Crazy old lady terrorizes insignificant man


Why US Congress is so dysfunctional: ... e-chamber/

If she were my mother I'd put her in a home.


if she were your mother living in a world of your political ideals, she would go.


I'd give her a referral to an assisted suicide doctor.


Typical RWBH, only wants assisted suicide when it fits his agenda.


I'd send her to the VA hospital.


I'd give her an overdose of botox.


I'd hit her with a spoon, over and over and over again while reading aloud the text of the ACA. I wouldn't stop until I'd read the whole thing, even if she passed out.


Maybe she is, and you were separated at birth.


Did someone mention Spoon ? :notworthy: Maybe this should be in the 'Spoon" thread :ponder: Spoons are significantly more useful and interesting than American politics :popcorn:


Spoons? not interested... more interested in trees... is there such a thing as a spoontree? I desperately need to know...


She’s in the news again:

Delusional to the end. But she’s dragging down the party, and that may be a problem for the two-party system.

She brags of unifying the party. Unified them like lemmings. Meanwhile, the Republicans aren’t very unified at all - and they keep winning elections. Could it be that unity is overrated?

Now… North Korea is pretty damn unified - sort of.


She seems be in some stage of dementia as she keeps referring to president Trump as president Bush.


Republicans are all the same to her. But Democrats are unified! And they’ve got message discipline! They’re like… a cult, or something.

If the Democrats cease to be viable as a major political party, the Republicans would likely undergo fission. A whole new two party system will emerge: Trumpistas vs Country Clubbers.

And the Libertarian Party will still be stuck on the fringes. With the Democrats.


So now the scuttlebutt is a lot of Dems want her gone but they can’t figure out whom to replace her with. Why is there no one on the bench who can take on the role?

It reminds me of a late stage Confucian family when the patriarch is senile but the kids have never learned to function for themselves.


I hereby nominate Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Pelosi’s successor. Like Hillary, she’s “the most qualified candidate in history”!


This amused me a little.
It will amuse Fred, methinks.