Fitness Centres in Taiwan


I totally agree that they are making the gym membership a luxury item. On the other hand, the concept of working out (or lifting weights) in Taiwan hasn't been as popular as in the U.S. This is kinda a chicken-and-egg situation.

For a regular gym goer, the city-run sports center is not a better deal, either... probably worse.

My conclusion -- 24 Hour Fitness is such a bargain. And they still make money. So nice to be able to travel, for example, anywhere in California, and still be able to work out at any 24 Hour. :laughing:

Oh, besides electronic products, as you mentioned, cars and clothes are the other 2 over-priced goods in Taiwan. And yeah, I can't wait to eat those cheap "small-eats". :lick:


I obviously have a hand in this so there's my bias right up front. If people want to peg me as a filthy capitalist because of it, I'm fine with that.

But I've said this once and I'm going to say this one million more times: you are not back in the States or wherever else you came from.

When you buy Western goods and services IN ASIA, then be prepared to pay a higher price. How on earth could you not? You're not back home. German food costs most here than in Germany. Duh. Maple syrup costs more here than in Canada. No kidding? And frankly if people don't like that, then get on a plane and go back.

No one who's outside the industry knows how much this stuff costs to buy and maintain. Trust me, it costs a hell of a lot more than you think and running a fitness business is largely a thankless task. I know that talking about this stuff is pointless because most people are in no position to understand. They're always "victims."

For example, I just unloaded by hand 2 tons of kettlebells and clubs and opened up a gash down my palm from a staple in one of the boxes. I'll be stuck on a exercise bike and doing ab work for a week because i can't work out now. The next time some whiner asks me for a discount, that will be the first thing on my mind.

The prices quoted above for working out short-term are excellent. They should be charging more. I would.


Forgot to add, the Taida gym charges 5K for 6 months. Not sure if that is too long.


Thanks for the info. No, I am not staying that long, only for less than 1 month.


Cools. Well.. not too many other options tho. Body weight workouts or... just rough it until you're back. Funny... I am actually in Cali for a few interviews and lucky for me, there is a 24 fitness right now the road :wink:


Yeah, if I can't find a gym to work out at, I can always do body weights workouts and some cardio. If not, it's always good to take a break anyway. :laughing:


The gym smells like an armpit... doesnt bother me... but at Tai Power MRT across from Exit 4 there is a gym with a giant neon sign you cant miss that says "MUSCLE" on it.
I checked it out... and its like a garage gym.. dont expect any foo-foo crap inside this place.. its a boys gym - old, smelly, and gets the job done. Prices were decent, the owner who I spoke to spoke english very well and is huge. Its two floors with a pretty stinky downstairs area... and its only winter/early spring now... I can only imagine the stank in summer. So be warned. Price was by the month /3 month.. when I asked for a year.. he was surprised by me asking. It was around $5000 NT for 3 months ( my notes are at home at the moment, Ill double check.)
The equipment looked old and rusty, with the essential equipment to get the job done. I am considering joining this gym. The best one I found was this one: especiallth one in gonguan.


Thanks for the info. If I get a chance, I'll go check out the one in Gongguan since I may go there a lot.


Those lifetime-for-peanuts memberships are not the norm. Few people make it past the first-few-years-at-the-regular-price phase to even qualify.

I think gym memberships in Taiwan are fairly reasonable. My World Gym membership here costs less than half of what I was paying for my membership at Crunch in San Francisco, and about the same as what Gold's Gym in San Francisco charged (where I was working as a personal trainer). If I recall, the fees for ClubOne were even higher than Crunch.

I miss Crunch, though. Best gym I ever belonged to.

The World Gym staff in Xindian are not surly. They were a bit more friendly when Nick was the manager there, but still not surly.


I actually don't have a 24 hour lifetime membership. I paid $650 for 3 years after which I can renew for $60/year forever. I think that is pretty reasonable especially since I use to travel a lot in Asia. I recall the local California charged about $80 USD/month in Singapore. The funny thing is that the last few years I also paid $120/month for crossfit. I just kept the 24 membership since I figured I'd come back to Asia eventually. Just my luck that Cali doesn't exist in tw anymore.


I don't doubt you, as the price of gym memberships changes a lot and is generally negotiable, but I will say you got an incredible deal. When I lived in the US and shopped 24-hour, the cost for a similar membership was about US$900+ for the 3 years, then about US$60/year for life (provided you never let the membership lapse, at which point you are back to square-1). And then, of course, there is the chance your gym could go out of business, or lose branches, like in this case.

You get what you pay for. I never cared for 24-hours' facilities or sales tactics. I was much happier paying for the actual cost of a well equipped, well run gym. Crunch rocks! Or, at least it used to. Dunno how it is under the new owner.


The 24 hour fitness's in Hawaii were fine and the staff were not too obnoxious. The one down the street from where I am staying in Montery Park, Ca is beautiful. All new complete with a pool, hot tub, and sauna (and very clean). I noticed today that Cost co was selling 2-year 24 hour fitness memberships for $300.


I've been to one of the Crunch locations in SF. Yeah, the one I went to was a very nice gym. As for 24 Hour Fitness membership, I guess the deals depend on when and how you sign up, since they change all the time.


absolutely horrible experience at World Gym - by Taipei Main MRT: You cannot simply walk in and ask for a price and leave. We were stuck there for over 30 minutes+, while the guy walked us around the gym and showed us the wonderful: bathrooms, the tiny hall where people warm up, and bunch of other bullshit.

When I asked if they had specific equipment by name... he didnt understand. Then we were brought over to this machine for a scientific analysis of my body weight... total bullshit. two metal sticks in my hand.. standing on a metal plate with no socks on...He was literally reading his sales speech from cards... very nervous rookie sales guy.

to the point I grabbed the paperwork that I filled out and wrote in giant letters: 1 year $? 6 month $? 1 month$? The price is ofcourse designed for people who probably will not come back to the gym... so the deep payment is up from like nearly $4,000NT for the first month, then $1,288 NT after that.

So I asked if there is a discount if I pay for the year up front.. and ofcourse he says no to that.
He is also not a manager, and no manager was on duty at the time.

The free weight section was very small compared to all the monstrous foo-foo nautilus equipment. We left disappointed.

They wont negotiate with you.. and will threaten you with the bullshit of this is a one time best sales price.. if you come back tomorrow the price is double. Used Car sales tactics. f'k that.


I had the exact same experience a few years ago at the Chung-Saio branch, when it was under California Gym ownership. You can't just ask how much and get an answer. They had the audacity to ask me how much I could pay. WTF?


Sounds like a typical sales experience at 99% of the gyms I've ever been to, US or Taiwan.


That gym stinks--literally. If it isn't the smell of the Alleycats upstairs wafting through (and I love Alleycats, just not while I am working out), there's this horrible smell in the mens' locker room, like some sort of moldy, burnt pus. Things are not looking good for World Gym these days--the Hsimen branch was shut down recently. Is World set to topple?


Nope, not even close. We made the evening news with our press release onthe situation. Our lawyers made an official statement.


with your signature and all... and reading the complaints maybe its time you retrain your staff on their selling technique?
A happy customer will get you three more customers... one pissed off experience like mine could kill off 30 potential customers are more. Just ask them - Do you have time for a tour? yes/no, answer any questions... then here is the price. Thats it... 6 billion people in Taipei...


A happy customer will get you three more customers... one pissed off experience like mine could kill off 30 potential customers are more. Just ask them - Do you have time for a tour? yes/no, answer any questions... then here is the price. Thats it... 6 billion people in Taipei...[/quote]

I actually remember studying this in my marketing class at business school. I think the number is about 3 to 30. We had the same conversation with our Prof. A pissed off customer is pretty much the worst outcome a business can have... unless of course you have a limited supply situation.