Exporting Pets out of Taiwan


Sean, feel free to steal the whole thing and post it anywhere you think it's necessary. I was thinking of emailing it to you but then got stuck posting it here.



Well I just got my dogs chipped, shot :astonished: (uh, rabbies) etc and have no idea what kind of chip it is. My understanding is that I only need the chip to get them out of Taiwan as Canada doesn't have any rules regarding chips that I have heard about. Also to make this very clear to everyone as I almost got screwed on this. If you don't get your animal, registered(chipped) and their rabbies at least 30 days before you leave you cannot take your dog out of the country with you. I found this out 31 days before I was ready to leave on the same day that I just got my female dog spayed. That was a busy day. Anyway if anyone could let me know the regulations on the chips please tell me.


are there any government import, quarenteen and commodity offices in the Taichung area I can take my dogs to before I leave?


if anyone is planning on taking a pet home via EVA air they should know that the kennel size is restricted. I believe the demensions are something like, L:120, H:90's and width, no greater than 56. I know this because my dog kennel is 5cm too wide. Thankfully they said not to worry about it.


Iris, we're shipping a dog to Germany real soon, so your info is proving invaluable (to us and the dog).

So many, many thanks!



:sunglasses: I just logged onto Forumosa (first time in what seems a long long time ...) to add exactly the same post as Iris has posted re. pet export to Germany as promised to Sean some time ago ... I guess Iris safed me a lot of typing! :wink: Nothing to add, looks like what we did to get our dog here. Had a very smooth trip b.t.w., even the doggie didn't seem to be too ruffled up, and customs didn't even look at the papers, a bit disappointing after all the efforts we (and others) put into doing everything by the book ... Xpet.


Hi. I'm just wondering if there are any other "Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine" Offices in Taiwan. Other than Taipei that is. Is there one in Kaohsiung maybe? I'm in Tainan and I have a dog and cat to get checked so Taipei is one helluve trip to undertake. Thanks for any info.


There is one in Taichung, don't know the exact adress through.


I have decided to start the procedure of getting my cat microchipped, vaccinated against rabies etc to take him to the UK with me some time next year. The only problem is that I live in Hualien and the only vet that I can find who is an official veterinarian, keeps dropping the ball! :fume:

Your website helped me so much to find out exactly what needed to be done. Thank you so much! I wrote all of this down, downloaded ALL the info from the DEFRA website and gave it to him (I highlighted the important stuff so that he wouldn't need to read anything extra.) Btw his English is good, so he does know what I'm saying. Thanks to Sean, I gave my vet the phone number of the vet in Mucha and he will hopefully be getting the correct microchip tomorrow. :bravo:

I managed to download the Veterinary Certificate (reg. no. 998/2003), but I don't know where to find the "Serial Number of the Certificate". I'm certain my vet won't know either. (He thinks Taiwan isn't a rabies-free country, for heaven's sakes! :unamused: ) Anyone got some advice about this?

Also, how long since the rabies vaccination before the blood test can be done? Can it be done at the same time, or do I have to wait a while?

Thanks so much!


Wait about three to four weeks for the test.

Rest don't know - sorry. Busy!

Will respond better later.



Filling in the Veterinary Certificate is job of the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine, not your vet's!!!! All your vet has to fill in is some standard form, not the official Veterinary Certificate (I suppose he could ask Sean's vet about that). And filling in the Serial Number is done by them, too. The way it worked for me was I went there and they asked me to fill in all my personal information and filled everything else in themselves.



What is the direct link to the website and page with the information?

A friend is thinking of taking a cat back.



Where is the cat going to?


The UK.




And I'd recommend Finland as a cheap and easy place to get the rabies test done. :wink:


Well, after nearly four years, it's almost time to take my American cats back home. I am in Taichung, and from the earlier posts I guess there is a Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine in Taichung, but I'm not quite sure what or where it is.

When we came into Taiwan, we took our cats to a quarantine prison/facility at a university near the train station (the name is escaping me currently). Is that where I should go? Also, there is mention of an approved list of vets for getting their paperwork together, but I haven't actually seen a link to the list. Are there any vets in Taichung? There must be!

I had been planning on going home on EVA since it's direct to Seattle, but their fee seems to be higher than the US carriers. Does anyone have any idea what the pet fee on China Air is? I sent them an email and got a long-winded autoresponse that didn't answer my question, as usual.

Thanks for the help!



My girlfriend and I have finally found a home for our retriever mix stray, named Naicha, in Canada. What we need to find now is someone that is flying to Toronto, Ontario anytime after January 18th that would be willing to take Naicha along for the ride. We got her 8 in 1 plus rabies shot on the 18th of December and must therefore wait 1 month before she can leave.
We would also be able to drive you to the CKS Airport and would be with you while going through any necessary red tape before check in. If you are interested please PM me.


Fyi, once you land at the Vancouver International Airport, there will be an Import Fee of $ 30 plus GST of $2.10, totalling CDN$32.10 levied by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for any animals brought in, via the excess baggage route or not. This is payable after you pass through Customs and Immigration.

Just letting you know that there is a last bit of charge once you land at your destination. Well, there is in Vancouver, not sure about other cities.

Good luck.


Also, to send an 18-kilo dog in a 15-kilo crate (33 kg total), the total excess baggage charge was NT$6,300.

Pretty cheap, I think. Certainly not something worth even considering leaving your beloved four-legged companion behind for. :wink:


Just wanted to let anyone sort of interested know that if you are going to Canada and you were thinking of taking our dog for the ride you would not have to do anything nor pay for anything. We would be there with you at check in and would pay for the cost of sending the dog. We will also give you the $32.10 fee you'd have to pay in Toronto by the Canadian Food Inpection Agency. Then the people that would be taking the dog would be at the airport to pick her up. You'd really not have to do anything extra at all.