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Thank you!


Just wanted to add here that I met with Dave last weekend to discuss my training options, and I could not be more satisfied.

I have the 'skinny guy' problem, where I'm not out of shape in any way, fairly athletic, but I just can't put on any muscle mass. Dave taught me some new techniques with correct posture and form and gave me a workout routine that will help me build muscle mass instead of just burning calories. He also taught me more effective (and time saving) stretching techniques and gave me some nutrition advice and ways to limit wasting the precious amount of calories in my system. I generally can get out of the gym in around 30-40 minutes depending on how many people are in there, and I feel like I've received a real workout thanks to the full-body exercises Dave recommended for me. When you can feel every major muscle group in your body pulsing you know something is right.

It's been about a week now and I have already starting adding weight to my workout, which is a sure sign that I am progressing way more than before. Dave is a real pro, and I recommend that anyone who is serious about their fitness goals should definitely meet with him.


Wow. Thanks for the kind words, Mike! Glad we could help you out!


One of the best things about my job is getting great results out of normal people. Here is one of my top female clients squatting 70kg 20 times! She's a latent athlete for sure. Had she been born in a culture that valued sports more highly, who knows what she could have done. She had never really exercised before she came to us and look what she's capable of now.

I love my job. :slight_smile:


That was awesome to watch!!! :bravo: :notworthy:


Glad you liked it. She's the strongest legal secretary in Taiwan for sure. :sunglasses:


hi there,

what exactly is the difference between the competition kettlebells and the classic kettlebells that are available for formosa fitness? what are the pros and cons for each? and which one is more efficient and beneficial for training?

By the way, does anyone know where i can buy gymnastic rings like Xtreme Rings, Rouge Rings, EXF Rings?


Hi. Where is your new gym? Good luck, it looks promising.

EDIT: In response to your reply: Thanks, you're doing a great job, hope you continue to have a solid business and keep increasing your strength=you look really fit.


Hi. The classic kettlebell is what most everyone uses for fitness training. We carry it in sizes from 4-32kg so all ability ranges are covered. These bells are solid iron and practically indestructible. The competition bells are all uniform in size even if the weight goes up, meaning they are larger than most all of the classic bells except the 32kg. Some like the bigger, uniform size, some don't. The handles and size of the bell are all the same because these are used for competition, so they most all be made to a competition standard. We carry 8-32kg. These bells are made of steel and the handle will rust if you don't use it regularly but it has a more natural feel.

I don't sell rings but you might want to check out our STX:
I designed it to give people the same type of exercises you can get from the TRX but because of the split design, you can do muscle ups, pullups, dips, etc. like on rings. Can't do those on TRX.

Thanks for looking at our products and let me know if I can assist you further.


Hi. Thanks for the kind words. Here's a link to our soon-to-be location: ... 501e&msa=0

We're just 5:00 west of GuTing MRT station. Please feel free to stop by and visit when we open next week! And let me know if you have any more questions.

Here's us unloading 6 tons of equipment. What a workout!

BTW, everyone feel free to join our Formosa Fitness Facebook page for more updates:

Thank you!


Would there be anything you can do to help shape up a somewhat serious beer gut? Not all out obesity, justt he case where there's a little bit of a situation in the central region. Or would this be a lost cause...


We can certainly help with that. We can get you results fairly quick if you work hard. Here are some of our client's experiences using our methods:

Please let us know if you have any more questions and we hope to see you soon!


hey dave,

how can i order a kettlebell from you? can i order one and pick it up from your gym to save the shipping fee?

and for someone who is around 150-155 lb who used to lift weights. will 20 kg bell be ok? trying to figure out the best starting weight since kettlebells are pretty expensive.

by the way, what brand are the classic kettlebells that you have? dragondoor from pavel tsatsouline?


Hi. You can come pick it up or we can deliver it anywhere on the island for NT200.
The kettlebells seem expensive at first until you learn how versatile it is. The workouts can be very demanding. A 16kg is what we normally want a guy your size to start with but you can come in and try out the 20kg and see if it's for you.

We carry our own brand. I work with the factory is get the best quality we can get.


Now open! Our new gym is having a soft opening on Apr. 1. Times starting in April are 7am-9pm M-F and 10am-4pm Sat-Sun.
Only Prowler in Taiwan:

And we built the gym around the power racks:

These racks are no joke. They're based on the Elite FTS rack.
Opening Special!! Try the open gym this month for NT1000!
Our new location:
So feel free to stop by!! We'd love to meet you!


What will the monthly fees be eventually ? It looks like the kind of gym I will need when I arrive. I will be staying in xindian too, so access should be easy


Hello. The fees depend on the length of stay. If you're staying a while then we'll want you to do a 12 month contract with the monthly fee of NT1000. For shorter stays, the month-to-month option with no contract will be set in May at NT1500. In both of these cases, classes are extra. That's just the open gym price. There's an NT1500 new members signup fee starting in May. There's also a day pass for NT350.

Unlike every other gym out there, we don't waive the membership fee, cut deals, or have hidden fees. We try to be as straight forward and upfront as we can. We're tired of the BS in the fitness industry so our gym is set up to avoid as much of that as possible.

Please come visit us when you get a chance.


Sounds perfect, I get there in July. The plan is at least for the next few years. See you then


Awesome, just the type of the facility i need when I'm in Taiwan. Can't wait to visit your open gym next time i'm there. Just hope you'll still have space to take on new members by then.


Awesome! I'm sure we'll have some space left for you. Will keep the porch light on.