.
Bù xūyào
No, you don’t need to.

戶籍類 (Household Registration Section)
Hùjí lèi

  1. 國民年滿幾歲應請領國民身分證?
    Guómín nián mǎn jǐsuì yīng qǐng lǐng guómín shēnfènzhèng?
    How old do you need to be before you apply for a National ID card?


  1. 國民身分證是要向哪個機關申請?
    Guómín shēnfènzhèng shì yāo xiàng nǎge jīguān shēnqǐng?
    At which government agency do you apply for a National ID card?

District office
The police department
Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office

  1. 有結婚、離婚、遷出、遷入等情形時,是不是應申請換發國民身分證?
    Yǒu jiéhūn, líhūn, qiān chū, qiānrù děng qíngxing shí, shìbùshì yīng shēnqǐng huàn fā guómín shēnfènzhèng?
    In the event of marriage, divorce, moving out, moving into a new residence, is it necessary to apply for a change of information on your National ID card?


  1. 歸化國籍並經核准可以在我國定居時,誰可以向戶政事務所申請初次設戶籍登記?
    Guīhuà guójí bìng jīng hézhǔn kěyǐ zài wǒguó dìngjū shí, shéi kěyǐ xiàng hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ shēnqǐng chūcì shè hùjí dēngjì?
    Naturalization and citizenship can be approved for settlement in Taiwan, but who can apply at the household registration office for initial registration?

The person himself
Hù zhǎng
The head of the household


  1. 歸化國籍並拿到臺灣地區定居證後,多少天之內,要到戶政事務所辦理初次設戶籍登記?
    Guīhuà guójí bìng ná dào Táiwān dìqū dìngjū zhèng hòu, duōshǎo tiān zhīnèi, yāo dào hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ bànlǐ chūcì shè hùjí dēngjì?
    After applying for naturalization and obtaining a Taiwan area residence card, within how many days must you go to the household registration office to conduct initial household registration?

  2. 有死亡、結婚、判決離婚、認領、收養、監護、遷入、遷出等情形時,應該在多少天內向戶政事務所辦理登記?
    Yǒu sǐwáng, jiéhūn, pànjué líhūn, rènlǐng, shōuyǎng, jiānhù, qiānrù, qiān chū děng qíngxing shí, yīnggāi zài duōshǎo tiān nèi xiàng hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ bànlǐ dēngjì?
    In the event of a death, marriage, divorce, claiming paternity of an illegitimate child, adoption, entering guardianship of a child, moving address, a change in circumstances, within how many days should you register changes in circumstances at the household registration office?


  1. 外國人與我國人結婚辦理結婚登記時,是不是要取用中文姓氏,且符合我國國民使用姓氏的習慣?
    Wàiguórén yǔ wǒguórén jiéhūn bànlǐ jiéhūn dēngjì shí, shìbùshì yāo qǔ yòng Zhōngwén xìngshì, qiě fúhé wǒguó guómín shǐyòng xìngshìde xíguàn?
    When foreigners get married to Taiwanese and register their marriage in Taiwan, do they have to use a Chinese (family) name, and moreover us that family name in keeping with Taiwanese custom?


  1. 以下哪些人可以向戶政事務所申請閱覽戶籍登記資料或交付謄本?
    Yǐxià nǎxiē rén kěyǐ xiàng hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ shēnqǐng yuèlǎn hùjí dēngjì zīliào huò jiāofù téng běn?
    Which of the following persons may approach the household registration office to apply for registration information or to make a copy of the original household registration?

The person him/herself
Interested parties
Shòu wěituō rén
An agent (???someone acting for a client???)


  1. 夫妻雙方協議離婚,應由雙方親自向哪個機關辦妥離婚登記後,離婚才生效?
    Fūqī shuāngfāng xiéyì líhūn, yīng yóu shuāngfāng qīnzì xiàng nǎge jīguān bàn tuǒ líhūn dēngjì hòu, líhūn cái shēngxiào?
    In the event of a divorce by mutual consent, at which government body should both sides register the divorce before the divorce comes into effect?

Qū gōng suǒ
District Office
Police office
Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office


  1. 夫妻協議離婚時,未成年子女的權利義務行使負擔如何確定?
    Fūqī xiéyì líhūn shí, wèichéng nián zǐnǚde quánlì yìwù xíngshǐ fùdān rúhé quèdìng?
    When couples divorce, how do they determine who will exercise the rights and obligations over minor children?

Yóu fū yīfāng juédìng
The husband’s side will decide.
Yóu qī yīfāng juédìng
The wife’s side will decide.
Yóu fūqī shuāngfāng xiéyì yuēdìng
The decision is made by mutual consent.


  1. 收養他人或配偶之子女,是否應向法院聲請裁定認可才生效?
    Shōuyǎng tārén huò pèiǒu zhī zǐnǚ, shìfǒu yīng xiàng fǎyuàn shēng qǐng cáidìng rènkě cái shēngxiào?
    When adopting someone or a spouse’s children, should a court make a ruling of approval before it comes into effect?


  1. 申請戶籍謄本要向哪個機關申請?
    Shēnqǐng hùjí téng běn yāo xiàng nǎge jīguān shēnqǐng?
    At which government office can you apply for a copy of your household registration?

Qū gōng suǒ
District Office
Police office
Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office

  1. 子女出生後,應該在多少天內向戶政事務所辦理登記?
    Zǐnǚ chūshēng hòu, yīnggāi zài duōshǎo tiān nèi xiàng hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ bànlǐ dēngjì?
    After the birth of a child, within how many days do you need to register the name of the child?


  1. 辦理出生登記時,新生兒的姓氏如何決定?
    Bànlǐ chūshēng dēngjì shí, xīnshēngérde xìngshì rúhé juédìng?
    How is a newborn baby’s name decided at birth registration?

Cóng fù xìng
The surname comes from the father.
Cóng mǔ xìng
The surname comes from the mother.
Fùmǔ yǐ shūmiàn yuēdìng zǐnǚ cóng fù xìng huò mǔ xìng
The parents make a written agreement on whether the children’s surname comes from the mother or the father.


  1. 結婚或離婚是否應由雙方當事人共同親自到戶政事務所辦理結婚或離婚登記?
    Jiéhūn huò líhūn shìfǒu yīng yóu shuāngfāng dāngshìrén gòngtóng qīnzì dào hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ bànlǐ jiéhūn huò líhūn dēngjì?
    Regarding marriage or divorce, should the parties involved go to the household registration office together in person to register the marriage or divorce?


教育類 (Education Section)
Jiàoyù Lèi

  1. 國民義務教育的對象是幾歲到幾歲的國民?
    Guómín yìwùjiàoyù de duìxiàng shì jǐsuì dào jǐsuì de guómín?
    Compulsory national education is directed at Taiwanese nationals between which ages?


  1. 國民義務教育共有幾年?
    Guómín yìwùjiàoyù gòngyǒu jǐnián?
    Compulsory national education lasts for how many years altogether?


  1. 年滿幾歲的國民應就讀國民小學?
    Nián mǎn jǐsuì de guómín yīng jiùdú guómín xiǎoxué?
    At what age must nationals attend national elementary school?


  1. 你可以向哪個機關查詢登記合格的幼稚園?
    Nǐ kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguān cháxún dēngjì hégé de yòuzhìyuán?
    At which agency can you direct an inquiry to register a qualified kindergarten?

Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ jiàoyù jú
Municipalities, counties (cities) in the government Department of Education
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ mín zhèngjú
Municipalities, counties (cities) in the government Department Civil Affairs Bureau
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ láogōng jú
Municipalities, counties (cities) in the government Labour Office


  1. 學生就讀哪些學校可以申請就學貸款?
    Xuésheng jiùdú nǎxiē xuéxiào kěyǐ shēnqǐng jiù xué dàikuǎn?
    Students going to which schools can apply for study loans?

Gāozhōng zhí jí zhuānkē
High school level and specialized training schools
Dàxué jí yánjiūsuǒ
Universities and research institutes

  1. 對於未接受正規教育或失學的民眾,可以到哪些學校登記入學?
    Duìyú wèi jiēshòu zhèngguījiàoyù huò shīxué de mínzhòng, kěyǐ dào nǎxiē xuéxiào dēngjì rùxué?
    People that weren’t able to go to school or who had their education interrupted, at which schools can they register to enrol for education?

Guóxiǎo fùshè bǔxí xuéxiào (nián mǎn 12 suì yǐshàng)
Government elementary schools associated with a cram school (older than 12 years old)
Guózhōng fùshè bǔxí xuéxiào (nián mǎn 15 suì yǐshàng)
Government junior high schools associated with a cram school (older then 15 years old)

  1. 政府補助低收入戶、清寒或家庭突遭變故之學生「午餐費」,是在哪個求學階段?
    Zhèngfǔ bǔzhù dīshōurù hù, qīng hán huò jiātíng tū zāo biàngù zhī xuésheng (wǔcān fèi), shì zài nǎge qiúxué jiēduàn?
    At which school stages can students from government subsidized for low-income households, poor families or families that have met with unfortunate financial circumstances receive lunch?

Guómín xiǎoxué
National elementary schools
Guómín zhōngxué
National junior high schools

  1. 資賦優異的未足齡兒童,可不可以由父母或監護人提出提早入國民小學之申請?
    Zī fù yōuyì de wèi zú líng értóng, kě bùkěyǐ yóu fùmǔ huò jiānhùrén tíchū tízǎo rù guómín xiǎoxué zhī shēnqǐng?
    Can gifted children under school going age be allowed by parents or guardian to apply for enrolment at national elementary schools before the normal school going age?


  1. 發現學校合作社有販賣不符規定的東西時,可以向哪裡檢舉?
    Fāxiàn xuéxiào hézuòshè yǒu fànmài bùfú guīdìng de dōngxi, kěyǐ xiàng nǎlǐ jiǎnjǔ?
    Where can you report inconsistencies with regulations regarding the sale of school items by the school cooperative?

Zhíxiáshì, xiàn shìzhèngfǔ jiàoyù jú
Municipalities, counties and city government education offices
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn shìzhèngfǔ mín zhèngjú
Municipalities, counties and city government national political offices
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn shìzhèngfǔ huánbǎojú
Municipalities, counties and city government environmental protection offices

  1. 學齡兒童自國外返國就學,只要檢附經我國派駐當地辦事處認證之成績證明,即可到哪裡申請銜接就讀?
    Xuélíng értóng zì guówài fǎnguó jiù xué, zhǐyào jiǎn fù jīng wǒguó pài zhù dāngdì bànshìchù rènzhèng zhī chéngjì zhèngmíng, jíkě dào nǎlǐ shēnqǐng xiánjiē jiùdú?
    Where can school aged children returning from abroad to study in Taiwanese schools go to have their overseas school transcripts checked and authenticated so that they can enrol at local schools?

Hùjí suǒzàidì de hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
At a household registration office that holds their household registration
Hùjí suǒzàidì de jǐngchájú
At their local police station
Hùjí suǒzàidì de guómín zhōng xiǎoxué
At their local national elementary or junior high school

  1. 如果您不知道子女就讀國民中小學的學區,可以向哪裡查詢?
    Rúguǒ nín bùzhīdào zǐnǚ jiùdú guómín zhōng xiǎoxué de xuéqū, kěyǐ xiàng nǎlǐ cháxún?
    If you don’t know which national elementary or junior high school National School District your children should attend, where can you go to inquire?

Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ huánbǎojú
Municipalities, counties and city government environmental protection offices
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ shèhuì jú
Municipalities, counties and city government Bureau of Social Affairs
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ jiàoyù jú
Municipalities, counties and city government education offices

財稅金融類 (Financial and Taxation Section)
Cái shuì jīnróng lèi

  1. 納稅是不是國民應盡的義務?
    Nàshuì shìbùshì guómín yīng jìn de yìwù?
    Is paying taxes a National obligation?


  1. 你如果有個人工作的所得收入,應該要繳納什麼稅?
    Nǐ rúguǒ yǒu gèrén gōngzuò de suǒdé shōurù, yīnggāi yāo jiǎonà shénme shuì?
    If you have an income from work, what kind of tax should you pay?

Zōnghé suǒdéshuì
Income Tax
Dì jià shuì
Land Tax
Fángwū shuì
House Tax

  1. 申報年度綜合所得稅的期間是什麼時候?
    Shēnbào niándù zōnghé suǒdéshuì de qījiān shì shénme shíhou?
    During which period of time should you declare your annual income tax?


  1. 你可以利用以下哪個方式申報綜合所得稅?
    Nǐ kěyǐ lìyòng yǐxià nǎge fāngshì shēnbào zōnghé suǒdéshuì?
    Which of the following ways can you use to declare your income tax?

Xiàng hùjí dì de guó shuì jú suǒshǔ fēnjú, jī zhēng suǒ shēnbào
Make your declaration at a regional sub-bureau (where you live) of the national tax office
Yóujì shēnbào
Mail declaration
Wǎngzhàn shēnbào
Website declaration

  1. 為了避免商店逃、漏稅,在買東西之後,記得要向店家索取什麼?
    Wèile bìmiǎn shāngdiàn táo, lòushuì, zài mǎidōngxi zhīhòu, jìde yāo xiàng diànjiā suǒqǔ shénme?
    In order to prevent tax evasion by stores, after shopping and making a purchase, what do you need to remember to demand from the proprietor of a store?

Uniform receipt (invoice)
Gōngyì cǎi quàn
Public (welfare) lottery ticket
Hónglì jī diǎn juàn
Accumulated bonus points (from purchases on store cards or credit cards etc)

  1. 交給房東的房租,可以申報哪一種租稅的扣除額?
    Jiāogěi fángdōng de fángzū, kěyǐ shēnbào nǎ yīzhǒng zūshuì de kòuchú é?
    Regarding rent to a landlord, what kind of tax can be reported?

Zèng yǔ shuì
Gift Tax
Yúlè shuì
Entertainment Tax
Income Tax

  1. 你開店做生意賺的錢,每年結算申報時應該要繳納「營利事業所得稅」還是「印花稅」?
    Nǐ kāidiàn zuòshēngyì zhuàn de qián, měinián jiésuàn shēnbào shí yīnggāi yāo jiǎonà “yínglì shìyè suǒdéshuì” háishì “yìnhuāshuì”?
    You open a business for profit, every year when you should declare “business income tax” or “stamp duty”?

Yínglì shìyè suǒdéshuì
Business Income Tax
Stamp Duty

  1. 贈與給下列哪些人的財產,不論金額是多少,都可以免被課徵贈與稅?
    Zèng yǔ gěi xiàliè nǎxiē rén de cáichǎn, bùlùn jīné shì duōshao, dōu kěyǐ miǎn bèi kè zhēng zèng yǔ shuì?
    Which of the following people can you give a gift, regardless of the value, and remain exempt from gift tax?

Xiōngdì zǐmèi
Brothers and sisters

  1. 外國人持有哪些文件,就可以向全國各地的銀行開設存款帳戶?
    Wàiguórén chíyǒu nǎxiē wénjiàn, jiù kěyǐ xiàng quánguógèdì de yínháng kāishè cúnkuǎn zhànghù?
    Which documents do foreigners need so that they can open up a bank account in any part of the country?

Jūliúzhèng zhèng běn
An original residence card


兵役類 (Military Service Section)
Bīngyì lèi

  1. 歸化我國國籍的男子,是不是有服兵役(當兵)的義務?
    Guīhuà wǒguó guójí de nánzǐ, shìbùshì yǒu fú bīngyì (dāngbīng) de yìwù?
    Do naturalized male citizens have an obligation to do military service (serve in the army)?


  1. 我國的兵役制度是屬於哪一種制度?
    Wǒguó de bīngyì zhìdù shì shǔyú nǎ yīzhǒng zhìdù?
    Which kind of system is Taiwan’s military service institution?

Mù bīng zhì
A voluntary military service system
Zhēngbīng zhì
A conscription system
Yōng bīng zhì
A mercenary system

  1. 歸化我國國籍的役齡(19歲至36歲)男子,自初設戶籍登記之次日起,屆滿幾年就要服兵役?
    Guīhuà wǒguó guójí de yì líng (19 suì zhì 36 suì) nánzǐ, zì chūshè hùjí dēngjì zhī cìrì qǐ, jièmǎn jǐnián jiùyào fú bīngyì?
    Naturalized male citizens within the obligation age range for military service (19 to 36), become eligible for service from the first day after the initial registration of household registration. How many years is the fixed term of service?


  1. 我國女子有沒有服兵役的義務?
    Wǒguó nǚzǐ yǒu méiyǒu fú bīngyì de yìwù?
    Are Taiwanese women obligated to do military service?


  1. 歸化成為中華民國國民並設有戶籍後,可不可以報考軍校?
    Guīhuà chéngwéi Zhōnghuá Mínguó guómín bìng shè yǒu hùjí hòu, kě bùkěyǐ bàokǎo jūnxiào?
    Can you register to sit the examination to enter the Military Academy after completing naturalization to become an ROC national and arranging to have household registration?


社會福利類 (Social Welfare Section)
Shèhuì fúlì lèi

  1. 國民年金開辦後,必須是在國內設有戶籍,且最近3年內每年居住超過183日之年滿幾歲的國民,方可領取老年基本保證年金?
    Guómín niánjīn kāibàn hòu, bìxū shì zài guónèi shè yǒu hùjí, qiě zuìjìn, niánnèi měinián jūzhù chāoguò 183 rì zhī nián mǎn jǐsuì de guómín, fāng kě lǐngqǔ lǎonián jīběn bǎozhèng niánjīn?
    After national pension starts, you need to be in the country and have set up household registration; furthermore you have to have lived in the country for 183 days or more for the last three years and be at least how old (nationals) to draw basic guaranteed old age pension?


  1. 國民年金開辦後,符合老年基本保證年金之領取條件者,應向哪一個機關提出申請?
    Guómín niánjīn kāibàn hòu, fúhé lǎonián jīběn bǎozhèng niánjīn zhī lǐngqǔ tiáojiàn zhě, yīng xiàng nǎyīge jīguān tíchū shēnqǐng?
    After national pension starts, in keeping with old age pension guarantees and to ensure receiving conditions, at which office should you forward your application?

Hùjí suǒzàidì xiáqū de jǐngchájú
Police stations within your household registration office’s administrative region
Láogōng bǎoxiǎn jú (láogōng bǎoxiǎn jú zǒngjú huò gèdì de bànshìchù)
Labour Insureance Office (Labour Insurance Bureau or branches anywhere in the country)
Hùjí suǒzàidì de hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office where your household registration is held

  1. 如果家人不幸因為颱風、水災或土石流災害死亡,要向哪個機關申請災害救助?
    Rúguǒ jiārén bùxìng yīnwèi táifēng, shuǐzāi huò tǔ shí liú zāihài sǐwáng, yāo xiàng nǎge jīguān shēnqǐng zāihài jiùzhù?
    In the event of a family misfortune because of a typhoon, flood or landslide (natural disasters/death), at which office can you apply for disaster relief (aid)?

Hùjí suǒzàidì de wèishēng suǒ
Your household registration office’s local clinic
Hùjí suǒzàidì de hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office where your household registration is held
Hùjí suǒzàidì de xiāng (zhèn, shì, qū) gōngsuǒ
Rural household registration office (small town, city, region) township

  1. 低收入戶可以向哪個機關申請生活扶助?
    Dīshōurù hù kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguān shēnqǐng shēnghuó fúzhù?
    To which agency can low income households direct applications for (basic) living assistance?

Hùjí suǒzàidì de jǐngchájú
Police station in your household registration region
Hùjí suǒzàidì de hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office where your household registration is held
Hùjí suǒzàidì de xiāng (zhèn, shì, qū) gōngsuǒ
Rural household registration office (small town, city, region) township

  1. 低收入戶的認定,可以向哪個機關提出申請?
    Dīshōurù hù de rèndìng, kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguān tíchū shēnqǐng?
    Identified low income households can direct proposals to which agency?

Hùjí suǒzàidì de jǐngchájú
Police station in your household registration region
Hùjí suǒzàidì de hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office where your household registration is held
Hùjí suǒzàidì de xiāng (zhèn, shì, qū) gōngsuǒ
Rural household registration office (small town, city, region) township

  1. 如果生活發生緊急事故或意外事件,造成家庭經濟陷於困境時,可以向哪個機關提出急難救助申請?
    Rúguǒ shēnghuó fāshēng jǐnjí shìgù huò yìwài shìjiàn, zàochéng jiātíng jīngjì xiànyú kùnjìng shí, kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguān tíchū jínàn jiùzhù shēnqǐng?
    In the event of an emergency or accident, caused by financial difficulties at home, to which agency can you direct a proposal for an application for emergency aid?

The Police department
Xiāng (zhèn, shì, qū) gōngsuǒ
Local town, city, or district office
Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office

  1. 如果已參加勞工保險是否可以再參加農民健康保險?
    Rúguǒ yǐ cānjiā láogōng bǎoxiǎn shìfǒu kěyǐ zài cānjiā nóngmín jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn?
    If you’ve already participated in labour insurance, can you participate in farmer’s health insurance?


  1. 農保的投保單位是哪個單位?
    Nóngbǎo de tóu bǎo dānwèi shì nǎge dānwèi?
    To which deparment do farmers go to for farmer’s insurance?

Yú huì
Fish farmers' unit
Farmers’ unit (cooperative)
Xiāng (zhèn, shì, qū) gōngsuǒ
Local town, city, or district office

  1. 身心障礙參加社會保險(如:健保),政府是否有補助保費?
    Shēnxīnzhàngài cānjiā shèhuìbǎoxiǎn (rú: jiàn bǎo), zhèngfǔ shìfǒu yǒu bǔzhù bǎo fèi?
    Regarding physical and psychological barriers to participation in Social Security (Such as: Health Insurance), does the government have subsidized insurance premiums?


  1. 父母、政府及公私立機構、團體處理兒童及少年相關事務時,應以什麼為最優先考量?
    Fùmǔ, zhèngfǔ jí gōng sīlì jīgòu, tuántǐ chǔlǐ értóng jí shàonián xiāngguān shìwù shí, yīng yǐ shénme wèi zuì yōuxiān kǎoliáng?
    Parents, government, public or private organizations, groups dealing with matters relating to children and adolescents, should consider what as their main priority?

Értóng jí shàonián de zuìjiālìyì
The best interests of the children or adolescents
Fùmǔ de qíngxù
The parents’ sentiments
Qīng hán zhèngmíng
Proof of poverty (financial need)

  1. 出版品、電腦軟體、電腦網路應予分級,兒童及少年可以觀看的是哪一級?
    Chūbǎn pǐn, diànnǎo ruǎntǐ, diànnǎowǎnglù yīng yǔ fēnjí, értóng jí shàonián kěyǐ guānkàn de shì nǎ yījí?
    Publications, computer software and computer networks should give a rating; Which level may children and adolescents watch?

Xiànzhì jí
Pǔbiàn jí
General (family) rating
Chéngrén jí
Adult rating
Méiyǒu xiànzhì
No restriction

  1. 發展遲緩兒童應於幾歲以前做早期療育較能改善其發展?
    Fāzhǎn chíhuǎn értóng yīng yú jǐsuì yǐqián zuò zǎoqī liáo yù jiào néng gǎishàn qí fāzhǎn?
    Before what age should there be an intervention with a slow developing child to improve their development?


  1. 如何發現孩子有疑似發展緩慢,使其提早接受早期治療?
    Rúhé fāxiàn háizi yǒu yísì fāzhǎn huǎnmàn, shǐ qí tízǎo jiēshòu zǎoqī zhìliáo?
    How do you determine if a child is developing too slowly, in order to employ an early treatment?

Yīyuàn huò zhěnsuǒ zhī értóng yùfáng bǎojiàn fúwù jiǎnchá
Preventative health service inspections (check-ups) at a hospital of children’s clinic
Wèishēng suǒ, yòuzhìyuán, tuōérsuǒ, jí xuéxiào zhī jiànkāng jiǎnchá
Clinics, kindergarten and nursery school health checks
Cānjiā zhèngfǔ huò mínjiān fúlì jīgòu tuántǐ bànlǐ zhī shāijiǎn huódòng
Participation in screening activities provided by government welfare agencies or private organisations

  1. 發現兒童及少年受到虐待,可以打哪支電話幫助他們?
    Fāxiàn értóng jí shàonián shòudào nüèdài, kěyǐ dǎ nǎ zhī diànhuà bāngzhù tāmen?
    If you discover that a child or adolescent is suffering mistreatment, which telephone number can you call to give them assistance?


家庭暴力防治類 (Domestic Violence Prevention Section)
Jiātíngbàolì fángzhì lèi

  1. 有家庭暴力事件發生時,哪些單位可以協助您向法院聲請保護令?
    Yǒu jiātíngbàolì shìjiàn fāshēng shí, nǎxiē dānwèi kěyǐ xiézhù nín xiàng fǎyuàn shēng qǐng bǎohù lìng?
    In the event of an incident of domestic violence, which units can provide you with assistance to appeal to a court of law for a protection order?

Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ jiātíngbàolì jí xìngqīnhài fángzhì zhōngxīn
Municipalities, counties (city) government domestic violence and sexual assault prevention centers
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ jǐngchájú, pàichūsuǒ
Municipalities, counties (city) government police stations, local police stations

  1. 有家庭暴力事件發生時,可以向法院聲請什麼?
    Yǒu jiātíngbàolì shìjiàn fāshēng shí, kěyǐ xiàng fǎyuàn shēng qǐng shénme?
    In the event of an incident of domestic violence, what can you ask a court of law to issue?

Bǎohù lìng
A Protection Order
Sùsòng zhuàng
Accept a lawsuit

  1. 有家庭暴力事件發生時,可以向哪個機關聲請保護令?
    Yǒu jiātíngbàolì shìjiàn fāshēng shí, kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguān shēng qǐng bǎohù lìng?
    In the event of domestic violence, to which office can you direct a request for a protection order?

Wèishēng suǒ
Health office
Qū gōng suǒ
District Office
A court of law

  1. 如果你遭受到家庭暴力時,可以撥打哪些提供多國語言服務的專線電話?
    Rúguǒ nǐ zāoshòu dào jiātíngbàolì shí, kěyǐ bō dǎ nǎxiē tígōng duōguó yǔyán fúwù de zhuānxiàn diànhuà?
    If you are subjected to domestic violence, which telephone number can you call that provides a multi-language service?

(113) Fù yòu bǎohù zhuānxiàn
(113) Women and children’s protection hotline
(0800-088-885) Àihù wàijí pèiǒu zhuānxiàn
(0800-088-885) Foreign spouse protection hotline

地政類 (Land Section)
Dìzhèng lèi

  1. 要申請土地建物登記謄本或是地價謄本等證明,可以向哪一個機關申請?
    Yāo shēnqǐng tǔdì jiàn wù dēngjì téng běn huòshì dì jià téng běn děng zhèngmíng, kěyǐ xiàng nǎyīge jīguān shēnqǐng?
    If you want to apply for a copy of land and building registration or a copy of certificate of land value, to which office can you direct your application?

Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office
Dìzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Land office
Qū gōng suǒ
District Office

  1. 土地買賣簽約後,應在幾個月內到地政事務所辦理產權移轉登記,以免逾期受罰?
    Tǔdì mǎimài qiānyuē hòu, yīng zài jǐgeyuè nèi dào dì zhèng shìwùsuǒ bànlǐ chǎnquán yí zhuǎn dēngjì, yǐmiǎn yú qī shòu fá?
    After signing a land sale contract, within how many months should the land transfer be registered in your name at the Land Office, in order to avoid exceeding the period of time in which you can be penalized?


  1. 被繼承人死亡,繼承人應於被繼承人死亡之日起幾個月內到地政事務所辦理繼承登記,以免逾期受罰?
    Bèi jìchéngrén sǐwáng, jìchéngrén yīng yú bèi jìchéngrén sǐwáng zhī rì qǐ jǐgeyuè nèi dào dì zhèng shìwùsuǒ bànlǐ jìchéng dēngjì, yǐmiǎn yú qī shòu fá?
    In the event of a death (of an “ancestor”) within how many months should the heir (of property) handle the registration of property (transfer of property to the heir’s name) at the Land Administration Office in order to avoid a penalty?


全民健保及醫療類 (National Health Insurance and Medical Section)
Quánmín jiàn bǎo jí yīliáo lèi

  1. 外籍人士領有居留證明文件且無工作者,自在台居留滿多久起,應參加全民健康保險?
    Wàijí rénshì lǐng yǒu jūliú zhèngmíngwénjiàn qiě wú gōngzuòzhě, zìzai tái jūliú mǎn duōjiǔ qǐ, yīng cānjiā quánmín jiànkāngbǎǒxian?
    Foreign residents with proof of residence documents and non-workers (unemployed), should participate in National Health Insurance after they have freely resided in Taiwan for how long,?

(3)7個月起 答案:(1)4個月起

  1. 外籍人士無工作,又不符合以眷屬身分參加全民健康保險者,可以到哪裡加保?
    Wàijí rénshì wú gōngzuò, yòu bùfúhé yǐ juànshǔ shēnfèn cānjiā quánmín jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn zhě, kěyǐ dào nǎlǐ jiā bǎo?
    Unemployed foreign nationals, who are also unable to participate in National Health Insurance through a family member, where can they get (health) insurance?

Jūliú dì de xiāng, zhèn, shì, qū gōng suǒ
Rural residence, town, city, District Office
Jūliú dì de hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Place of residence’s household registration office
Jūliú dì de wèishēngsuǒ
Place of residence’s health office

  1. 國民符合參加全民健康保險的資格,是不是有義務參加全民健康保險?
    Guómín fúhé cānjiā quánmín jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn de zīgé, shìbùshì yǒu yìwù cānjiā quánmín jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn?
    In keeping with national qualifications for participation in National Health Insurance, are you obligated to participate in National Health Insurance?


  1. 如果你參加全民健康保險後,在國外緊急就醫,回國後,可不可以提出證明文件向健保局申請退還醫療費用?
    Rúguǒ nǐ cānjiā quánmín jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn hòu, zài guówài jǐnjí jiùyī, huíguó hòu, kě bùkěyǐ tíchū zhèngmíngwénjiàn xiàng jiàn bǎo jú sjēnqǐng tuìhuán yīliáo fèiyòng?
    If you participate in National Health Insurance, and if you have emergency medical treatment abroad, on return to Taiwan, can you put forward documentary proof to the Health Office to apply for a reimburesement for that medical treatment?


  1. 如果你是屬於健保重大傷病就醫時,提憑重大傷病證明卡是不是就醫免部分負擔費用?
    Rúguǒ nǐ shì shǔyú jiàn bǎo zhòngdà shāng bìng jiùyī shí, tí píng zhòngdà shāng bìng zhèngmíng kǎ shìbùshì jiùyī miǎn bùfèn fùdān fèiyòng?
    If you have health insurance for medical treatment for when you have a major injury or sickness, and you carry your insurance card as proof, can you receive medical treatment and be subsidised for part of the cost?


  1. 要詢問有關全民健康保險的問題,可以向哪個機關詢問?
    Yāo xúnwèn yǒuguān quánmín jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn de wèntí, kěyǐ xiàng nǎge xúnwèn?
    If you have any questions regarding National Health Insurance, to which office can you direct your inquiries?

Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office
Zhōngyāng jiànkāngbǎoxiǎn jú
Bureau of National Health Insurance
Shèhuì fúlì jīguān
Social Welfare Agency

  1. 到醫療院所看病的時候,是不是記得要帶健保卡?
    Dào yīliáo yuàn suǒ kànbìng deshíhòu, shìhùshì jìde yào dài jiàn bǎo kǎ?
    When you go see a doctor at a medical institution, must you remember to bring your health insurance card?


  1. 看小病的時候,可以到診所或衛生所;看重大疾病的時候,就要到大型醫院,對不對?
    Kàn xiǎo bìng deshíhòu, kěyǐ dào zhěnsuǒ huò wèishēng suǒ, kàn zhòngdà jíbìng deshíhòu, jiùyào dào dàxíng yīyuàn, duìbùduì?
    When you have a minor illness, you can go to a health clinic or a health institution; when you have a major illness, you will go to a large hospital, right?


  1. 下列哪個機關可以提供各種健康服務及諮詢?
    Xiàliè nǎge jīguān kěyǐ tígōng gèzhǒng jiànkāng fúwù jí zīxún?
    Which of the following establishments can supply you with various kinds of health srvices and consultations?

Hùzhèng shìwùsuǒ
Household registration office
Qū gōng suǒ
District Office
Wèishēng suǒ
Health institutions

  1. 什麼地方可以提供幼兒接受預防接種注射(打預防針)或身體檢查?
    Shénme dìfang kěyǐ tígōng yòuér jiēshòu yùfángjiēzhòng zhùshè (dǎ yùfáng zhēn) huò shēntǐ jiǎnchá?
    Which place provides children with prophylactic inoculation injections (vaccinations) or health examinations?

Lǐ lín zhǎng bànggōngshì
Village elder’s (Chief) office
Qū gōng suǒ
District Office
Quánguógèdì wèishēng suǒ huò yùfángjiēzhòng héyuē yīyuàn zhěnsuǒ
Health institutions or vaccination clinics (vaccination contract hospital clinics) throughout the country

  1. 預防腸病毒的最好方法是什麼?
    Yùfáng chángbìngdú de zuìhǎo fāngfǎ shì shénme?
    What is the best method to prevent enteroviruses?

Cháng xǐshǒu
Wash your hands often
Duō yùndòng
Exercise more
Shuìmián chōngzú
Get adequate sleep

  1. 未滿18歲的人可不可以去便利商店買菸酒?
    Wèi mǎn 18 suì de rén kě bùkěyǐ qù biànlìshāngdiàn mǎi yān jiǔ?
    Can people under the age of 18 go to convenience stores to buy cigarettes or alcohol?


就業類 (Employment Section)
Jiùyè lèi

  1. 取得外僑居留證的外籍配偶,如果想要工作,須不須要申請工作許可?
    Qǔdé wàiqiáo jūliúzhèng de wàijí pèiǒu, rúguǒ xiǎngyào gōngzuò, xū bù xūyào shēngqǐng gōngzuò xǔkě?
    To obtain a residence permit for spouses of foreign residents, if they want to work, do they need to apply for a work permit?


  1. 外籍配偶想要找工作,如果雇主因為他(她)沒有國民身分證就拒絕僱用,可以向哪些單位求助?
    Wàijí péiǒu xiǎngyào zhǎo gōngzuò, rúguǒ gùzhǔ yīnwèi tā (tā) méiyǒu guómín shēnfènzhèng jiù jùjué gùyòng, kěyǐ xiàng nǎxiē dānwèi qiúzhù?
    Foreign spouses who want to look for work, if an employer refuses to hire him (her) because he (her) doesn’t have a national ID Card, at which labour unit can they request help?

Gōnglì jiùyè fúwùzhōngxīn
Public Employment Service Center
Xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi
County (city) government labour bureau or unit in charge of social affairs or labour

  1. 外籍配偶可以利用哪些方式找工作?
    Wàijí pèiǒu kěyǐ lìyòng nǎxiē fāngshì zhǎo gōngzuò?
    Foreign spouses can take advantage of which ways to find work?

Xiàng gōnglì jiùyè fúwùzhōngxīn xúnwèn
Direct enquiries to the Public Employment Service center
Bō dǎ qiúzhí zhuānxiàn: 0800-777-888
Call the employment hotline: 0800-777-888

  1. 外籍配偶找工作有困難時,可以尋求哪些協助方式?
    Wàijí pèiǒu zhǎo gōngzuò yǒu kùnnan shí, kěyǐ xúnqiú nǎxiē xiézhù fāngxhì?
    If foreign spouses have difficulties finding work, who can they approach for assistance?

Gōnglì jiùyè fúwùzhōngxīn tígōng jiùyè zīxún
Public employment Service cnter to provide employment consultation
Gōnglì jiùyè fúwùzhōngxīn tígōng jiùyè cùjìn yánxí huódòng
Public Employment Service Center to promote research and study activities
Gè zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ de láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi tígōng jiùyè zīxún, cùjìn yánxí huógòng
The municipality, county (city) Government's labor bureau or unit in charge of social affairs and labor to provide employment advice and the promotion of learning activities

  1. 雇主僱用外籍人士時,可以收取保證金或扣留證件嗎?
    Gùzhǔ gùyòng wàijí rénshì shí, kěyǐ shōu qǔ bǎozhèngjīn huò kòuliú zhèngjiàn ma?
    When employers employ foreign nationals, may they (employers) retain a cash deposit or hold paperwork (like a passport etc) of the employee?


  1. 雇主僱用外籍人士時,雇主是否應該要為受僱的外籍人士投保勞保及健保?
    Gùzhǔ gùyòng wàijí rénshì shí, gùzhǔ shìfǒu yīnggāi yāo wéi shòugù de wàijí rénshì tóu bǎo láo bǎo jí jiàn bǎo?
    When employers employ foreign nationals, should the employer provide labour and health insurance coverage for the foreign national employee?


  1. 勞工就業遭受求職防騙的申訴管道為何?
    Láogōng jiùyè zāoshòu qiúzhí fáng piàn de shēnsù guǎndào wèihé?
    When workers are seeking employement, in order to guard against being cheated, which lines of appeal can the follow?

Xiàng xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ láogōng jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi shēnsù
To the county (city) government in charge of the Labor Bureau and other units of the labor appeals unit
Xiàng xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi shēnsù
To the county (city) government unit in charge of social affairs and labor complaints

  1. 為增加就業技能,勞工可以到哪些單位參加職業訓練?
    Wéi zēngjiā jiùyè jìnéng, láogōng kěyǐ dào nǎxiē dānwèi cānjiā zhíyè xùnliàn?
    To increase employment skills, where can workers go to participate in vocational training?

Zhíyè xùnliàn zhōngxīn
Vocational Training center
Xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi
County (city) government labor bureau or unit in charge of social affairs and labor

  1. 勞工及雇主間所訂立之口頭或書面勞動契約有變更的時候,需要得到誰的同意?
    Láogōng jí gùzhǔ jiān suǒ dìnglì zhī kǒutóu huò shūmiàn láògōng qìyuē yǒu biàngēng deshíhòu, xūyào dédào shéi de tóngyì?
    Workers and employers, who entered into an oral or written employment contract that has been changed, need to get whose approval for the changes?

Láogōng yīfāng
The worker
Gùzhǔ yīfāng
The employer
Láogù shuāngfāng
The employer and employee

  1. 若勞工與雇主有所爭議時,可向哪一個機關申請協助調解?
    Ruò láǒgōngyu gùzhǔ yǒusuǒ zhēngyì shí, kě xiàng nǎyīge jīguān shēnqǐng xiézhù tiáojiě?
    If there is a labour dispute between employer and employee, to which organization can the apply to for mediation?

Police Department
Gōngzuò dì de láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi
Workplace labour bureau or the department of social affairs and labour

  1. 勞工自民國94年7月1日以後進入適用勞動基準法之職場工作,雇主必須為勞工提繳每月工資至少百分之幾以上的退休金?
    Láogōng zì Mínguó 94 nián 7 yuè 1 rì yǐhòu jìnrù shìyòng láodòng jīzhǔn fǎ zhī zhíchǎng gōngzuò, gùzhǔ bìxū wèi láogōng tí jiǎo měiyuè gōngzī zhìshǎo bǎifēnzhī jǐ yǐshàng de tuìxiūjīn?
    Regarding worker’s who entered the workplace since July 1, 2005, after the application of the Labour Standards Law, employers need to contribute at least what percentage of a worker’s salary towards his pension?


  1. 目前在國內適用勞動基準法勞工的基本工資,每月是新臺幣多少元?
    Mùqián zài guónèi shìyòng láodòng jīzhǔn fǎ láogōng de jīběn gōngzī, měiyuè shì xīn tái bù duōshao yuán?
    At present, according to the domestic application of the Labor Standards Law, what is the minimum (basic) monthly salary?


  1. 老闆對於求職的人或是員工有就業歧視的情形,可以去哪裡申訴?
    Lǎǒban duìyú qiúzhí de rén huòshì yuángōng yǒu jiùyè qíshì de qíngxing, kěyǐ qù nǎlǐ shēnsù?
    Business owners (bosses) regarding job seekers and employees being discriminated against in the workplace, where can they go to make a complaint?

Shìyè dānwèi (Rú: gōngsī, gōngchǎng děng) suǒzàidì de láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi
Institutions (such as: companies, factories, etc.) under the jurisdiction of the Labor Bureau or the unit in charge of social affairs and labor
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ mín zhèng yèwù zhǔguǎnjīguān
Municipality, county (city) competent authority for businesses
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ jiāotōng yèwù zhǔguǎnjīguān
Municipality, county (city) competent authority for the Government's transport services

  1. 如果你想要找工作或接受職業訓練,可以向哪個機關詢問相關資訊?
    Rúguǒ nǐ xiǎngyào zhǎo gōngzuò huò jiēshòu zhíyè xùnliàn, kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguān xúnwèn xiāngguān zīxùn?
    If you want to look for work or receive occupational training, at which office can you enquire for relevant information?

Xíngzhèngyuàn wèishēngshǔ huò gè zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ de wèishēng jú
Department of Health or the municipality, county (city) Government Health Bureau
Xíngzhèngyuàn huánjìngbǎohù shǔ huò gè zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ de huánbǎojú
Environmental Protection Agency or the municipality, county (city) government's Environmental Protection Agency
Xíngzhèngyuàn láogōng wěiyuánhuì huò gè zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ de láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi
Council of Labor Affairs or the municipality, county (city) Government's labor bureau or unit in charge of social affairs and labor

  1. 哪個機關可以免費提供國民求職登記服務、就業諮詢服務?
    Nǎge jīguān kěyǐ miǎnfèi tígōng guómín qiúzhí dēngjì fúwù, jiùyè zīxún fúwù?
    Which organization can provide free national job search registration services, and employment consultation services?

Xíngzhèngyuàn láogōng wěiyuánhuì
Council of Labour Affairs
Gè zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ de láogōng jú huò shèhuì jú děng láogōng zhǔguǎn dānwèi
All municipality, county (city) Government's labor bureau or unit in charge of social affairs and labor

交通安全類 (Transport Safety Section)
Jiāotōng ānquán lèi

  1. 機車的前座駕駛人或後座被載的乘客,如果都沒有或其中一個人沒有戴上安全帽的話,駕駛人會被處罰多少元?
    Jīchē de qián zuò jiàshǐrén huò hòu zuò bèi zài de chéngkè, rúguǒ dōu méiyǒu huò qízhōng yīgěrén méiyǒu dàishang ānquánmào dehuà, jiàshǐrén huì bèi chǔfá duōshǎo yuán?
    How much can the driver of a motorcycle (scooter) be fined for, if the passenger on the back seat or the driver on the front seat, or both passenger and driver aren’t wearing a safety helmet?



  1. 外國人經許可在國內停留或居留多少年以上,就可以報考駕駛執照?
    Wàiguórén jīng xǔkě zài guónèi tíngliú huò jūliú duōshao nián yǐshàng, jiù kěyǐ bàokǎo jiàshǐzhízhào?
    Foreigners should have temporary or permanent residence in Taiwan for at least how many years (residence needs to be valid for at least how many years), can apply (write the examination) for a driver’s license?


  1. 考領小型汽車及普通機車的普通駕駛執照,須年滿幾歲?
    Kǎo lǐng xiǎoxíngqìchē jí pǔtōng jīchē de pǔtōng jiàshǐzhízhào, xū nián mǎn jǐsuì?
    How old do you need to be to take the ordinary driver’s license test for small cars (ordinary sedans etc) and motorcycles?


  1. 託人代考駕照者,報考人除了會被取消考試資格外,幾年內不能再行報考駕照?
    Tuō rén dàikǎo jiàzhào zhě, bàokǎo rén chúle huì bèiqǔxiāo kǎoshì zīgé wài, jǐnián nèi bùnéng zài xíng bàokǎo jiàzhào?
    If someone tries to get someone else to take the driving test for them, apart from having the test annulled, for how many years is the person not allowed to re-take the test?


  1. 小型車行駛高速公路,駕駛或前座乘客未繫安全帶,會不會受到處罰?
    Xiǎoxíng xíngshǐ gāosùgōnglù, jiàshǐ huò qián zuò chéngkè wèi jì ānquándài, huìbùhuì shòudào chǔfá?
    When driving a car on the highway, if the driver or the front passenger hasn’t fastened their seatbelt, can you get a fine?


  1. 慢速車及大型車行駛高速公路時,應該行駛在哪個車道?
    Màn sù chē jí dàxíng chē xíngshǐ gāosùgōnglù shí, yīnggāi xíngshǐ zài nǎge chēdào?
    Slow vehicles and trucks travelling on the highway should travel in which lane?

Nèicè chēdào
The inside lane
Wàicè chēdào
Outisde lane

  1. 可不可以利用路肩超車?
    Kě bùkěyǐ lìyòng lù jiān chāochē?
    Can the use of shoulder to overtake another vehicle?


  1. 交通號誌燈顯示紅燈時,可不可以因為沒有來車,就闖越紅燈自行通過馬路?
    Jiāotōng hào zhì dēng xiǎnshì hóngdēng shí, kě bùkěyǐ yīnwèi méiyǒu lái chē, jiù chuǎng yuè hóngdēng zìxíng tōngguò mǎlù?
    When a traffic light is red, can you charge over the red light if no other vehicles have approached the traffic light?


環境保護類 (Environmental Protection Section)
Huánjìngbǎohù lèi

  1. 機車出廠滿3年,每年應實施幾次排氣定期檢驗?
    Jīchē chūchǎng mǎn 3 nián, měinián yīng shíshī jǐcì páiqì dìngqī jiǎnyàn?
    Three years after a vehicle has left the factory, how many exhaust inspections should be carried out every year?


  1. 新出廠機車滿幾年內,可以免接受排氣定期檢驗?
    Xīn chūchǎng jīchē mǎn jǐnián nèi, kěyǐ miǎn jiēshòu páiqì dìngqī jiǎnyàn?
    For how many years after a new car has left the factory can it be exempt from receiving regular exhaust inspections?


  1. 家中的廢棄物應該先分為哪幾類後,才能交由清潔隊清除?
    Jiāzhōng de fèiqì wù yīnggāi xiān fēnwéi něi jǐ lèi hòu, cáinéng jiāo yóu qīngjié duì qīngchú?
    Household waste (garbage) should be divided into which categories, before it can be removed by garbage disposal teams?

Zīyuán lèi
Natural resources category
Chú yú lèi
Kitchen waste category
Lājī lèi
Garbage category

  1. 清除室外的積水容器,可以防治傳染何種疾病?
    Qīngchú shìwài de jī shuǐ róngqì, kěyǐ fángzhì chuánrǎn hé zhǒng jíbìng?
    By removing stagnant water in outdoor containers, what kind of infectious disease can you control?

Dengue fever

  1. 發現有人或工廠排放廢水、製造噪音時,可以向什麼機關陳情或檢舉?
    Fāxiàn yǒurén huò gōngchǎng páifàng fèishuǐ, zhìzào zàoyīn shí, kěyǐ xinàg shénme jīguān chénqíng huò jiǎnjǔ?
    If you discover someone or a factory discharging waste water, or making noises, to which institution can you direct a report or give an account of the infraction?

Wèishēng suǒ
A health clinic
Huánjìngbǎohù jú
Environmental Protection office

  1. 容器或物品標有下列何種標誌,代表可回收再利用,丟棄時應分類在「資源」類?
    Róngqì huò wùpǐn biāo yǒu xiàliè hé zhǒng biāòzhi, dàibiǎo kěhuíshōu zàilìyòng, diūqì shí yīng fēnlèi zài (zīyuán) lèi?
    Containers or items marked with which of the following signs signifies them as recyclable or reusable and should be classified in the "resources" category?


災害防治類 (Disaster Prevention Section)
Zāihài fángzhì lèi

  1. 颱風期間可不可以進入山區、海邊…等危險警戒管制區域?
    Táifēng qījiān kě bùkěyǐ jìnrù shānqū, hǎibiān... děng wēixiǎn jǐngjiè guǎnzhì qūyù?
    During a typhoon can you go into mountain areas or the seaside…wanring and control and other danger areas?


  1. 發現沒有貼合格標識或逾期未檢驗的瓦斯桶,應該撥打哪支電話號碼向消防局檢舉?
    Fāxiàn méiyǒu tiē hégé biāòzhi huò yú qī wèi jiǎnyàn de wǎsī tǒng, yīnggāi bō dǎ nǎ zhī diànhuàhàǒma xiàng xiāófángju jiǎnjǔ?
    If you find a gas barrel without a qualifications standard sticker or that has exceeded it’s inspection date, which number should you call to report it to the Fire Department?


  1. 房間中發生火災且濃煙瀰漫往上竄升時,可利用哪個空間吸取殘存的空氣,以利逃生?
    Fángjiān zhōng fāshēng huǒzāi qiě nóngyān mímàn wǎng shàng cuàn shēng shí, kě lìyòng nǎge kōngjiān xīqǔ cáncún de kōngqì, yǐ lì táo shēng?
    If a fire occurs and a room fills up with smoke rising up to escape, which space can you exploit to survive the fouled air and use to your advantage to escape?

Tiējìn dìmiàn chù
Remain close to the ground
Kàojìn tiānhuābǎn
Remain close to the ceiling

  1. 如果你發現有影響治安的事情發生,或是遇到急難需要警察協助的時候,應該撥打哪支電話號碼向警察機關報案?
    Rúguǒ nǐ fāxiàn yǒuyǐngxiǎng zhìān de shìqíng fāshēng, huòshì yùdào jínàn xūyào jǐngchá xiézhù deshíhòu, yīnggāi bō dǎ nǎ zhī diànhuàhàomǎ xiàng jǐngchá jīguān bàoàn?
    If you discover the law being broken, or you find yourself in a predicament where you need police assistance, which number should you dial to report the situation to the police?


  1. 如果你遇到災害或意外、路倒病患無法行動、孕婦待產等急待救護的情形時,可以撥打哪一支電話號碼求救?
    Rúguǒ nǐ yùdào zāihài huò yìwài, lù dào bìnghuàn wúfǎ xíngdòng, yùnfù dài chǎn děng jí dài jiùhù de qíngxing shí, kěyǐ bō dǎ nǎ yī zhī diànhuàhàomǎ qiújiù?
    If you encounter a disaster or an accident on the road and are unable to move or assist injured patients or pregnant women who may be in labor or require other urgent aid, which phone number can you dial for help?


  1. 以下哪一項是臺灣常見的天然災害?
    Yǐxià nǎ yīxiàng shì Táiwān chángjiàn de tiānrán zāihài?
    Which of the following are common natural disasters in Taiwan?


  1. 如果你遭遇緊急危難(如地震、颱風、山難、海難)需要救援,欲撥打行動電話求救卻發現收不到訊號,請問可試撥打下列哪支電話求救?
    Rúguǒ nǐ zāoyù jǐnjí wēinàn (rú dìzhèn, táifēng, shānnàn, hǎinàn) xūyào jiùyuán, yù bōdǎ xíngdòngdiànhuà qiújiù què fāxiàn shōu bùdào xùnhào, qǐngwèn kě shì bōdǎ xiàliè nǎ zhī diànhuà qiújiù?
    If you find yourself in an emergency situation (such as earthquakes, typhoons, in the mountains, or at sea) and need rescue oe assistance, and you want to call for help only to find your mobile phone has no signal, which of the following numbers can you call for help?


消費者保護類 (Consumer Protection Section)
Xiāofèizhě bǎohù lèi

  1. 直接保護消費者權益最重要的基本法規是什麼法?
    Zhíjiē bǎohù xiāofèizhě quányì zuìzhòngyào de jīběn fǎguī shì shénme fǎ?
    Which law protects the basic rights and interests of consumers?

Xiāofèizhě bǎohù fǎ
Consumer Protection Act
Gōngpíngjiāoyì fǎ
The Fair Trade Act
Shāngpǐn biāoshì fǎ
The Product Labeling Act

  1. 以郵購(例如電視購物頻道)或訪問買賣(例如馬路推銷員)的方式購買的商品,可以在收到商品後的幾天內退回,不需要說明理由及負擔任何費用?
    Yǐ yóugòu (lìrú diànshì gòuwù píndào) huò fǎngwèn mǎimài (lìrú mǎlù tuīxiāoyuán) de fāngshì gòumǎi de shāngpǐn, kěyǐ zài shōudào shāngpǐn hòu de jǐtiān nèi tuì huí, bùxūyào shuōmíng lǐyóu jí fùdān rènhé fèiyòng?
    If you purchase goods through mail order (such as the TV shopping channel) or direct sales (such as a street vendor or salesperson), within how many days of the sale can you return the goods without an explanation, additional burden or financial cost to yourself?


  1. 當你因為商品或服務不好,而與商家發生爭議時,可以向哪裡申訴?
    Dàng nǐ yīnwèi shāngpǐn huò fúwù bùhǎo, ér yù shāngjiā fāshēng zhēngyì shí, kěyǐ xiàng nǎlǐ shēnsù?
    When you have suffered a loss (are unhappy with goods or services) because of goods or a service, and have a dispute with a merchant (business), who (where) can you appeal to?

Yè zhě
The business person
Xiāofèizhě bǎohù tuántǐ
Consumer Protection Groups
Xiāofèizhě fúwùzhōngxīn huò qí fēn zhōngxīn
Customer service centers or it’s sub-centers

  1. 商店業者對於消費者的申訴,應該在申訴之日起多少天內處理?
    Shāngdiàn yè zhě duìyú xiāofèizhě de shēnsù, yīnggāi zài shēnsù zhī rì qǐ duōshao tiān nèi chǔlǐ?
    A store dealing with consumer complaints should process a complaint within how many days?


  1. 消費者因為商家的商品或服務不好,而向業者、消費者保護團體或消費者服務中心等單位提出申訴後,如果都沒有獲得處理時,可以再向哪裡申訴?
    Xiāofèizhě yīnwèi shāngjiā de shāngpǐn huò fúwù bùhǎo, ér xiàng yè zhě, xiāofèizhě bǎohù tuántǐ huò xiāofèizhě fúwùzhōngxīn děng dānwèi tíchū shēnsù hòu, rúguǒ dōu méiyǒu huòdé chǔlǐ shí, kěyǐ zài xiàng nǎlǐ shēnsù?
    If a consumer is unhappy with goods or services provided, and has directed a complaint (appeal) to the business owner, consumer protection groups or consumer complaint service centers and other units, but has not had their complaint dealt with can then direct a complaint to which organisation?

Police station
Zhíxiáshì, xiàn (shì) zhèngfǔ xiāofèizhě bǎohù guān
Municipality, county (city) government consumer protection office

  1. 消費者保護專線電話是幾號?
    Xiāofèizhě bǎòhu zhuānxiàn diànhuà shì jǐ hào?
    What is the number for the consumer protection hotline?


自然環境及原住民類 (Natural Environment and Indigenous People Section)
Zìrán huánjìng jí yuánzhùmín lèi

  1. 台灣最長的山脈是什麼山脈?
    Táiwān zuìcháng de shānmài shì shénme shānmài?
    What is Taiwan's longest mountain range?

Xuě Shān shānmài
Zhōngyāng shānmài
Yùshān shānmài

  1. 台灣最高的山峰是什麼山?(也是東北亞第一高峰)
    Táiwān zuìgāo de shānfēng shì shénme shan? (Yě shì dōngběi yà dìyī gāōfeng)
    What is Taiwan's highest mountain? (Also the highest peak in Northeast Asia)

Ālǐ shān
Ali Mountain
Tàipíng shān
Taiping Mountain (Victoria Peak)
Yù shān

  1. 台灣最長的河流是什麼溪?
    Táiwān zuìcháng de héliú shì shénme xī?
    What is Taiwan’s longest river?

Dàjiǎ Xī
Dajia River
Zhuó Shuǐ Xī
Zhuo Shui River
Gāo Píng Xī
Gao Ping River

  1. 臺灣位處世界的哪一洲?
    Táiwān wèi chǔ shìjiè de nǎ yī zhōu?
    In which of the world’s continents is Taiwan located?

The Americas

  1. 最早生活在台灣這片土地上的人是什麼人?
    Zuìzǎo shēnghuó zài Táiwān zhè piàn tǔdì shàng de rén shì shénme rén?
    Who were the earliest inhabitants of Taiwan?

The Spanish
Taiwanese Aboriginals
The Japanese

  1. 目前人數最多的原住民族是哪一族?
    Mùqián rénshù zuìduō de yuánzhùmínzú shì něi yī zú?
    At present, which is the largest Aboriginal tribe?

The Amis Tribe
The Atayal Tribe
The Tsou Tribe

  1. 全國原住民族事務主管機關為何?
    Quánguó yuánzhùmínzú shìwù zhǔguǎnjīguān wèihé?
    Who is the national controlling authority for Aboriginal affairs?

Xíngzhèngyuàn yuánzhùmínzú wěiyuánhuì
Commission on Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan
Xíngzhèngyuàn kèjiā wěi huì
Commission on Hakka, Executive Yuan
Táiběishì zhèngfǔ yuánzhùmín shìwù wěiyuánhuì
Taipei City Government Committee on Aboriginal Affairs

  1. 如果多了解臺灣原住民族之歷史、文化及現況,可以收看第16頻道之哪一個電視台?
    Rúguǒ duō liǎojiě Táiwān yuánzgùmínzú zhī lìshǐ, wénhuà jí xiànkuàng, kěyǐ shōukàn dì 16 píndào zhī nǎyīge diànshì tái?
    Which TV channel can you watch if you want to know more about the history of Taiwanese Aboriginals, their culture and current situation?

Kèjiā diànshì tái
Hakka TV
Yuánzhùmínzú diànshì tái
Aboriginal TV
Gōngòng diànshì tái
Public TV

民俗節慶類 (National Holiday Section/Folk Festival Section)
Mínsú jiéqìng lèi

  1. 吃粽子、划龍舟是哪個節日的習俗?
    Chī zòngzi, huá lóngzhōu shì nǎge jiérì de xísú?
    Eating rice dumplings and rowing Dragon Boats are traditions of which festival?

Dragon Boat Festival
Zhōngyuán jié
Ghost Festival
Yuánxiāo jié
Lantern festival

  1. 到祖先墓園掃墓是哪個節日的習俗?
    Dào zǔxiān mùyuán sǎòma shì nǎge jiérì de xísú?
    Which festival has the custom of going to ancestral graves to sweep (clean) them?

Dragon Boat Festival
Qīngmíng jié
Tomb Sweeping Day
Yuánxiāo jié
Lantern festival

  1. 吃月餅、吃柚子是哪個節日的習俗?
    Chī yuèbǐng, chī yòuzi shì nǎge jiérì de xísú?
    Eating Moon Cakes and pomelo fruit are customs of which festival?

Dragon Boat Festival
Qīngmíng jié
Tomb Sweeping Day
Zhōngqiū jié
Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)

  1. 貼春聯、吃團圓飯、發壓歲錢是哪個節日的習俗?
    Tiē chūnlián, chī tuányuán fàn, fā yāsuìqián shì nǎge jiérì de xísú?
    Tying Spring Festival couplets (New Year scrolls), having a family reunion dinner and handing out money to children are customs of which festival?

Dragon Boat Festival
Qīngmíng jié
Tomb Sweeping Day
Nónglì chūnjíe
Lunar New Year Festival

  1. 迎花燈、猜燈謎、吃湯圓是哪個節日的習俗?
    Yíng huādēng, cāi dēng mí, chī tāngyuán shì nǎge jiérì de xísú?
    Hanging welcome lanterns, playing lantern riddles and eating dumpling soup are traditions of which festival?

Dragon Boat Festival
Qīngmíng jié
Tomb Sweeping Day
Yuánxiāo jié
Lantern festival

  1. 國慶日是幾月幾日?
    Guóqìngrì shì jǐ yuè jǐ rì?
    On which date is National Day?

  2. 勞動節是幾月幾日?
    Ládòngjié shì jǐ yuè jǐ rì?
    On which date is Labour Day?


  1. 教師節是幾月幾日?
    Jiàoshījié shì jǐ yuè jǐ rì?
    On which date is Teacher’s day?


  1. 婦女節是幾月幾日?
    Fùnǚjié shì jǐ yuè jǐ rì?
    On which date is Women’s Day?


  1. 兒童節是幾月幾日?
    Értóngjié shì jǐ yuè jǐ rì?
    On which date is Children’s day?


日常生活類 (Daily Life Section)
Rìcháng shēnghuó lèi

  1. 在台灣所使用的貨幣叫什麼?
    Zài Táiwān suǒ shǐyòng de huòbì jiào shénme?
    What is Taiwan’s currency called?

US Dollar
Japanese Yen
Xīn tái bì
New Taiwan Dollar (NT Dollar)

  1. 防詐騙的電話是幾號?
    Fáng zhàpiàn de diànhuà shì jǐ hào?
    What is the number for the anti-fraud hotline?


  1. 在國家公園內採折花木,或是在樹林、岩石及標示牌上刻文字或圖形,會不會被罰錢?
    Zài guójiāgōngyuán nèi cǎi zhé huāmù, huòshì zài shùlín, yánshí jí biāòshi pái shàng kè wénzì huò túxíng, huìbùhuì bèi fá qián?
    Can you be fined if you pick flowers of break trees in a national park, carve characters or drawings on rocks and signposts in the woods?

Huì, fá xīn tái bì 1000 yuán yǐxià fáhuán
Yes, you can be fined up to NT$1000.

  1. 住戶間有糾紛難以解決的時候,可請求哪個單位幫忙調解?
    Zhùhù jiān yǒu jiūfēn nányǐ jiějué deshíhòu, kě qǐngqiú nǎge dānwèi bāngmáng tiáojiě?
    During a dispute between residents that is difficult to solve, who can you request to help mediate the dispute?

Xiāngzhèn shìqū hù zhèng shìwùsuǒ
Township Urban Household Registration Office
Xiāngzhèn shìqū wèishēng suǒ
Urban township health centers
Xiāngzhèn shìqū tiáojiě wěiyuánhuì
Urban township Mediation Committee

  1. 年齡未滿幾歲的人,不可以進入電玩店?
    Niánlíng wèi mǎn jǐsuì de rén, bùkěyǐjìnrù diàn wán diàn?
    A person under what age may not enter a computer game store?

Méiyǒu xiànzhì
No restriction

  1. 家中的家屬如果失蹤,可以向哪個機關報案請求協尋?
    Jiāzhōng de jiāshǔ rúguǒ shīzōng, kěyǐ xiàng nǎge jīguānbào àn qǐngqiú xié xún?
    If a family member of yours disappears, at which organisation can you direct a request to help search for the person?

Hù zhèng jīguān
The household registration office
Wèishēng jīguān
A health office
Jǐngchá jīguān
The police department

Family naturalization questions
Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.

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That's what all my inlaws told me when my wife ratted me out to them regarding my cracking guide. But, they were very proud of me. They said that to pass the naturalization test this way showed that I am already truly a Taiwanese. :laughing:


:bravo: Thank you Northcoast Surfer! A great piece of work and I will most certainly give it a try. :bravo: Could we please see this as a sticky?


When I was working at one of those "learn English" magazines, the editor gave me hell for even using any multiple-choice questions with 'all of the above' as a possible answer. He pointed out that 'all of the above' is always the right answer, so therefore useless. I then wrote some questions where 'all of the above' was the wrong answer, but he axed those too.

My question: If the poorly-paid pseudo-writers at some scorned publication in Taiwan know enough to write multiple-choice questions that are not predictable, why doesn't the government?


I got 100%, also. I translated and wrote a pinyin guide for all 200 questions. I suck!
You analyzed and wrote a "how to pass a multiple choice exam the easy way guide". A la Taiwan style buxiban, aka no knowledge or learning, just test cracking! You, sir, have truly embraced the true nature of the test and naturalized. You should be mayor of Keelung. Bravo! :bravo: :notworthy: :bow:

Had I had this before the test I would have saved myself countless hours and months of translating and studying. :wall: :fume:

Honestly, you have learned and embraced the local culture like no other, before or since. You, sir, are legend! :bow:

I second the motion, make this a sticky! :thumbsup:

Edit: btw, can't we somehow add my complete pinyin + English translation from the Learning Chinese forum to this thread?


NS, fantastic work. Thank you.:thumbsup:


Ask, and you shall receive. I was able to successfully add your transcription of the study guide with the English translation and the pinyin to my initial posting. I thought it would be too long and might not work, but there it is. Enjoy everyone!


I didn't think about that! It's way too long. How about a link to that thread? (Although, to be honest, with your notes I don't think it's even necessary anymore. :thumbsup: )


Gentlemen, I'd like to personally thank both of you, and Ironlady and Sjcma, too. This is a great contribution to the community! :notworthy: :bravo:


Cheers, Maoman. I think it's safe to say we've successfully fail-proofed that test! :smiley:


Brilliant. I will buy you a box of betelnut and a case of Whisby if our paths ever cross. :notworthy:


Dirty CHEATERS! :laughing:
You're worse than the Bangladeshis! When I do this thing, I'm just going to pay Northcoast Surfer to stay on his mobile and relay the answers to me as I go along. That way I won't even need to memorize anything except his phone number! :roflmao:

(By the way, there are local reporters at CNA who look at Forumosa. Just a heads up. It might be an idea to put that test code somewhere hidden, at least for now. Is there some way it could be "advertised" but not actually available to view? It would be a shame for the government to find out about this and change the test questions or something.)


You're going for naturalization? :slight_smile:


Hi Cody,

Can you please e-mail me the Cracking the Naturalization Language Exam Guide to my e-mail

Thank you so much!



Email sent. Enjoy. :bow:


No one wants to use my translation even... :fume: :frowning: :cry: :aiyo:


Don't depair mate! I included your translation in the package. They must use your translation guide in conjuction with the cracking guide! :smiley: You think I wanted to take all the blame by myself? You're just as guilty as I, but probably more guility because you started it first! :roflmao: