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Hi Formosa Fitness!

I'm planning a trip to Taiwan for a month in February, and thought about training while I'm there. Seems like the gym you run is very well equipped! Well done mate! Its awesome to see people so passionate about training! Just wanted to check a few things just to be sure.

Is Chalk usage allowed in the gym? How about the availability of spotters for a set or two of heavy squats/bench? And the price is 1500NT for one month is that correct? (and usage is any time?)

Look forward to training in your gym when I'm in taiwan!

Joe :slight_smile:


Hi Joe. Thanks for the compliments. We're passionate about fitness and we're glad to hear that it shows. Chalk is allowed in the gym although we prefer you use our liquid chalk. If you bring your own, please make sure it doesn't spill all over the place because it's next to impossible to get out of our floor mats. Depending on when you work out, you might be the only one there so spotters may or may not be available but feel free to ask someone to spot.
The short term rate is NT1500 a month and yes, the usage times are 7am-9pm M-F and 10am-4pm Sat-Sun.
Please by all means, come check us out when you get here. We love meeting new people and look forward to having you work out with us!


Thanks for the prompt reply Dave! Will definitely pop in for a short month to meet all you cool people! See you then bro!


Hi FF, I am looking for a little advice on getting a set of pull up bars made to order and fixed on my ceiling. It's my only option, my doors are just not high enough.
Could you recommend someone pr give me some advice? Cheers.


Sorry, but I can't refer anyone to you on that. We had two custom made for the gym and both of them broke. Fortunately we spotted the weaknesses in both cases before anyone got hurt. IMO local welders aren't used to making exercise equipment and tend to underestimate tolerances.

What I would recommend instead is installing a set of rings or a suspension trainer from your ceiling. You can do more exercises like dips and muscleups and you can take them down easily. Hope that helps.


Cheers mate!


Showing off our new toy: the glute ham raise. This thing is a bitch. Be careful when you play with it -- it has a bite. Try partial movements at first.
Here's a look at how to use it:

And here's a look at how NOT to use it:

The GHD situp is not a good movement for many reasons. The likelihood of getting hurt is enormous. Check out this article: ... per-Situps

Don't be a douchebag that has to show off his tattoos and show what a badass he is and then injure yourself. Use exercise equipment intelligently and with attention to detail and you'll get great results.


Here's a look at how we do cardio. You'd have to run for about an hour and a half to burn as many calories as I did in only 30:00 using the weight sled. Since we're the only gym in all of Taiwan that has weight sleds (we're progressive that way) you should come join us if this appeals to you. Enjoy.


We got featured in China Post: ... common.htm

They tell you how we got started. It was me and one other person, then 2, then 4....

Thanks to China Post for graciously telling our story.


We want to wish a Merry Christmas to all our supporters and here's hoping for the best in 2013.


Thanks for posting this. There is one a CKS Gym and I never used it nor have I ever seen anyone else use it. I'll give it a try.

#132 ... 7#p1495317

We're hosting Taiwan's first ever Tactical Strength Challenge! Details at the link above. Proceeds go to charity! Come see how fit you are!


Hi what are the opening hours this week ? I thought it was 10 till 2 ? Steve


Hi. We're open from 10am-2pm Thursday the 14th to Sunday the 17th. Normal hours resume on Monday. Please stop by if you have the time. Thanks!


i just responded to an email about our services so I'll cross post if here to answer any questions before they're asked:

Hello and welcome. The short term membership is for people that aren't in Taiwan for long or for people that want to try it out for a variety of reasons before they commit to 12 months. The short term membership is for 30 days at NT1500 starting on the day you pay with an NT500 new members fee.

For folks willing to make a long term commitment, we drop the price to NT1000 a month either paid in full for the year or you allow us access to your bank account and we take out NT1000 a month. The new members fee is NT1500 because it takes us a lot of paperwork to set up the year membership. Both of these member options get you use of the equipment whenever we're open and are mandatory for any of the following options.

We have group classes, private sessions, and semi-private sessions as add-ons for you to learn more provided you have the basic membership. You can do these long or short term depending on your needs and wants. It's best to go in and talk with the trainers about these options since they're many. They can explain it better to fit your situation.

You really should visit if any of this sounds doable. We aren't like any other gym in Taiwan and our prices per visit are LESS than the public Taipei-city gyms if you come regularly. And the quality of people and equipment that we have can't be found anywhere else. Most everyone that comes to out place is dedicated to fitness and that brings a higher level of knowledge to the gym that you won't find elsewhere.

Please come by any time and check us out. We're open from 7am-9pm M-F and 10am-4pm Sat-Sun, closed on national holidays. Thanks!


Ever seen Medicine balls in Taipei?


Yes, i see them at Formosa Fitness every time i go in. :slight_smile:


Hi guys. We've decided to start a FREE workout 3x a week that we'll be posting over at the Kettlebell Taiwan Facebook page: ... 8670435141

The idea is to open up some workouts for the broader fitness community outside our gym. It's a public service but we have to centralize the comments and questions so my trainers can answer them, hence the hosting of the workout on the Facebook page. But i can answer general how's and why's here.

We'll post three workouts a week that you can do in any gym or at home if you have kettlebells. If you don't, you can use dumbbells but the workout won't be as good. i can tell you from experience. All we ask is that you comment on each WOD post with the weight you used, your results for the workout, and any questions if you have them. Without participants posting the weight you used and the result, there isn't much point in us providing the workouts.

If we get 50 people minimum to commit tomorrow, we'll continue to post the workouts along with videos demoing the moves. If not, we'll move on to the next idea. I got a ton of them and you never know if they're gonna work until you try. Hope you'll workout with us!


I wish your daily rate was cheaper :sad:, I'd love to come but I can't commit to any amount of time as I travel so much.

Is it still 350nt? Can these be bulk bought in advance?


The day pass is NT300. We have a 30 day pass for NT1500 plus a new members fee of NT500 for that first pass. Additional 30 day passes after that are just NT1500. We've found that this option is popular with folks.