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With hard work and good product/service, foreign business owners can be successful in taiwan.


Thank you very much! It's been an uphill struggle and this month is our sixth year anniversary. But struggling makes you stronger and we're very excited to be opening a new branch. Please stop by sometime if you have the chance. I'd love to meet you.


any recommendations for the changhua, nantou, taichung area?


One of my top picks for Taichung would be Centerline Gym. I talked with the guys that supply their equipment a few days ago and it looked solid. Good equipment is one of the main things I look for when I visit a gym.


We're proud to be bringing in some equipment that is quite rare in Taiwan to our new and existing location. One of the first pieces we bought was the Assault Air Bike pictured here with my kids on it on the right.

It was designed to do high intensity interval training. Here's a little preview:

In the picture above on the left, you’ll see a local fan bike that we bought years ago. I’ve been looking for a good fan bike in Asia since we opened. It was one of the main things I wanted in the gym. We bought three of those models on the left and all three broke in a matter of months. I was really disappointed but we were trying new things out to bring them to you guys. There were no reviews so we took a chance and got burned. This is what we do to bring good stuff to our gymgoers.

The workout that really inspired me to want to get a fan bike was the Gym Jones workout 300FY. Mark Twight runs Gym Jones and he was the guy that trained the cast and crew of the movie 300 and it’s sequel. I was a member of the Gym Jones insider website for a while because I wanted to better understand their programming and inside the pay site, he was very clear that he wasn’t happy with all the “300 workouts” that came out after the movie that looked nothing like what he put the real cast and crew through. So he wanted a workout that people couldn’t duplicate easily that still used 300 in the name. He came up with a brutal workout called the 300 FY cause you need to burn 300 calories in 10:00 on the fan bike or “f_ck you.” That last part was a message to the wannabe’s that he wasn’t happy with. Burning 300 calories in 10:00 on a fan bike is no joke. Check it out:

Basically, the air bike is the kind of equipment made specifically for HIIT (high intensity interval training) and it’s the first piece of gym “cardio” equipment I’ve ever seen made specifically for that. The calories you can burn on this thing are tremendous and I felt an upperbody pump just from doing the intervals. My guess is you can get simultaneous musclebuilding, fat burning, and power results all at the same time by doing intervals on the air bike. That’s nothing to sneeze at, especially in 4:00!

Anyway, we have four of these going into the HsinDian location and one going in at our XiaMen/HePing location. If you want to experience this awesome workout, give us a visit. More equipment details coming soon!


Sadistic video and all. He failed.

That piece of equipment looks M_E_A_N.


Xindian location? You are moving to our neck of the woods? :banana:


much appreciated. I'll give'em a shout and see what's good


That we are! Come on by when we open up. We're looking at May to open. HsinDian was always one of my favorite parts of town, although it looks set to explode in population. Glad to be going there!


My pleasure. Good luck to you.


Yeah, and he's in good shape to begin with. It's a very effective piece of machinery, I have to give it that. The owner of the company told me a Crossfit star athlete burned 30 calories in 1:00 on it. That's crazy. I tried to do a full Tabata at max effort and didn't make it the whole 4:00. Haha, very humbling experience


Where abouts in Xindian will you open, or is it still secret?


It's near DaPingLin station, about 5:00 west of the station. Not really trying to keep it a secret just putting all of my energy into getting it ready and don't want people to see something that is still under construction. I'll give the address when it starts coming together. Hope everyone gets a chance to stop by in May.


Cool, I guess it's close to the A-Mart, looks like I can't use the too far away excuse any longer! Will drop by once it's done.


Dapinglin is very convenient. After my time away from Taiwan its worth me hanging on until May to join


Great. Welcome! It's very close to the station


I'll check it out when you open, I need a gym :slight_smile: I am thinking of trying out the sports center that I read about on the internet but I have a feeling it could be really crowded.

Also, Dapinglin in English sounds like da penguin.


Here's a peek at our new power racks that will be going to the new location. We're installing four of these bad boys. Many more toys on the way.


It does, doesn't it? Kinda cute


That looks like quite a big space ! Is it bigger than your other site ?