Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


Hi Eddy,

I saw on your website that you will be showing the worldcup!!!
Thats great! I will definitely show up for a few matches...

One question: Will you also show the Champions League Final on May 22...?
I am too lazy to drive all into Taipei to the Tavern or similar to watch that, and would be happy if some Bar/Restaurant in Danshui is showing it...

Mr. Rice


Im getting my Projector installed next tuesday then i hope to show games (especially big games on some nights of the week. It should be ready by then so it shouldnt be a problem Actually I should have posted that I will be showing world cup here but i didnt have a chance and I always forget my password, ha! Mexico will have a world cup warmup on May 24th vs. England so i was hoping to basically announce that in a little while but Actually the champions final would be a perfect way to start off the mini sports bar theme. So i will try to have it all up and running by then ok? Will let you know next week.



I'd like to officially announce that "Eddy's Cantina in Danshui will be showing all of the World cup match live and in HD! Starting with the opening ceremonies and Mexico vs. South Africa. We are pretty excited and we will announce the specific details soon but for now you can rest assured that you can come and watch the games here live on a projector screen as well as an LCD tv. We do have a lot of interest so far so please book ahead. Details about the party will be released soon as we are still ironing out the details. But for now

(the following are all Taiwan time btw)
8:00pm Friday June 11th We will show the opening ceremonies
10:00pm Friday June 11th Mexico vs. South Africa
2:30am Friday June 12th (right after the Mexico match) Uruguay vs. France.

For the entire world cup schedule check out Eddyscantina.com

Thanx and see you there!

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Si Se Puede Mexico!



I stopped by Eddy's Cantina this Saturday evening to have some wonderful food and it was closed. He's gone back to Canada on vacation and won't be back until September 23rd, so don't make the trek out to Danshui before then. Here's the notification from his Eddy's Cantina Website.


Yeah, he's been eating at A&W every chance he gets and cooking with his mom - chiles rellenos! I hope he manages to get that on the menu when he gets back.


Eddy's Cantina is now open for business! We are now back to our regular schedule after the long break. Sorry for the long wait but trust me i didn't come back empty handed. I learned a lot of new things from mom and Family. I also recharged the batteries so i have many new ideas coming in. Will let you know asap. And please spread the word that we are fully open again for biz.
thanx and see you soon

Eddy Gonzalez


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Eddy, I'm glad you're back in town! I'm headed your way this weekend; as an American with lots of Mexican friends that often come over so we can cook together, I am ready for some more familiar food.

With all due respect, here's hoping there's no bok choy on your menu. :roflmao:


Ha! Bok Choy... We do all of our food fresh, We have burritos, tacos, re-fried beans, Mexican red rice, enchiladas among a bunch of other things. O just came back from Visiting my family so i will start to work in new stuff as soon as the shop gets rolling again, such as sopes, chilles rellenos, tamales and menudo. No Bok Choy, sorry. Although we have had requests for Chinese fried cabbage, white rice and my personal fav German pigs feet...


Well, you're not a Taiwanese or a Korean or a Japanese restaurant, and therefore you MUST serve at least one of hamburgers, pig's feet, and I believe Italian noodles. Isn't there some kind of a law about that?

Looking forward to the new menu items, and I'll be by soon!


Its definitely tough to introduce a new food over here the right way, but we'll keep goin... We wont be adding any Chinese, burgers, pigs feet or pasta anytime soon I'd rather stick with what i was raised on, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, sopes, chiles rellenos, etc...

P.S. I was on a search for certain ingredients in Tienmu today and I came across a small eatery call Papa Poulet where i had a great meal and it was very inexpensive especially for Tienmu. Check out the thread for Papa Poulet if you have a chance or better yet have a pop by there for a meal...



We had the chicken tacos and beef burritos on sunday and was disappointed with the beef which was as tough as leather. I didn't finish half as I got tired of chewing. The chicken tacos were ok but they could of taken time to slice the onions a little smaller. A 1 inch nugget of onion is a liitle too big in my opinion. The meal itself was large but the little plate of salsa, sour cream and chile sauce was not appropriate considering the size of the meal. We asked for more but the service girl said it would cost extra and I thought salsa had tomatoes in it, ours were all onions. I sent the beef back but there was no response from any service staff. I would think someone should come around and ask if I wanted something else off the menu but no one came around until i asked for the cheque and we got a small discount and a 15%discount voucher for our next visit which is only good if we go back. (anybody want this voucher?)
It would have been nice to see mr.burrito himself walking around his establishment checking on customers but I guess he was to busy sitting at the back bar contemplating why he is still stuck in DanShui. It maybe the Mexican way in DanShui but it's a long way from Taipei.

In all a very sub par dining experience.
$200Nt taxi fare return to danshui MRT makes it doubly regrettable.


I had a similar experience. The beef was not edible-it was all fat and gristle and I spit most of it out. The "flavor" seemed to rely heavily on huge chunks of garlic and onions. The salad was terrible and the beans didn't taste like beans at all-more like minced garlic paste. Everything had a freeze dried quality as well. My partner and I both agreed that the Mexico food we fix at home with ingredients from costco tasted better.


I have been to his resto about 20 times and I have been satisfied about 17 times. Every time I wasn't satisfied, Eddy wasn't there and it was a local cook doing the meal. Mind you, I have often been satisfied when his cooks do it instead of him.


And to be fair, when I was there, I didn't see anyone but locals. I definitely did not see a single foreigner and just assumed that it was a locally owned place, lol. We may give it a shot again in the future, but no beef that's for sure :neutral:


Whaaat? I've only been there once (and enjoyed it) but I'm pretty sure it was only a 5 min walk from the MRT.


More like 10-15 mins, up-hill, but NT200 taxi fare? :ponder: hakkaboy got rolled. That's an NT80-85 ride. Done it. Paid it.


He said return, so he may have rounded it up from 170 or 180.
Just saying.


Flagfall in Danshui is $100.


You mean the driver waited for him to eat? Wow, and he's complaining about the deal he got?