Dream Water Floatation Tanks in Dazhi


Earlier this week, I had the cool experience of trying out a floatation tank for the first time at Dream Water, a new company in Dazhi owned by a friend of mine, Mike Zev. What an amazing experience! (No, the girl in the photo doesn't come with the experience - you'd probably have to pay a lot more for that!) :wink:

I still remember watching the classic sci-fi horror thriller "Altered States", which dealt with the effects of sensory deprivation and psychoactive drugs. It didn't look relaxing, but I was intrigued even then (I was just thirteen years old when that movie came out!)

Anyway, I'd always thought it would be a cool thing to try, and so when I heard that Mike had imported state-of-the-art flotation tanks, I immediately signed up for a session.

The location is very nice, a quiet, upscale lane in Dazhi, not too far from the Miramar shopping center. If you're not driving, the fastest way there is to take the MRT to the Jiannan Road Station on the Brown Line. If you are driving, there is ample parking in the area. Inside, the feeling is very spa-like. The decor is modern and relaxing, and you feel mellow just stepping in the door. Mike took me on a tour of the place and I was impressed by the attention to detail they took with the renovations.

Then it was time for the float. Mike encouraged me to use the bathroom first - he said nothing ruins a good float like the creeping awareness that one's bladder is the only part of you that isn't relaxed! Good advice.

I then stepped into the shower, rinsed off, and opened the floatation tank. (Actually, it looks more like a "pod" than a tank, I think.) The tank is BIG, and although the water isn't very deep, it's loaded with epsom salt, so that you're always floating - it's physically impossible to sink. There is a light inside that can be easily turned on and off, and the lid is also easy to open, so there was no sense of claustrophobia. Actually, the whole thing was very womb-like. The water is heated to body temperature, and once you get in, there's some soft relaxation music that plays to help get you in the right state of mind. After five minutes, the music stops and the real relaxation begins. I have to confess, it took me about twenty minutes before I could "empty my mind" of thoughts, and just float. I was also experimenting with different float positions to find out what the most relaxing position was. Once I found that position, and I started getting used to the whole novelty of the experience, I pretty much lost track of time. I wasn't asleep, but I wasn't entirely conscious, either. After an hour, the music quietly came back on, and my mind started to return to the day. I pushed open the lid, walked over to the shower stall, and took another shower, this time to get the salt out of my hair.

The rest of the day was fantastic. I felt really rested, and had lots of energy. I also felt relaxed, which is a very rare thing for me - my daily life is pretty stressful, and feeling relaxed is NOT my usual state of being.

So, it was a very positive experience. If you need a little bit of downtime, if your batteries need recharging, or if you just want some peace and quiet, you should definitely check Dream Water out. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Their address is No. 61, Lane 69, Jìngyè 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei.

Their telephone number is (02) 8502-6900


Thanks maoman. I will have to try that. 2,000 bucks is kind of steep, but their discount packages look good.


Good to hear a review. I saw their website a couple of days ago via Facebook and showed it to the mrs but we haven't been yet to try it out.


I did that years ago in the Pyrenees and have always wanted to do it again without the chemicals.


That only leaves the Dead Sea, right? Or are you saying that there's a place in the Pyrenees where you can float like that in a natural body of water?


Do they have gift certificates? There are several people I'd like to send to one of those pods...


Hi all,

Thank you for your interest!
My name is Damien, and I'm working with Mike Zev in Dreamwater.asia

Dreamwater floatation pod have no harmful chemicals added, just Epsom salts, in the water. Its like experiencing the Dead Sea of Israel right here in Taipei!
Epsom Salt not only helps to rejuvenate the skin from without, giving the skin a beautiful and healthy complexion, it also has the added benefit of increasing the bouyancy of the body in the pod. This allows the body to be suspended in a near zero-gravity environment. This allows the muscles and joints of the body a chance to be released from the accumulated stress and pressures of everyday life, healing the body while reducing stress levels.

Yes, we do provide gift vouchers for you to spread the wonder of Dreamwater's floatation spa to your friends and loved ones, giving them the opportunity to share the unique experience of Dreamwater's floation pod.

We offer several packages and special offers, and you can call us at (02) 8502-6900 for any enquiries about the nature of the floatation experience and make your appointment with us for your floatation experience.

Furthermore, you can also email me directly at damien@dreamwater.asia for any enquiries. I'll gladly handle and requests and enquiries put forth by you.
As an added bonus, if you have found out about Dreamwater through Forumosa, please PM or email me and I will provide you with 25% off for your first float at Dreamwaters.

Thank you! I'll hope to here from you soon!




No, it was a resort with flotation tanks. The chemicals were ... ingested beforehand. :wink:


Hi all,

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This sounds interesting. I'm going to have to give this a try! :slight_smile:


How about hygiene? You do drain the water and refill for every customer?


It says that they do. I haven't tried it yet.


This brings up a good point. Are the pods washed and scrubbed after each use?



But the clients are 'encouraged' to clean themselves (shower thoroughly) prior to use.

I have used these devices, also known as 'Isolation Tanks', several times in the past.
Not really for the timid or easily freaked-out without professional guidance.


That kind of reminds me of Fringe.


Sound awesome. I will be trying it out soon!


Hey all,

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Do check out our website: www.dreamwater.asia often for more special promos!

Also, do check out our facebook page: DreamWaterFloatCenter For more quirky promos as well as quizzes!

If you have any enquiries, do give me a call at 02 8502 6900!!





Hey, sorry for the extremely late reply!

We drain, filter and disinfect the water after every customer, a process which takes at least 15 minutes!

Also, like the Dead Sea, with such high amounts of salt dissolved in the water, the water is rendered sterile, as no micro-bacteria or virus is able to survive such a harsh environmnet.

We also drain, scrub down and disinfect the tanks every 3 mths. The health and wellness of out client is of extreme importance!

If you need any information, do not hesistate to call me at 02 8502 6900 or email me at damien@dreamwater.asia

Also, you can visit our website at www.dreamwater.asia for more information in our FAQ page!




Buddy used to have one of these in his basement in Boulder, CO. Great experience. I don't suggest heavy psychedelics in conjunction with this though!

2k/float is a bit on the high end though I must say.


Dried shrooms hardly weigh anything, though. :thumbsup: