Fitness Centres in Taiwan


Yes I can confirm that the use of the NTU gym is 200NT per day for non-students. I went there once and the equipment inside was sufficient for my needs, however if you don't plan on attending that school, 200NT is still kind of pricey.

As far as the community gyms go, I do believe they close at night. How early though, is something you might want to call and ask or find it on their website. Only reason I mention that is because you say you don't get off work until late so depending on how late, these community gyms might not be an option for you. I guess you can kind of get an idea of what other gyms are like from this thread and use that information and see how each gym would apply to you and your workout needs. For myself, I was a bit pickier because there were gyms that were too small, or too cramped that would limit me to what I could do and can't do. So if there are gyms that would work for the type of workout you regularly use then they might be potential candidates.

As far as the World Gyms, have you considered going to another location? I think the Ximen location is decent. It's pretty spacious and they have alot of equipment. But depending on how far you have to travel it might not be right for you.

I'm still in the US so It's not quite as urgent for me to get a gym, but once I do move, which is sometime in late Oct/early Nov, I will be doing the same. Also I've factored in the fact that moving to a new country, although I go there every year, means adapting. I'm actually considering moving away from weights and do more bodyweight exercises. I mean, you just need a park with some monkey bars and you're set for alot of stuff. I've realized in the past few months that gym equipment, for me, isn't that essential. For one thing I never touch the actual machines and work almost exclusively with barbells and dumbbells. Then there are the bodyweight exercises like pullups, pushups, handstand pushups, core work, etc.

I'm rambling so I'm gonna stop. I guess to sum up what I'm trying to say is, depending on how you workout, there will be a list of options for you to choose from. Even if you don't find the right gym, you can still get in a decent workout for free at a park.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben, Hi rlee25,

I just called Tai-Da Gym and they told me you can pay NT 200 for each use, but there's no restriction on how long you use the gym during each use. But once you're out, you can NOT use it again even if on the same day. So that's how they operate. And if I remember correctly, this fee is only for the use of weightlifting room, nothing else. So if you also want to, say for example, swim, that would be extra.

Also keep in mind that Tai Da gym's equipment is quite basic, so keep your expectation reasonable. But then again, it really depends on what you do in your workout. They're just much bigger in space and in a new building compared to Taipei Gym, which is small, cramped and old, but functional with relatively more advanced equipments. But you probably won't like Taipei Gym due to its small, cramped space, and old looks, including bathroom area. They have one location right across the street from Tai da Gym.

This is the web page for the Zhong Zheng District City gym and according to this web page, they're open 06:00 ~ 22:00 every day. ... &mp=100087

Copy and paste this address on google maps to find its location. 臺北市中正區信義路一段1號
It's right next to CKS Memorial Hall, between MRT CKS M H and MRT NTU Hospital
Phone: 02-3322-5016

This is the web page for the Daan District City Gym, and according to this web page, they're also open 06:00 ~ 22:00 every day. ... &mp=100087

Copy and paste this address on google maps to find its location. 臺北市大安區辛亥路3段55號
The closest MRT is Technolohy Building.
Phone: 02-2377-0300

Like what Ben said, you really should take a look at the gyms yourself first to see if they'll be any good to you personally because only you yourself know what you need in your regular workout routines.

If you're going this weekend, keep in mind the coming Monday is the Moon Festival, which I believe is a national holiday. So call ahead to see if they'll still be on regular hours.

If you still need help, let me know. I'm near Tai Da area. I myself have never been to any City Gyms, either. But if there's anything I can help, let me know.

Happy Moon Festival :bow:



anyone have any info on bluesky gym/spa in new taipei?



I would really do allot of research on any gym you are going to join. I joined a gym only out of convenience to where I lived. Now, I never go to it I do basic workout at home. Because when I was there to sign up... the place was empty for a monday at around after lunch time.

So I planned my attack of the gym... show up at off hours not the typical M-W-F routine that most people follow.

So on Tuesday came in around 8pm... and the place was wall to wall people.

For the next three weeks I tried all kinds of different time frames.
The place was packed... not with people working out.. also people just hanging out.. sitting on the equipment chatting. Really annoying, I had to constantly change my routine to keep it amped up. A few times hitting the wall, because all available equipment was being used, with a queue of people waiting.

Then it was the little things I started to notice that I forgot to look for: lack of Mirrors on the walls, how many actual sets of dumbbells and benches do they have. The guys always doing curls in the squat rack or sitting there chatting in a group. It was a terrible decision to join.

I suggest camping out across the street from a gym and observe how crowded the place is at all different hours before joining. These gyms here oversell the crap out of memberships.


Hi there, does anyone use the city gyms and if so do you have any comments regarding these gyms? I am moving to Taipei from USA in 2 weeks and definitely need a place to work out. But really don't want to go all over the city on a gym tour. So if anyone has comments regarding the city gyms, please reply and share your thoughts. Would I just be better off finding a park with monkey bars and just go at it like a foo'?


Previous Posts: I was located at the World Gym 101 Elite inthe 101 building on the 6th floor. I have been moved to the Neihu branch to fix systems and get the club on track. I just wanted to post this because I am getting some PM's on Gyms. I have found my favorite gym, unfortunately it doesn't belong to us. Off the record, it is on standard with gyms from the US. I work out there simply because I live next door to it.


I guess I won't be bumping into you at 101 anymore. :cry:


Can anyone suggest a gym with a good swimming pool as well? I've been to the Shilin Sports Center one but was not really impressed with how the lanes were divided up during peak hours (Only time I get can to the gym).


Anyone know where to find those Gov/public fitness centers? They tell me there is one in Xinyi district? Where? Any address? Must be mucho cheaper than World's!

Think I put this in the wrong thread first.


Here's the URL:
The address is at the bottom. You can copy and paste it into a map website to help you find it.


Been awhile since I've been on these forums. I'm finally going to Taiwan after being postponed for nearly 4 months. I'll be staying with my dad for a little bit until I get settled in. My buddy who I was going to live with might be taking a job in Beijing.

Anyways, what's this gym you speak of? Is it conducive for oly lift training? I've been really getting into the oly lifts these past few months and would like to continue training these lifts while I'm in Taiwan.


hey everyone! i'm currently looking for a gym for weightlifting and pay per visit. i'm currently near tai-da and ntu, but i feel 200nt/visit is a bit much. is there a government gym located nearby? also, has anyone had experiences with the muscle centre gym nearby, its a really small gym, but i am considering checking it out. thanks!


There is a government gym right off campus of Tai-Da. That's where my friend I went when we couldn't find the Tai-Da gym on our first try. I forget the street name off hand but if you go back a few pages and look at one of my earlier posts, there should be a google maps link to where this facility is.


thanks. when you refer to tai-da your referring to the university am i correct? is this the one? ... &mp=100087
I'm having trouble finding exactly which one is nearby.


No, that's not it. The one you've linked to is about a little over 2 miles away from Tai-Da. The one I was talking about is:

This one is literally just outside of campus. It is however on the opposite side, eastern side, with respect to the NTU Sports Center.


I just signed up last night with the new Fitness Factory in the NEO 19 complex, underneath Barcode, and I went this morning. Despite the location and a number of fufu-ish features, it's set up to just let you get down to business. They have a ton of Iron Grip style (hexagonal, rubber) free weights and an actual squat rack, the only minus being no kettle bells.

The setup reminds me a lot of the weight and machine areas of nicer gyms in the US. They also have signs plastered everywhere in Chinese and English on gym etiquette, so at least they care enough about that to put the signs up. The price is also pretty good.

When I went there last night after 9PM and this morning around 7AM it was fairly empty. Not sure how it looks at peak hours, as I avoid going to the gym during peak hours like the plague.

There's no pool or basketball court as with most other privately-operated gyms in Taipei. The good news is the City Sports Center is just down the street for swimming, etc. if needed - their weight room is just too ill-equipped and crowded these days to be very useful.

The douchebag-factor seems to be pretty low, but once again I went in the morning. There were a few guys there who definitely worked out as part of their living and they seemed pretty nice. If anyone wants to workout, I'll be there most mornings.


Looks interesting. This is actually pretty close to where I'll be living. Do you mind sharing with us how much it all cost to sign up and if they have different options as far as membership goes?



I did the single location, off-peak hours only plan (they call it Silver) and it was 6076 upfront including 2 months of membership fees and 3500 of initiation fees to sign up on a one year contract at 1288 per month. The restriction is you simply can't go there from 5PM to 9PM on weekdays and 1PM-5PM on weekends. There is a higher fee of I think 1688 for full access from 6AM-12AM, but I pretty much only workout mornings and late nights.

I asked for a month-to-month term membership with payment in cash due each month, so if I decide to go to another gym before a year from now, I'm only out 6076. They also gave me one month for free, so the total cost for the year will be 17,668. I didn't feel like haggling too much given the price was decent enough so when she mentioned the free month, I figured OK. The location is convenient to where I live and the facilities are nice, so it was worth it for me over Taipei Gym and other options. The equipment is similar to the World Gym in Taipei 101, but it's a little bit smaller space wise and costs less.

They also have an 888 for one month trial promo going on right now. I think taking that option would be 888 more for the year given the 888 month would replace the free month.

Here's their website: ... NCHES1&F=1


Sounds like a decent deal. I think I'll probably sign up when I move there. I'll hit you up when I'm over there and maybe we can work out.

What's your name? I'm Ben by the way.

I'm still looking for a facility that has bumper plates for oly lifts. For some reason I can't find anything. Perhaps I'm using the wrong terms or something. I found a bunch of stuff about weightlifting competitions in Taiwan but nothing about actual training facilities. Been really getting into oly lifts the past 4-5 months. As it is now, I'm still under performing for my size. Just need more repetition, repetition, repetition.


You can stop looking. :slight_smile: No commercial facility in all of Taiwan except ours has bumper plates. i had them special ordered.

As for a facility with bumper plates, squat racks, kettlebells, etc. with a open gym policy, we're the place to come.