Fitness Centres in Taiwan


Expat here, recently signed up for Fitness Factory in Xinyi and I have been pleased with the experience so far.


Hi all,

I will be in kaohsiung this winter for a month. Just wondering if anyone knows of a gym I could go to, aka would i be able to get a membership for just a month. Not looking for anything fancy, just freeweights like a bench, squat rack, dumbells up to 80 would be nice too.


World Gym ripped my friend off $60,000. Paid cash for unlimited lifetime membership. After one year, he missed one $1000 annual payment. They would not let him make the payment and killed his membership.

Same friend, joined Alexander Fitness for $40,000, 3 weeks before they shut their doors. They threw in great incentives like 20 free passes for friends, knowing the passes would be worthless in a few weeks.

There is no shortage of gym scams in Taiwan.


They scam anyone anyway they can make money ... any business

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There are shitty service businesses and then there is the gym business, another level entirely!


And then there are places like ours where we don't play games and the pricing is set for everyone so one guy doesn't get a "typhoon discount." I wish that everyone complaining would at least make an attempt to visit a place that is NOT out to rip people off. For anyone tired of dishonest businesses, a few of the honest ones would appreciate your support.


Looking for a gym in Taichung for a period of 4-6 months. Don't really want to commit to a year long contract considering I might go back to the states. Seen world gym and fitness factory. Fitness factory is NICEEEEE


I would stay away from World Gym who was California Fitness who was Alexander. Same scheming business and the pH balance in pools are scary...
If you can, I would try SWEAT at W Hotel, or Fitness Factory or O3. O3 opened recently in the same area and offers a lot of variety like bouldering/rock climbing as well as circuit training courses :slight_smile:


ive been using public fitness centers around taipei over the past few months. however i saw that true fitness had a 6 month deal going for 5888 which got me curious. is there a catch? my chinese is pretty bad so i cant read the entire ad. im going to ntnu so having a gym close by will be nice.


We're in the area just up HePing W. Rd. and we get a lot of ShiDa students. Here's a map to our location:

Not sure what you're looking for but we're mainly a weight lifting gym and we have a pretty cool and knowledgeable group of people here. Stop by and check us out if you get a chance.


Getting kinda tired of the commercials for your gym, Formosa Fitness.

I dont know what the green text for your name, implies. But why not just buy a banner advertisement on this website... and maybe ask the admin to drop it on this thread already?


Thanks for your opinion.

We have bought banner ads on Forumosa, that's why the name is a different color. So we've helped sponsor the forum you're currently posting on.

Promoting our gym is what we have to do as a small business. We don't have marketing departments or splashy ads to rely on. I'm not ashamed to do it and will continue to do it because a lot of people appreciate what we bring to this community. I was replying to a guy that was looking for a gym in our area. A very natural thing to do that we will continue doing as we see fit.


o3 is the best gym I have been to in Taiwan. The equipment is good and varied, much of it you won't find elsewhere in Taiwan. The staff are very friendly and so are the other people who use the place. I had a personal training session to give me a programme as some of the kit I had not used before and it was fantastic. I haven't tried any classes, but they look good fun as well as hard work.


I'm trying to find a gym to learn and practice oly lifting, does it even exist in taiwan? I asked maybe 10 people and got ZERO lead so far


O3 and Formosa fitness both can help you.


Thanks to riggers for the mention.

Yes, you can learn and practice Olympic lifting at our gym. We have bumper plates and bars specifically designed for OL, plus our trainers can teach you. We even hosted a Southeast Asia champion who's a friend of ours to run a clinic last year. Come check us out if you get a chance.


I'm looking for something in the Wanhua district, I live near Longshan elementary school. I have quite bad knees so looking for a place that has ellipticals. Might just end up buying one myself if nothing nearby.



Dave will be along shortly, but let me helpfully point out: Forumosa Fitness is very close to Wanhua, walking would take 10 minutes, or 5 by scooter/bus/bike. A great gym and perfect for you-he can advise exercises that would take into account your knee problems..


Thanks to kea for the mention.

We are close to Wanhua just up the road on HePing W. Rd. We don't have ellipticals (we have alternatives) but we can probably help you with why your knees are bad. Feel free to stop by or PM me for more info. Thanks.


Hello guys
I am looking for a gym wich have high level equipment from usa
Do u know any fitness center with MEDX equipment? The fitness machines made by arthur jones

Thank you