Fitness Centres in Taiwan


Has the JJ Gym by CKS re-opened yet? If so what were the big changes?
Im probably not going back - seen way too many people punching tickets to snapcity, and just really shitty gym etiquette ( none) in general.
But what do you expect for 50NT for a hour of hell.


Cheap basic no=frills


So I went to True Fitness at Guting station:
Starting offer:
12 month minimum, $3700 initiation, $2588 a month

Later offer to my friend over the phone:
12 month minimum, $2500 initiation, $2588 a month

Later that day in World Gym at Gongguan:
Starting offer:
24 month minimum, $3500 processing fee, $10888 initiation, $3500 a month

Half way offer:
24 month minimum, $3500 processing fee, $2500 a month

Final offer:
24 month minimum, $500 processing fee, $1088 a month.

Early termination fee: used months, but no less than two * monthly fee, but in total, not to exceed $6000.

Your mileage may vary.


Our Guting location is NT12,000 for one year and our DaPingLin location in HsinDian is NT15,000 for one year, both with a simple NT1,000 new membership fee. When you’re tired of the shenanigans, check us out. We also have monthly and daily rates.


I workout at 300 壯士 in Ximen and can roughly recommend it. Was 20,000 for 2.5 years. Its 24 hours and they always have educated staff on hand to help you out.


Hello Forumosians,
Anyone been interested in high intense fitness classes with a boxing/kickfit/mma element to it? I am moving out of Taiwan and have 6 months left on my unlimited membership at O3 Fitness. (all fitness and gym usage, but not professional classes) It’s a great gym for serious workouts. Looking to transfer it starting May. (6 months NT$2200/month, I will pay the transfer fee). Much appreciated!


Anyone have any experience with GO Gym? They have 2 locations: one near Taipei Arena and the other next to Yonchun MRT.

I’ve been going to Fitness Factory at Neo19 the past 3 years and I’m looking for a change of scenery.


Does anyone love to do weight lift in Taiwan ?

A weigh lift coach Frank, who has a personal Facebook which introduce a lot of info about weight lift


Anybody at Being Sport have any contacts? Looking for a good deal there. (Minshen)