Life on the MRT 2018


Oh these darn ‘smartphones’, everything gets documented now!


Life as usual on the MRT.


The MRT TV near the waiting areas show what appears to be a real earthquake happening in the MRT with camera shaking and people running around crazy.

I almost thought it was a real report and others would think it was real also if they just look at the TV and see an earthquake occurring especially if they can’t read Chinese.


I would normally agree with you, and my reason would be that there is already the train with the extra line now (three lines). It’s not all that different from the MRT as a result.

But…I really wonder why there is so much construction of new apartments going on in the Xizhi City Hall area. This is not immediately adjacent to Xike or Xizhi Train Stations and seems to be where one of the MRT stops is projected to be. It does really make me wonder if people with money know something we don’t.


People with money just gamble sometimes, losing money doesn’t hurt them, win one, lose one.


More like connections. I have often observed certain people with connections have access to priviledged information. Or the guanxi to move a line their way.


You may be right, waffelstop, but in some moods, I feel the game is rigged. The rich getting richer and all that.

I’m sure this happens. Just look at the MRT stop distribution and this should be clear.


Big real estate projects have a pretty long lead time… a few years of planning, 2-4 years of construction, etc. It could just be that these projects were all initiated back when Taipei prices were still going up up up with no end in sight. It’s only been a year or two that prices have been stagnating in Taipei (and even going down).


That’s what they make you think.


To be fair this happens everywhere. Transit planning is notorious for special interests & neighborhood groups getting involved, being really loud, and pushing for alignments, station positions, and other outcomes which are not optimal for all residents or most residents. Generally governments and transit agencies just roll over and take it. In general I’d say Taipei does pretty darn well with service coverage to all neighborhoods.


Only dumb people need smart phones…you know, to compensate for their dumbness.


That’s what happened in our area, we lost!


I never owned a smartphone before I started spending a lot of time in Taiwan.