Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


dude fish tacos, otherwise doing it right is hard in taiwan.


Americans with mexican friends ROFL.


You mean he should serve fish tacos? Because they're on the menu. (Not corn tortillas, mind you; then again I'm not even sure what kind of shells fish tacos are supposed to have.)


Ok Ladies, taxi is min flagfall 100nt*2=$200NT. From Danshui MRT. No rounding, no BS. Done It Paid It. There's a couple a buses that go there as well as shown on his website.

Hey, Mr.Buritto can only learn from these comments. Would he rather I not say anything at all. Now he can address the beef issue and the other minor deficiencies.


That's what I was trying to express, apparently MM thought you took the taxi there and, I don't know, stayed there until now, I guess.

And personally, I got no beef with your, erm, beef beef.
Señor Eddy has always conducted himself with the utmost class and professionalism on here, I'm sure he'd want to know.


Burritoes are, now, considered american food. haven't you read the memo?


Feedback is fine, but you slagged the guy.


But we havn't even dated.


Hi guys, I'm not even sure if this thread is relevant anymore but here goes...

I'm not a food connoisseur and it might have been the overhype from HungryGirlinTaipei and various sources, but I was severely disappointed with my experience at Eddy's Cantina tonight. I'll admit my Mexican experience is limited to a few local joints in Seattle, Chipotle, and a hole in the wall somewhere in Dallas, but a German friend of mine who was recently in Mexico was shared my sentiments.

1) The salsa tasted like home made pasta sauce, I don't know what happened to the traditional pico de gallo, but I remember salsa as having a more refreshing herb taste and not of a tomato/onion stew flavor. The hot sauce-esque sauce was ok, but it was more spicy than aromatic.
2) I ordered a beef burrito, and the carne asada was a little too tough, I couldn't get a very good flavor/taste of the rice and beans... it felt a little bland I guess.
3) The margharitas were weak. Isn't the ice supposed to be blended? Even if it wasn't, the tequila wasn't very good. I can kind of overlook one or the other, but not when it's faulting on both.
4) In the end we had everything from Enchiladas to Fajitas on our table, but I didn't hear any positive feedback. I guess everyone at the table more or less had a similar experience tonight.

On the plus side, the portions were generous, the service was pretty decent (but the place wasn't too busy), and the decor was appropriate.

Maybe it was a bad night for the chef, but given it's location and prices (we ended up with $500 each on the tab) I really think Eddy's could've done better, especially if it somehow became that famous. Maybe it's not the same as 2008, or they acquired a new chef/management. I was really looking forward to some good Mexican tonight, and now I'm a sad monkey.


I consider Chipotle a decent place for burritoes and fajitas, albeit a fastfood restaurant. Their meat is cooked just right.

Do they serve Cuervo Gold Margarita?


I'm not going to fix this tonight.

Knowing how/what to order is an art. I'm sorry but how many people in this thread told you what you should order? Many. CARNITAS/CHICKEN.

No one should go to a restaurant and not think about the specialty of the house (double intended). That is why almost anyone should trust the chef. Then it is on the chef's name and not the restaurant.

For the last time Carnitas tacos.


Surely not answering for Eddy but:

  1. They have a section in the menu for other salsas. I understand that you have to pay extra but they are available. (I wish they were free!)

  2. Be friendly and they will surely make it stronger. Many places have this same problem with too strong/too weak complaints. Let them know.


No offense but I think that is complete nonsense. It is not the responsibility of the customer to be informed as to which are the palatable items on the menu. Come on, it's not as if people are saying they thought they food wasn't as good as expected, but that they were disappointed. Nothing on the menu of a decent restaurant should be a disappointment, or at least not more than one dish.

Don't censor the comments that have been made. That's bullshit.


If a restaurant serves it, it should be good. Even if its not to your particular liking it should be a dish that is considered by the majority to be done well and of high quality and value for money. A good restaurant is proud of every item they offer, be it food or beverage.


Good review.
Positive feedback such as this is helpful to a restaurant. Specific items mentioned and specific 'problems' stated... :thumbsup:

Szukai, would you return to Eddys' to see if these items are addressed?


Cowboy up.

NT 500 can buy your a seven course steak meal at Tasty's... Do yourselves a favor if you want beef don't do it at a Mexicano's, go over to Tasty's steak (highly recommended).

Mexicans are known for carnitas and arroz con pollo (disclaimer: I've had great beef fajitas at mexican restaurants).


TainanC: It'll be a while, but if I had some kind of promise it was better I wouldn't mind giving it another shot. Reasons being first I'd have to check out some other mexican places, and location. One of the reasons I actually left a review besides from disappointment is the fact that there seems to be a community involved and I feel that someone will hear my words.

TaipeiD: Ok, I wasn't expecting "steak" steak, but just like you, I've had better before. I think my main gripe was that I've been given the impression it was some really good stuff down @ Eddy's - the best - but it didn't meet my expectations I guess. Since I don't really care where I go as long as I get good Mexican food, I'd be equally disappointed if what I had was Eddy's food at it's prime. And yes, I am aware I'm in Taiwan, but how awesome would it be if I could get the best of both worlds? Also note I'm not nitpicking one dish, or one style, from a purely food perspective I really thought there was a lot of room for improvement.

I guess I just wanted to be sure of "what I had" vs. "what I expected" vs. "the best Mexican food in Taipei", or if anyone had alternative recommendations, thanks! After all, its' just about good eats :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Tasty's? Whazzat? I'm going to try a search...


it's a spin off from one of the best steak restaurants in taipei.



Wow! Thanx for all of the recent comments, I'm quite surprised about a lot of them. I have been working on the new items for the new menu and I have also been training staff and letting staff cook a little more than just doing everything myself. Apparently... well uh ya. So this is what i'll do, im gonna tighten the staff up again in the kitchen, and before the new items are out again I will retrain everybody on the ...everything in the kitchen again. Its really tough to find good help and once you think you can take a little bit of a breather... Anyways im not trying to blame. Anybody who has had any kind of disastrous situations, please let me know. my email is gsa_soccer@yahoo.com i'd love another chance and i know that i can get things right. The recipes that are used in the restaurant are all family recipes that have been used for generations in Mexico. We have not changed ownership or any of that and the recipes are all the same. One thing i'd like to mention as well is that Eddy's Cantina serves Mexican style Food not Tex Mex which is also great but a different style. About our steak, we do use and grill real steak and then cut them up to serve customers and if you have a preferance with your steak please let your staff know. Also any suggestions are definitely welcome.

On the other hand, The new menu is still in the works, sorry for the delay. It will be less complicated with more pictures, more items, more desserts, and a few special surprises, stay tuned. Also many other things are being revamped as well so stay in touch and we'll see you soon.

P.S. Eddy's has never self proclaimed ourselves "the Best" thats what the other folks do...



Good reply Eddy.

One possible suggestion, although I don't know if it'd work for you: in Taiwan so much produce seems to be seasonal - can you use that to your advantage, and perhaps have your "base" menu and then a rotating add-on paper menu for "This season's specials"? (Mango salsa is the only thing that comes immediately to mind, but I know little about Mexican cuisine; I think your ceviche is already like this, isn't it?) That way you may also be able to try out new dishes and see if they work or not, as well as keep the total menu more limited and not have to deal with so many different kinds of orders coming in. (You sort of did this last year, with New Year's I think.)

"This sesason's specials" could also let you make use of things like that (hypothetical) sudden and unexpected one-time-only source of dried black beans.