Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


One of the best steak restaurants in Taipei? You've got to be kidding me, right? My girlfriend took me there once for my birthday. I'd say that the food is one small step above the 120NT piece-o'-gristle on a hotplate with a bowl of corn soup-type night market stall at double or triple the price.

Bonus: Chinese name is 西堤 i.e. xiti, which sounds like "shitty." Every time we pass there I always ask if anyone wants to eat some shitty steak.

As to Eddy's, every time I'm in the Danshui area, I make sure to swing by and get the fish tacos. Really tasty and way cheaper than anything comparable in Taipei city.


120NT piece-ogristle? :laughing:

西堤 is an off shoot from wangsteak.com.tw/ 王品, the more expensive variety.

great reviews all around.

good choice, amigo! :laughing:


Uhm, where's the steak in the review link? I saw a burn piece of something that looked like meat and there was a pig knuckle, but that's hardly steak...
It might be good steak to locals, but if you've had good steak, then you'll know it doesn't compare to anything you'll get in a steak restaurant operated by a Taiwanese person. And this is totally off topic...



No this isn't BBQ in the outbacks, except it isn't burnt. There are no grill marks. It's pan-fried, and then baked in the oven. The steak is crispy on one end (local invention).

The locals love it. It's always crowded. They make a ton of money. That's all it counts for them.


Wang's Steak is a copy of what YC Wang served at home, over thirty years ago. The proprieter claimed to have a chef from Wang's home. Even implying that Wang's family was an investor. He lied.

YC Wang had always been thrifty. The cut of meat his chef used was, and had to be, cheap. It was made palatable by process of mariation. Never-the-less, there is a limit to how much an improvement one can make to a lousy piece of meat. I had the honor of trying the authentic Wang's steak at their Short Hills home. Well, let me tell ya, I had to force those chuncks of beef down my throat. Unlike the others present, who simply spet it out, I felt immoral to waste any food.

Tasty's is an down-scaled chain of Wang's Steak. Using really cheap beef cut, probably around, or below, $200/kg. They tenderize it with whatever mean they can. The result is a steak that is tender, but without much flavor and texture of beef. Highly profitable. Satisfying to those unfamiliar to real beef steak.

I haven't been to Eddy's. Probably never will, as long as his is stuck in DanShui. But, at least he is not claiming to be serving a slab of steak like at steakhouse.


I would try it again, especially the carnitas. I don't live that far away, actually...so I will try again and report back. I think you gave a classy reply, and your explanation made sense based on what I saw when I was there...when the boss is away, the staff will test what they can get away with. They were all nice, though...we just had a sense they were walking on eggshells...it's like they knew something was wrong, lol.


I was following this thread for quite some time and was waiting for Eddy's reply, and I must say I'm impressed. It's always good to see a restauranteur taking note of criticism and replying to it in a modest, professional way. Well done, Eddy, one or two restaurant owners frequenting this site can learn from you. :bravo:


LOL ! did YC Wang's eyes pop out when folks spet out his "authentic" wang's steak? :laughing:

just buy steaks from costco or city super or something. city super carry higher grade beef and they sell it by the oz (not kg). :roflmao:

i certainly hope there isn't a slab 'o steak in my fajita. i like 'em cut into cubes, tender, seasoned, and not taste like chewing gum.


Glad to see a restaurant owner taking criticism in a humble, professional way and promising to do better, instead of getting all huffy and defensive. We don't make it out to Danshui much, but look forward to stopping in at Eddy's again.


Yeah I think the steak was just off-topic. Eddy, thank you for listening! Even if it's just 1 man's plight and ramblings. I look forward to another visit once you've made some changes.


I have heard only good things about Eddys.. haven't made it out there yet but hope to soon!!


The wife and I decided to eat at Eddy's Cantina this past Saturday afternoon / early evening. We arrived at 4:25pm and we were the only customers! Yeah, not crowded, first in line, first to be served! :discodance:

We started out with a simple appetizer and ordered the chips and salsa, but I went ahead and ordered a few more sides of his different salsas and also guacamole. Here's a pic.

The wife had two beef tacos in a soft flower tortilla and made it a meal by adding salad, potatos, and rice. Here's a pic.

I am a very boring dude, so I just ordered my standard Carne Asada Burrito. For those of you who no habla, that would be a steak burrito. It has grilled steak, rice, and beans is all nicely wrapped up in Eddy's homemade flower tortilla. Here's a pic.

It doesn't look like much on the outside, but when you bite into this baby I guarantee you will love it. I ordered another side of guacamole and threw half of it into my burrito and the wife took the other half for her tacos. Here's pic of the inside.

Everything was great. The wait staff was prompt, courteous, and quick. It was about a 10 minute wait from the time we made our order to the time we received our main courses. That was about perfect, because we had already received the salsa and chips appetizer and were busily at work on that while I was enjoying my first, or was that my second or third?......oh well...I was drinking San Francisco Steamer beer with my meal and it too, was awesome. The music was on at a reasonable level where we could still enjoy our dinner conversation, but had the nice Mexican music in the background. My wife and I especially enjoyed Eddy's fresh homemade flour tortillas. Eddy and Jo were friendly and charming as usual. Regarding no other customers being there......yeah.......well that was true for only about 5 minutes. By the time we had left, around 5:30pm or so, Eddy's Cantina had filled four other tables with a total of nine customers. And, as we were walking down the stairs heading back to the car park, another group of four were making their way up to Eddy and Jo's place. Here's a hot tip....If you go on Saturday....get there for an early dinner like we did around 4:30pm.

The only negative thing about our meal was the guacamole because it didn't taste like "real authentic" guacamole, but that's not Eddy's fault. I believe there is something wrong with Taiwanese avocados because to me, they have no taste at all! The texture is correct, but strangely, no taste. I've even purchased Taiwanese avocados to make guacamole at home and they look like avocados, but they don't smell or taste like avocados at all. Hawaiian avocados, Californian avocados, Texan avocados, Mexican avocados, have deep green meat with a very strong smell and flavor, but Taiwanese are just bland. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? Anyway, not a big deal in relation to the dining experience as a whole.

If you haven't tried Eddy's Cantina yet, get your butts up here for a good dining experience!

Thanks Eddy and Jo for another nice dinner out!


Taiwan avocados are bland as you say. We had a thread about it somewhere.

I keep hoping to find time one afternoon to bike out to Eddies, have lunch and then bike back.


Could you please promise me that you will try the carnitas tacos (with pico/guac/sour cream/lime)? Please. If you do you will write about it. I keep going on about it but there is nobody that does this dish so well in Taiwan.

Carnitas tacos (not the burritos (( the burritos are good but not the same direct flavor as the carnitas tacos))), and for sure the chicken enchiladas and all the salsas. Plus the beers. There you go MM. I'm waiting for your review/response. :laughing:

Scientists at the University of Sussex showed in 2009 that purring, or some purring, seems to be a way for domesticated cats to signal their owners for food.


I don't know, E, I thought I should try some of the less popular dishes on the menu. :laughing:

Beers? I'll be riding my bike not my scooter.


Ha ha. The new sitcom. :laughing:


The carnitas tacos are my absolute favorite. It's very difficult to force myself to order anything else, although I'm becoming quite fond of the fish tacos, too. And Eddy's habanero salsa is to die for, to die for! Love the beer he has, but my budget does not, so rarely get to imbibe.

Gotta agree about those nasty Taiwan avocados, ick. Hass or nothing! Sometimes Jason's carries Hass avocados, at exorbitant prices, but mostly all I ever see is what we always called Florida avocados in California. Not a scrap of flavor to 'em, and the Taiwanese make a drink with them, ewwww. I mean, I know it's a fruit, but still....shouldn't be mixed with milk.

Strangely enough, avocados were very cheap in Osaka when I was visiting there, only about $1US each, compared to Jason's price of NT300 (or more) for a bag of three.


Hello again this is Eddy, just wanted to say thanx for the recent comments. Also I'd like to announce that Eddy's Cantina's New Menu is (Finally) in Effect. So you can enjoy all of Eddy's classic like Nachos, Enchiladas and Chilaquiles along with new soon to be favorites. We are proud to announce that we now have Handmade Corn Tortillas, Sopes Mexicanas, Sweet Empanadas and due to popular demand finally Homemade Hard Shell corn tortillas and more!!! So forget those stale hard shells or freezer burnt cardboard tasting corn tortillas and come and try out Eddy's New Menu. Always Fresh, always homemade and always Mexican family recipes.

Also, I'd like to announce that we have a separate kids menu specially designed for children, its very cool. So if anybody has any questions about anything please email Eddy gsa_soccer@yahoo.com.

Also, if you have a Facebook account don't forget to like Eddy's Cantina. When we reach 500 Facebook Fans I will announce special discounts to our Facebook fans.

One More thing, Eddy's Cantina will close at 8:00pm on December 31st. We will be open for lunch on January 1st at 11:30. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Did someone say Tamale and Chile relleno? It isn't like I'm asking you for birria. :laughing: :wink:


We will have tamales for special occasions so i will keep everybody posted on my Website, Facebook and Forumosa. Also, Chiles rellenos will be available when the proper chiles are available in Taiwan, ive been looking for many months and if anybody knows where i can find the proper peppers, I would love to provide those. Chiles Rellenos are somewhat of a family specialty and my mom taught me the recipe. So keep your eyes open for anaheim peppers or Chiles poblanos.