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I was quoted NT$60k recently for the same procedure.


:astonished: That's surprising! I just got my last wisdom tooth pulled for only 150NT and that came with meds.


That's not cosmetic.
I recently got 6 titanium crowns because a friendly taxi driver gave me the address of the guy who makes them for my dentist. I got 'em for a total of NT$35,000 instead of the NT$90k the dentist wanted to charge me.


Your right I didn't think about that. Cosmetic work isn't covered by health care so it's expensive. My girlfriend and I asked about teeth whitening and it was 20K.


I've looked at all of this thread... but am asking to see whether anyone has any more recent suggestions.

I NEED to see a dentist. I HATE dentists.

I've had major surgeries several times in my life and generally deal very well with pain. But, I FEAR and LOATHE pain associated with dental work.

I may need a root canal. Can anyone recommend a good dentist in the Daan area who is not afraid to do pain-free work?

Thanks in advance.


The guy I go to is on Tongan Street out of exit 2 from Guting MRT. Walk down the street, past the junction with the 85 coffee shop and he is virtually opposite the OK and Welcome. He has always been pretty pain free for me.


I must have a hell of a dentist, I only pay 100NT$ each time ... last Tuesday he cleaned, polished and x-raid for 100NT$ ... and his new x-ray machine even talked to me ... "Please hold still, the session starts" ... I just started laughing out loud, but it just said "the session has ended, you can relax now" ... and all digitally imaged ... so, in case I turn up as a corpse ... they can identify me :laughing:

It all came with nice assistants and a completely renovated dentist's office ...


Not in the Da-an area, but the dentist I use is a nice guy. ABC or close to that, went to Yale, UPenn, speaks English and all that. The clinic has a variety of state-of-the-art facilities including waterlase, full-mouth x-rays with the rotating machine, screens at the chair to show you the x-rays. Dr. Huang is easy to talk to and patient, even when I've been extremely squeamish (I HATE dentists too, and let several of my previous fillings just fall out...) He's uh, a very accommodating and non-threatening dentist. Which is exactly what I want. You could probably get local anesthetic each time if you don't want to feel it at all, I guess. But that will be necessary for a root canal anyhow if it needs to be done.

Got a crown + 3 or 4 cavities re-filled here in the past 3 months, and none of the experiences were too bad (even for a whiny crybaby like me).

Now my teeth are as good as new(ish) and I'm ready for some braces! Yum.

Doctor's name is 黃柏翰 醫師 Huang Bo-han
Clinic info below:

Image Dental Clinic

No.108, Sec. 2, Minquan E. Rd., Zhongshan District
Taipei City 104, Taiwan
Hotline:886-2-2543-4000, Info:886-2-2543-2421


The address for Summit Dentistry is Beixin Rd Sec. 2 No. 53. Its across the street from the junction of Beixin and Baochiao Rd.


I am sure this is the same place that my charged me 15,000 for a root canal but only did half of it. My current dentist didn't say too much when he had to redo it but he wasn't too happy about the work of the last guy. I know people might be quick to criticise past work done by others, but I am just not sure I would trust the first guy with my teeth and money again.


I have a big favor to ask of all the worthy contributors to this thread. I know it's impractical to ask you to search through nearly ten years of postings, but if any of you could at all recollect anything that you previously posted that may be out of date, I'd appreciate a heads-up. Thanks for your help.


I have been going to New York Dentist on Roosevelt Rd, just south of CKS Memorial hall. I started going there because of positive reviews I had read on this site. Over the past couple years, I have gone for 3 cleanings, an implant and repair of a crown.

For major work, then seem to do a decent job. The implant and the crown are fine. For cleanings and fillings, they suck. I spend as much time on my teeth each morning as they did in a routine cleaning. I realize "we're not in Kansas anymore", but in comparison, for a routine cleaning, my dentist back home did the ultra-sonic, floss, polish of each tooth individually and x-rays. New York Dentist did a cursory ultrasonic and a quick brush, all under 10 minutes.

Further, they seem to like to wait until decay becomes serious to do fillings, or even require root canals and crowns. Before they put in the implant, there was obvious decay on adjacent teeth, which I had to insist they take care of before putting in the implant. They claimed it was not serious enough to do a filling. Now I've had an old filling break (not theirs) and they said I needed a root canal. There is obvious, visible decay on an adjacent tooth. My question is why the heck didn't they do x-rays and take care of these things before they became so serious?


I'm pretty sure that sooner or later you will need to a crown done. Without a root there is no way for your tooth to repair itself (for lack of a better word). you might not need to have it done for 2-4 yrs (a WAG) but sooner or later you will (your tooth will break completely off). Based on an unpleasant experience (but not painful).

I'm also looking for a dentist in kaohsiung and will eventually go back thru the 15 pages. but if anyone knows a good dentist it would be appreciated. I work 6 days a week so it really isn't worth it to go to Taipei since I would have go straight there and straight back. And the train tickets alone would make it an expensive trip just to see a dentist.


I share this feeling, and have raised the same question here before but have not yet had any answer that inspired confidence. (Novacaine, even a few extra jabs, never comes close to sufficiently dulling the pain of drilling for me, let alone the pain of a root canal.)

Does anyone know of any dentist here who is using something more effective than novacaine for pain??!! If so, please pass on their information.


I've just come back from a speculative trip to Summit and found that they appear to be closed until 6th April. Can anyone confirm that I understood the notice on their shop front correctly? (If you can call it a shop front, it was that garage door type of metal shop front cover they use here. What do you call those things?)

The tooth I had filled by a guy who wanted to torture me with an anasthetic free and un-necessary root canal filling has just cracked and some of the outer shell (real tooth) has fallen off. I think, as it hasn't broken through to the filled area, all it needs is a little smoothing off and filling in, probably a white filling, but I need to know an alternative reliable place to get it done within relatively easy reach of Muzha as I've been rather ill of late and can't cope with trailing all over Taipei City on top of the stress of going to the dentist here. :frowning:

Whilst shopping on the way home from my dentally useless trip to Xindian, I asked people in the local pharmacy and the fruit shop next door if they could recommend anywhere and both said that the clinic on Muzha Rd sec 3, near the post office and next door to the Quanlian Fuli Zhongxin supermarket was good. Anyone know anything about this place? Any other suggestions? How seriously should I take recommendations from locals given that the standard of care here is generally lower than in the UK and that people seem to be expect and accept un-necessary and extremely painful treatments here?

Yes, I'm nervous!! I love my dentist back home. She's so gentle and thorough and would never dream of torturing me... :cry:


I finally went to a dentist and I am so far very satisfied. I have had one tooth drilled down to almost nothing and a crown put on it. The crown fits perfectly and I never felt any pain. None.

The doc is a young guy and I told him I didn't want to feel any pain and that was fine with him. I have more work scheduled and am really pleased.

Here is the contact info:

Dr. Hans Liao
Dental Laser Institute
360 Xinyi Road, Sec. 4

Tel.: 2701 8822

主治醫師: 廖醫師

The clinic is on the south side of Xinyi just past Tonghua Street (going east on Xinyi).



Thanks for the info. I presume, based on the name of his clinic, that he also used lasers rather than a conventional drill to do the drilling, is that right? Maybe that is the key to less pain (as Jimi's post in the other thread suggest). Or did he use some painkiller more powerful than novacaine?


I don't know what he used, but, it didn't seem like he used much of it. I was barely numb and I was a bit worried. He told me to tell him if I felt any pain and he would up the dose of whatever it was. I didn't feel any pain. And I'm the type of patient that usually feels pain at the dentist.

He does use lasers. There was quite a bit to drill and he was done in no time... when I felt my tooth, or what little was left of it when he was done, it was almost completely flat... in other words, he drilled a lot of matter in a very little time.


With a name like Hans, he could well have trained in Germany too, which would go towards explaining his good service. :slight_smile:


After getting fed up with New York Dentist (cursory 10-minute teeth cleaning, ignoring visible decay because it's "not that bad"), I decided to give Summit a try. I was there yesterday for a root canal. I was impressed with their professionalism from start to finish, the facilities and equipment are clean and modern, most of the staff speaks enough English to communicate with me and I felt no pain. Even today, no pain. I am no expert, but my first impressions were all positive. :thumbsup:

Somewhere here someone wrote about a dentist who didn't wait for the Novocaine (or whatever they used) to take effect before they started the work. At Summit, they gave me the shot, then offered to put on the TV on the little monitor at the chair while we waited about 5 minutes. Besides the root canal, they also did a filling on the adjacent tooth.

I've scheduled an implant for another tooth, the price they quoted was about NT$3000 less than New York Dentist. Speaking of co-pay for covered work, Summit charges NT$100 whereas New York Dentist charges NT$150. Not a big deal, but just noticing...

Seems they are good for serious work. Let's see how they are for cleanings. I hope they spend more than 10 minutes.

I'll update as I get the work done.

Summit Dentistry
No 53, Beixing Rd, Section 2 (intersection Baociao Rd)
(02) 8911-2576