Exporting Pets out of Taiwan


In returning to the USA, if health papers are all in order then there is no quarantine time and you take your pets right from the aiport same day.



i got mao her rabies shot 2 weeks ago because i read somewhere that cats and dogs both need to have a shot a month before they enter the us. but now im reading that only dogs do, and cats dont need anything. has anyone taken cats into the us? what do i actually need? im ready to leave NOW with all this sars nonsense.


I think you are covered. From what I understand the most important thing is that your animals are vaccinated against any diseases that the animal can bring to humans, in the case of dogs and cats, it is rabies. When I brought my dog in, customs didn't even bother checking my paperwork or anything (San Francisco). Just make sure your vet gives you the right paperwork just in case--my dog also had to have some test and get some tag at a government agency behind the Sheraton. Can't remember the name now (I know, big help I'm being.)


My cat emigrated in 2000, so things may have changed a bit, but he needed to have a documented rabies shot (not necessarily within 1 month, as I recall, but fairly recently -- I'm sure yours will be fine -- I think it had to be more than 2 weeks prior, or something like that) and then a formal physical examination by a vet. We also had to take him to NTU, one of the smaller buildings along the side there -- some government installation -- for a formal exam to get a piece of paper. (I only remember this because we happened to have a cab driver on the trip back who was imitating the cat so accurately that the cat was answering thinking there really was another cat in the front seat of the cab.)

Sorry for the not very exact information. Maybe someone more recent can help out.


Cats need to have a health certificate from a veteranarian no more than 10 days prior to the flight, and a documented rabies shot within the last one (or maybe it's two) years. This is actually for the airline. The US government doesn't really care.

You also need to make a reservation with the airline for your cat, as most airlines only allow a few cats to ride in the cabin per flight. And expect to pay about US$90-150 for the cat's "ticket", depending on the airline. They count as excess baggage, and are your carry-on, so don't plan on bringing another backpack on with you.

Also, be prepared to take the cat out of the bag (hehe) for security checks, which is a royal pain (literally) if your cat is like mine, and claws when scared.

I would also recommend bringing a change of clothes for yourself. My cat pissed in her bag in Japan, and I had to take her out and clean the bag and cat, which left me a little pissed on. But I was prepared, so the people sitting near me on the plane didn't notice.

Good luck!



What about the other way? How long is quarenteen for my Taiwanese doggy in the States?


[Moderator's Note: This thread is a merge of about 4 other threads. The moderators of this forum strongly encourage you to take your pets with you when you leave Taiwan. To help others do this, please share any information you have about regulations and quarantine procedures for bringing animals into your home country.]


Does anyone have any information about how you go about getting your pet home when you leave Taiwan?



You might want to say where home is and what kind of pet it is.

I know that all you need to bring cats into the USA is get a health check from your vet and a certificate from some govt. office (which your vet will help you get) and then take them on the plane with you. I believe NW and EVA will actually let your cat sit with you. Other airlines are not so considerate. Be sure to tell the airline when booking that you are traveling with a pet.


I brought a dog back once. What do you need to know?



The country is South Africa. The pet is a cat. I have never done anything like this so any info from A to Z is great. Health checks, quarenteen, medication for kitty, how and where does she travel...etc. I have been to a vet when I first found her and she had her shots but by the time I leave that will have a year before so does she need all new shots or the same ones again?
Thanks for the responses


I don't know about SA. I brought my dog back to the mainland U.S. In the case of mainland America, your animal has to be protected against any deadly diseases that humans can contract, and in the case of our four-legged friends, it is rabies. I had to have the dog checked by a vet, then take him to some government office where they check him and give him a tag to put on his cage and some papers. The place was behind the Sheraton hotel. I should have remembered the place, since my dog pissed all over the office.

The extra cost to fly him to the Western U.S. was about NT$10,000 (about 6 or so years ago). They put him in the climate-controlled part of the cargo. For all of China Airline's bad rep, they were really good about arranging the whole thing, from initial reservation to ground handling. In the end, U.S. customs let us through and didn't even bother looking at the papers. He was attacked by a porcupine after only three weeks at my mom's house and died, though. :cry:


Ok, giving you the rundown on this pet export beeswax:

  1. Get rabies shots well in advance of departure time, like two months.
  2. Dogs need microchips, cats do not.
  3. Ten days before you leave, take your pet to a trusted vet to get it checked and get them to fill out the health certificate form for you stating your animal is in good health, and the date of it


What vet did you go to to get the health certificate, Alien?

(btw, I'll stay till next spring :smiley: )

Thanks for the list, that's very helpful!

Good Luck!


Thanks for the info Alien.


Isn't the place you take it to behind where the Sheraton is? Or is the Taipei bureau for TPE residents only? Regardless, make sure you bring a rag in case your dog pisses all over their office, like mine did.


I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the procedures involved in bringing a Taiwanese animal (cat) back to N. America (Canada).

Is it at all feasible?



Yes, contact your customs and quaranteen office back home, they'll let you know the correct procedures



For all those who brought cats to Taiwan recently: Does anybody want to sell their airline carrier? I'm sending the perfect cat ahead to Germany in February and need to get an airline carrier. PM me if you want to get rid of one.



I just thought I would add this to help people avoid all the trouble and worry I went through when bringing my Taipei dog home to Canada.

First, call the Taipei Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine and ask them which vet clinics are acceptable. Some are not, as I found out the hard way. They have a list of the hospitals/clinics that they will accept for the health certificate and such. If it is not from one of these on the list....you will not get the proper papers needed to get home!

The Yang Ming Vet Clinic is on the list I know, and is very helpful in helping you get your pet home.

Also, I was told to just show up to the airport early...don't! Try to call around and make an appointment (because your animal has to be cleared before you can check in at the counter). The person who checks the animals was gone when I got there, and barely made it back in time for us.

Good luck!


Great information, TD. That would help a lot of people who are lost in transporting animals home and would thus leave their animals behind.