Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


The service is notoriously deficient even by Taiwanese standards. The food is average at best. Tough chewy beef and dry nachos. They are cheap on the salsa and sour cream too. Never again.


Today the wife and I decided to drive to Tanshui to have some Mexican food at Eddy's Cantina and.......AND........it's closed. And I don't mean closed as in "not open". I mean closed down, emptied out, signs gone, etc. I'm guessing that the Tien-Mu branch is doing so well and trying to operate two Eddy's Cantinas at the same time got a bit much for them.

At any rate.......DO NOT COME TO TANSHUI for Eddy's Cantina, because there ain't nobody there who is gonna make you no Mexican food. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Looks like it will have to be Tien-Mu from now on. :cry:

Here's a pic if you don't believe me.


I thought Eddy posted about the closure a couple of weeks ago. He definitely did on Facebook


I went there years ago. Once. What crap. :thumbsdown:


Nope, he didn't. His last visit and posting on Forumosa was on 12-02-2011 and it wasn't to inform us Forumosans that he was closing the Tanshui branch.

Who the hell uses Zuckerberg's Facethingy anyway? Not I! :fume:



Nor I. But it's starting to seem more and more necessary, or at least useful. Grr. Stupid walled gardens regaining control over the inter webs.

Sorry to see Eddy's go from my own haunts, but I hope it goes well in Tianmu.


Here's a copy/paste of what he wrote on FB.


Nor I for a repeat. People that think everyone uses it missed the bus 3 years ago. Been there, done that, waste of time.

Back on track, it is a shame. The Tamsui location was so much better for us. He should have closed the Tienmu and stayed with the original. I reiterate, for us. I'm sure he knows what he is doing but I will miss skipping out on work in the afternoon to get a lot of food to take down to the waterfront and eat my chicken enchiladas and carnitas tacos while drinking beer and watching the sun set over the harbor.

You are not going to make me cry.

Too late.


Stopped by with the wife on Friday after work. The last time I visited was a couple of years ago in Danshui, when we used to make the trek from downtown Taipei about once a month. However, the last time both the food and the service quality had deteriorated to a level where I didn't want to go back (my friend and I wrote about our experience on this site). After reading recent comments about the misadventures of the Tienmu location, I was a bit hesitant to make the trip, but Friday was a nice day and my wife suggested we visit. I'm happy to say that Eddy seems to have taken everyone's comments to heart. The two servers didn't seem like the apathetic, inadequate ones described in earlier posts. One was a Westerner (American or Canadian, I'm guessing by his English) and the other I would venture to say is a sister or relative of Jo's? They were prompt, helpful, and courteous, and ran the floor quite efficiently. The food is back on par with the taste, quality, and attention that used to bring me and my wife to Danshui to eat when Eddy was still selling from the stand in the night market. He was manning the kitchen staff personally, taking charge of food quality and preparation. We ordered the taquitos and enchiladas. The taquitos were different to what I would have in California, which are deep fried rolls served with guacamole. Eddy's serves them like a fresh corn tortilla soft-taco, flat and with fresh toppings. They reminded me of the soft tacos I used to eat in Baja Mexico, but with much more delicate and distinguished flavors. The care and preparation shows with each bite. I thought the 3 taquito combo would have been enough but should have ordered the 5! The wife was also happy with her enchiladas, she cleaned her combo plate faster than me, but not before I tried a few bites. Also delicious and you could taste the quality that first made Eddy's famous. Even the beans and rice were back to the old caliber - moist and flavorful, not dry. The servers also make it clear when ordering, that since the food is all freshly prepared, it may take some time. I was always used to waiting at Eddy's since the food is hand made, but it's nice that they now make it a point to let you know so there are no surprises. Another important note; our dishes came within minutes of each other. A previous big peeve of mine was when dishes would routinely come a half hour or more apart, making it very awkward for guests at the same table. I'm glad Eddy seems to have sorted this out. Our drinks (iced tea for my wife, beer for me) came out first. My only disappointment was that they ran out of Horchata and it was only 5:30pm. But a 100NT happy-hour Stella made me forget about that. All in all, I'm glad I made the trip - the old Eddy's experience is back!


Cfimages, did you happen to notice if the old location has been rented out, or is it standing empty? Just curious ...


I don't know. I haven't been in that part of Danshui for a few weeks.


Hi All: This weekend we stopped by Eddy's Cantina. I had a GREAT fish taco meal, while the wife and kid were enjoying thier Quesidillas. I'm not Mexican, so I cant speak for the authenticity, but the food was good to my tastebuds , and the service was outstanding.
I spent 20 minutes talking to Eddie and the guys, and they even gave my wife some pointers on how to make tortillas and which temp to set the Deep-Fryer for the tortilla chips. The wife is quite picky, and she wants to go back to Eddies, so I might be able to use that as an excuse to come along and drink some beers.
Stop by if you are in the mood for something tasty.
BR Jerry


We went in for lunch today only to find we arrived after they'd closed and gone on their break. In an excellent bit of customer service, the staff decided they'd take time out from their break to prepare lunch for us. I also noticed they did the same for someone else who came by wanting a takeout. I don't know if this is a usual thing or it was because of the holiday or maybe a one-off, but it was greatly appreciated.

:notworthy: :notworthy:


That was nice of them. But to be honest, I find those "closed 2-5" things really annoying. I mean, what if I'm not free until 3pm, or have a class at 5:30 and want to eat early? Too bad for me?


Right now it stands empty, shutters down. A red sign says "for rent" or something like this in Chinese.


2 trips, both quite early (6:00PM and 2:30PM). Both times, Horchata had "ran out." Is it no longer offered?


Hey Eddy, I was at your Tianmu restaurant yesterday while the photographer was taking photos for a new menu.

Here are my suggestions for new items on your menu:

1) Ceviche - I'm pretty sure you can get all the seafood, lime juice, and cilantro to make a good ceviche in Taipei. Serve with chips and chopped jalapenos on the side. Plus, the Taiwanese always love seafood.

2) Shrimp cocktail - boiled shrimp should be easy, but I have not seen any cocktail sauce in Taiwan. Maybe you can concoct some cocktail sauce. You can top it off with some chopped avocado, onions, jalapenos and cilantro, and serve with chips. Again, Taiwanese love seafood.

3) Fajitas - I know that Asians in the US love fajitas because some Asian dishes are very similar. You can pan grill the meat if you don't have a hibachi. Serve with grilled onions, grilled green pepper, and tortillas, and you have a hit.

I may be biased towards Tex-Mex, but these 3 items were on just about every Tex-Mex menus in the southwest US.

Vámonos de reventón!!!


Hey guys I just wanna say thanx for all of the support over the years. Im sorry i haven't been posting on here regularly as I have been extremely busy with our baby who is almost 1 year old now. Tine files. Anyways i skimmed the last few pages and saw mostly positive comments still. After all of these years to still have positive comments on here is phenomenal. Thanx so much. Anyways reason I am back on here is because i just relieved the award from Forumosa for the Best Mexican restaurant in Taiwan for 2011. I know I got it late but i really do appreciate it. I Honestly didnt know it existed but Heck ill take it, very cool thanx to all of you. So I guess that means that the 2012 award is coming up and I'd love to defend that title if you are willing to give me a chance. Thanx so much for your support over the years and I will keep in touch more from now on. Also I know that there are more and more Mexican places popping up here and there and I have even tried a few of them. Obviously its a conflict of interest to mention which and what I thought of them but I have tried them. I mostly have my customers telling me that we are the best but I humbly thank them and assure them that we just do our best. I have however had customers tell me that the "other dudes" have been trash talking Eddy's Cantina for this and that and I really just have nothing to say about that except for I let the customers decide. All of the Mexican restaurants have a different style and mine is home cookin with a family environment. My family is Mexican as some of you know and the food that we make is the same as we made it back home in Canada and in Mexico. We arent Taco Bell or Chipotle or whatever other franchise food is out there back in the US or where ever. We are just a Mexican dude with a taiwanese wife and a baby just coming out trying to give a piece of my culture to Taiwan. We have a pretty decent following and in Tienmu we are doing pretty good. Special thanx to the American school out here which keeps us busy and extra special thanx to our longtime customers from Tamsui that even make it out here when they can to come and support us. Apologies for closing the Tamsui shop but we flat out ran out of staff and trustworthy people and we just had our first baby. Her name is Aaliyah and shes changed my life, she is my world. So in short (too late for "short" i guess) Thank you all for all the support and to the neigh sayers if you have a legitimate complaint, by all means let me know. Sorry about the break time closure but there is honestly no business from 3-5 during weekdays, however, give us a call if your coming in at twoish and we will be glad to serve you. Weekends we dont do the break because it doesnt make sense. Thanx everybody for the award and im looking forward to keeping in touch with you. Please like us on facebook to keep in touch with all of our new and upcoming things facebook.com/eddyscantinataiwan. For example we just had another successful Tamale day. Thinking of tossing a Mole day into the rotation now and then. Im always looking for new things to do in the shop and I have a bit of a trick u my sleeve for next year so keep ya posted.


p.s. if you have a chance to vote for us to help us defend our title, it would be greatly appreciated.


It’s been a while since anyone posted about Eddy’s Cantina in this thread–though I seem to remember seeing some positive comments about Eddy’s in other more recent threads on Mexican food in Taiwan. Well, I finally had a chance to head up to Tianmu (Tienmu) last week to sample some of Eddy’s family-style Mexican fare.

Since many of the 358 previous posts in this thread already rave about his Mexican cooking, which is already highly regarded in the forumosan community, I instead wanted to post about a recent development that I stumbled into: Eddy now serves a kickass pancake brunch. I was happy to give it a try earlier today.

I’ve been in Taiwan over a decade and this is hands down the best pancake breakfast I’ve found. Fluffy pancakes served with butter and maple syrup can be paired with deftly scrambled eggs (I think sunny side up is also possible–poached eggs were on the menu but apparently not available when I visited); sausages (which I did not try); or bacon (the best I’ve had in Taiwan). Washed back with serviceable black coffee (some institutional roast that’s no great shakes–but to their credit they kept offering to fill my mug), this was a very satisfying meal, with exceptionally friendly and engaged service.

I believe this pancake brunch is served on Sundays only from 11:30am to 3:00pm at Eddy’s Cantina Tianmu (Tienmu) 1 location: 1, Alley 3, Lane 450, Zhongshan North Road Section 6 in Taipei City (tel 02-2873-7612).

A warm thank you to Eddy and Jo and their delightful generous young daughter for preparing and serving such great food. I’ll definitely be back!



Went to Eddy’s Tienmu off off Zhongshan Bei Lu Section 6 recently.

Good atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty food, indoor/outdoor seating. Everything, soft tacos, hard tacos, and enchiladas all hit the spot. The taco shells are made with flour and not corn which is not my favorite but the food is good.

I’ll definitely go back when I’m in the area even though I don’t get to Tienmu much.

I heard there is another branch on East Tienmu Road and that they have some sports on TV but don’t know anything about it.