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Eating before blood tests are mostly for cholesterol tests. I don’t think that eating prior to your blood test for HIV and syphilis, is going to make a difference in the outcome.

I went to The China University Hospital in Taichung. They are very friendly and efficient. The whole thing took like 15 minutes. X-ray for TB. Blood for HIV and syphilis. Pooh Pooh for e coli and other bacteria. I couldn’t perform so they gave me some liquid (possibly water) to squirt up my bum. Needless to say it worked. They also checked for Hanson disease (whatever that is). They just give you a look and say, ok no problem. This exercise was 2200nt and you have to take 3 pics with and wait a week for your results.


That'll be Hansen's disease, commmonly known as leprosy.


Thanks Icon. All I know is that I don't have it :slight_smile:


I need to get a health check done for student visa purposes.

  • Are the health checks at the Ren-Ai hospital by appointment only? Anyone know the number I can call which has english-speaking staff manning the line. Tried the main one but they couldn't understand me (and I likewise them)
  • Do I need to bring any kind of documentation along with me?

Thank you for any advice in advance :notworthy:


Just spoke to a guy that is renewing his ARC. The health check seems to have gone up to 2,000! They also want a form for Rubella and Mumps checks that were done in your home country. For many of us, these records no longer exist and they were required of all students in the U.S anyway. My friend ran into a problem getting the information from England. He asked if they couldn't just check for the present antibodies. He was told, yes they could but it would cost extra. Bottom line is, it's changing - AGAIN!
Somebody that is going through the process needs to bring us up to date. I'm glad I have a new 3 year ARC. Maybe they will have this crap sorted out in 3 years.


I just got back from Ren'ai hospital where I had the Type "B" (JFRV/APRC) exam done.

It cost $1784 and took about an hour.

For the MMR bit, they took blood to test for antibodies. I wasn't asked to prove prior vaccination or take an MMR jab, but I guess if there's not sufficient antibodies, I may have to go back.

I did ask the nurse drawing blood why this was needed and all she could tell was "it's a new law for foreigners".


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Looking forward to your results cfimages :laughing:


I paid $2200 to China University Hospital in Taichung and still didn't receive results after 8 working days. Should i give them a call?

Edit: Actually the report arrived 4 days later but my wife forgot to let me know


Just picked mine up. I passed without needing to get any booster shots or show proof of vaccination or anything.


I also passed without any proof of vaccinations. I hope they can see from the blood test if i am protected or not. I did have the vaccinations but what if i didn't??


Then they would give it to you.


You think they should but no, they take my word for it. Go figure :loco: At least i know i did have my shots.


So if you don't have the antibodies in your blood, the hospital will stamp your health certificate that you failed the health exam, and then send you on your way so the government will deny your work permit? That doesn't make sense. I'd think that the hospital would tell you that you need to get the vaccination, and then give it to you. Oh, well.


Hi my passport is being renewed and will take 3 weeks to get back to me. Do I need to bring my passport to the clinic to receive a health check (to get my ARC)? The rules seem to be changing all the time.

Also, does anyone know the quickest and fastest hospital in Taipei that can handle the ARC health check? It seems that there are a range of prices and time taken when reading through the posts.

Much appreciation for any help :bow:


If this is for a new ARC, you should have your passport. If it's for a renewal, just show them your current ARC.

I always go to Renai Hospital.


I think Ren'ai is the only one doing them now.


I know this is only kind of related, but I'm applying for citizenship in Taipei and need to get a rubella/german measles vaccination (apparently there's no record of my having had it before). Does anyone know where I can get this done in Taipei?


neeeever mind, got it taken care of. i know i got the rubella vaccine when i was a has to in order to go to elementary school, yes? apparently it's not in my immunization record @ home though...doesn't make any sense. my dad checked and it's not in my brother or sister's records either. why would that record not be there?


I did my health test two weeks ago. Yes, they do a blood test for the Mumps, Measels and Rubella. I saw it listed on the papers you take to the boold testing part of the hospital. My work pays for my health report so I didn't have to pay that. I went to Ren-Ai hospital. There is a notice on the wall on the 1st floor saying about this test saying they do a blood count and if your anitbodies are below a certain count or in a grey zone they will ask you to get a booster shot. They didn't ask for proof of vaccination, I guess the bood count is the proof. The hospital called me personally asking me to come in as I was below the count for the antibodies. I was a bit annoyed as I have had all three diseases as a kid as well as shots so I asked the doctor why I needed it and in his broken English he said "we have to help your body remember" so I said, oh, it's a booster shot then, and he said yes. So I went to the room next door and the nurse gave me the shot, just one shot for all three. I did have to pay that myself, NT$591, they gave me a paper to prove I have been vaccinated and that was that. So I guess next year they will probably still check for anitbodies, but I should be fine now...

I would like to thank the Taiwanese government for helping to protect me and my country by vaccinating me so I won't take any of these diseases back to my home country.


Does anyone know if I'd need to get my health test done again if I were to apply for another 3 months in Taiwan after my 12 month scholarship period? Or do I just plain apply for a new ARC?