Good Gynecologists


My wife was very happy with the Koo Cancer Hospital near Guandu MRT station.


Dear All,

Has someone a good experience or contact details of an English female gynecologist in Taipei? Thanks in advance for sharing the information.

I have seen many recommanding Dr. Bernice Chen.

May I know how much are the fees for a consultation? With Insurance. Thanks.


I went to Dr. Chen too and I felt that her nurse might have been very happy with a camera as much as she kept looking. I wonder if it was the same one.


Dear Braxtonhicks,

Do you know the fee for a consultation with Dr. Bernice Chen? Thanks in advance.


To register at ChungShan Hospital where Bernice works costs 380nt per visit with NHI.


I don't have any experience, but I'll gladly take a look at it for you ! Muahahahahha!!


Thanks a lot for the information and quick reply :slight_smile: :wink:


Does anyone know of any good one's here in the Kaohsiung area?


Hi everyone,

This is a bit of a testimonial/advice-seeking message. I had an experience recently at Adventist hospital in the gyno department, where they gave me a pap, asked some questions and pushed me on my way. It seemed pretty standard. In terms of english services, they are probably one of the most accomodating (although I haven't been to too many). I've also been told from others that the gynecology department supposed has some of the best trained doctors. Initially, The doctor that I had was a female doctor named Dr. Chen, who was cordial, slightly helpful, but mostly seemed a bit rushed. She gave me a bit of advice and told me to wait for my pap results in the mail.

Two weeks later (two days ago to be exact), I receive somewhat of a frightening message on my voicemail from a male Adventist gynecologist telling me that my pap was abnormal and that I needed to return immediately for further evaluation. When I went in, he explained to me that my papsmear results showed "moderate dysplasia"--or the precancer stage of cervical cancer. He was quite helpful with all of my questions and seemed pretty knowledgeable and reassuring about his information, which I did do further research on later. He expressed that I would need to have an operation called conization, which should eradicate the dysplasia with one procedure and to identify if the stage is potentially invasive...this is suppose to happen in a matter of weeks.

Since I have never had experience with anything remotely similar to this in my life--let alone surgery in Taiwan--it would be helpful if anyone with a similar experience or knowledge on the issue could help shine some light and put my mind a bit more at ease. Do you think i get a second opinion elsewhere, and if so, where?

Thanks for anyone's advice


It hasn't happened to me personally but has happened to a couple of friends, when we were at university. It's not uncommon. It's generally sorted with a quick, non-painful procedure and then is fine. After this you need to have pap smears every year. Neither of these friends have had any problems since.

It is very important to sort this out, but it is simple enough to don't let it worry you too much. It's sounds like you have a good doc there.

All other flob girls, and flob boys' girls; don't put it off. It can really suck to have it done in another country; no-one enjoys gynaecological stuff at the best of times, but it's vitally important.

Good luck, lhaydon.


Does anyone know Bernice Chen's Chinese name or direct phone number? I've called the hospital and keep getting the run around! =P


Probably too late but her Chinese name is Chen2 Ming2 Zhi4 (pronounced "zhr").


Thanks a lot, 914!


Hoping one of you ladies can help me out...

I'm headed to TW soon and I'm in the process of the six-month Gardasil (HPV vaccine) three shot run. However, I think I have to be in Taiwan before the third shot is scheduled to have a decent chance at getting a good job. Does anyone happen to know if Taiwanese hospitals offer this vaccine and what it might cost? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


Yes, it is available. I would need to get back to you on the cost, but basically, once you get your ARC and "jienbao" (National Health Insurance Card, 4 months after) most medical treatment is wonderfully cheap.

A coworker tells me it is not covered by "jienbao" and that it was over 10 thousand nts for teh whole treatment. More data to come.


The price varies a little from provider to provider, I got it for NT$4k a shot.


Bernice Chen all the way. She's good, no doubt about it. Basically everything that a Westerner would want in a doctor that is otherwise difficult to find here.


i went to dr. bernice chen after reading the suggestions given here and i can just agree! she is very sensitive and patient. thanks for the tip!


Can anyone recommend an English- speaking gynecologist in Taichung city, or the northern part of the county? I need someone who is willing to take the time to thoroughly check out something. I've been to one already who was not at all thorough enough. (I did pm to be granted access to the women's forum, but this is a keep-me-up-worrying kinda thing, so I thought I'd see if I have any luck here, too!) Thanks.


Just a little update on Bernice Chen, She's still as lovely as reported here, happy to answer questions and very patient!

I got my first Taiwanese pap smear, and I have to say, she's very through when it comes to checking everything! Probably best to plan an afternoon off if you usually feel sore afterwards.

There's no need to make an appointment, here are her scheduled clinic hours-

Monday- 10am-12pm
Wednesday- 3pm- 4.30pm
Friday- 4pm-5pm

It cost 380NT for the smear, that was with the Jenbao card. Dr Chen explained that after 30, pap smears are free.