Nationwide: English-speaking computer repair


Funny you should ask. While reading this post his banner ad was showing that displayed the website: as well as the phone number 09 2676 3664.


I've had my laptop (a Hewlett-Packard Pavillion dv2500) almost a year and my C:/ drive is corrupted to the point that I can no longer install programs. I have Vista Home Premium v.6.0 (go ahead, laugh and point) Things are so bad, chkdsk won't even run anymore after 10%.

I'm really upset because some of my programs are taking hours to load (no, that's not an exaggeration) and others are crashing like my Paint.NET. It has become more or less unusable for the things I need it for. Normally, I would take it back to the shop, but I bought it on Bade Rd. so I don't think that I have any kind of warranty on repairs. This really sucks because I have a few projects going on that need finishing asap.

I need to find someone who can help fix the drive with the usual reqs (inexpensive and able to understand English so I can tell them the problem). Can someone help me?

Send me an email at (take out 'potatohead' first, though) since I don't post on forumosa much (despite what my post count might suggest :wink: ).

Please help me save my Puppy!


Try Nam at Fixing computers is his thing. His English is ok, too. :wink:


I am having some problems with my pc overheating very quickly and it's causing my computer to act very funny. Does anyone out there know of a place I could take my computer to get looked at or repaired. I have only been here a month and am still learning Chinese. I live in the Tian mu area of Taipei. Any suggestions?


Gonghua computer market I guess, some people there speak English.
Maybe someone here can help out as well, search the forums, there are a few people here that fix computers.


do a search for Nam Computer Repair...he's a member here...speaks very good english and is very skilled.

He's listed on here somewhere.




I bought a good little PC from Nam - it lasted a year already with no problems at all. He installed almost all the software I needed, except the virus stuff. I always use AVG and have found it quite effective for our needs. I would NOT recommend McAfee or Symantec or...

I also bought two good systems from someone in Tienmou (though they forgot to attach the hard disk on one system!)... I dunno. I've got both systems running for five years, but each has had its fair share of problems with MotherBoards, Cards, etc. It's just inevitable.

So if you are writing a book, or doing something else that's absolutely vital to you in some way, you have to protect yourself: You have no excuse. Computers are affordable, fairly reliable, and easily purchased. At the very least, purchase extra blank CDs, or DVDs or an external drive.

I now run at least two or three PCs so that one can take up the slack when the other is out of commission. In general, if you're running critical stuff on your PC, you really should:

  1. backup to your heart's content;
  2. run multiple PCs, or have access to such;
  3. find a good local PC store who can fix your PC promptly;
  4. practise safe computing all the time;
  5. keep off site copies of your critical stuff.

PCs are machines, even with the best will in the world, they can and WILL breakdown. Sometimes with no warning. And always at the time you need them the most.



Hi all,

Thanks for the kind words, we really do appreciate it!

For anyone looking for Multi-lingual computer services, here's a not so quick run through of services we provide at .

-New/Used Computer Sales and Repair
-SOHO Networks Repair/Installation
-Wireless Networks and Hotspots
-Service in English, Mandarin and/or Russian(We Can Also Communicate in Most Other Eastern-Block Languages)
-Flat-Rate Service Charges Across the Board
-Computer Hardware/Software Repair and Installation in ANY LANGUAGE

-Comprehensive 3 Year Warranties on All New Systems Including Free Delivery and Installation as well as Pick-Up and Drop-Off
-Free Use of Temporary Monitor Should the One You've Purchased Need Servicing Under Warranty(Depending On Availability At Time of Call)
-Comprehensive 3 Month Warranties on Software Repair and Installation

-Receipts (fapiao) Upon Request With Our Business Registration Number on Them
-24 to 48 Hour Turn-Around Time On Most Calls
-We Sell And Support All Forms Of Computer Equipment and Most Other Forms of Electronics Including Monitors and Flat-Screen TVs
-NationWide is a Frequent Silent Contributor to Many Local Charities and Social Groups
-All Unusable Equipment is Recycled and NOT THROWN AWAY INTO A LANDFILL
-We Take Donations of Old, Obsolete or Broken Hardware in Order to Help Keep Our Customers' Repair Costs Down or to Build Computer Systems for Charities Island-Wide.
-With the Permission of Donating Parties and Customer, We Use Donated Hardware to Repair Older Computers with Hardware Otherwise Impossible to Find (Of Course, We Don't Charge for the Hardware)
-Follow-Up to Ensure your Satisfaction and a Job Well Done
-8 Years of Service Island Wide
-More Often Than Not, Customer Is Not Charged if the Trouble is a Quick-Fix
-Our Services Are Island-Wide [/b]

On the corporate side, we offer..

-Certified Technicians, Engineers and Gear
-We Are Incorporated and Insured
-On Site Tech Support
-MIS Services
-PBX Support
-24hr On-Call
-Support Throughout E. Asia

We provide an unparalleled level of reputable service, responsibility, value, Legitimacy and assurance in everything we do.
Our flat rates and warranties assure you don't get stuck footing the bill for something we may have missed on a previous call.
In order to assure our efficiency and quality of services, we use state of the art RMA test gear not otherwise available in Taiwan that leaves engineers and technicians at all major hardware producers' green with envy.
We can find trouble with hardware that even hardware producers' service centers can't find due to the limited capabilities of their equipment.
This saves our customers the time, money and stress of having to deal with "Ghost in the Shell" problems with their computer or electronics device.

Sorry for going on for such a while, but I figured I should put something up in this post.

Anyone needing service can contact me directly by either email or phone.

[b]Mobile Phone: 092 676 3664 (9am-11pm)



Right, so I have "called" Nationwide three times this week now, only getting a voice mailbox on which I have left my name and phone number and I have yet to hear anything back from them. I am crippled by the fact that I don't have access to my computer when I desperately need it for work and I don't have time for the waiting game.

Are there any other options, viable options where I do not have to go through a ridiculous waiting period (if "never" can be called a waiting period), to get my laptop repaired?


The last I heard Nam is out of the country and won't return to Taiwan for another week.


This is correct. Nam is a friend and a next-door neighbor, and I can confirm that he is out of the country.


Sorry guys,

I'm actually out of the country at the moment and I've left my phone off as it would cost my customers and myself far too much for me to answer.

I am however responding to emails, so please feel free to contact me via email.

My wife and I had a second son in March and as my parents are in their latter 70s, my wife and I felt that we were obligated to visit them.
This is my first visit in 3 years. My last visit prior to that was 6 years ago.
I will be returning on August 29. At which point I'll likely hit the ground running.

On the on-site support end, I've left three MIS specialists on 24 hour call.

I apologize immensely for any inconvenience this may cause to any prospective or current customers,
I have extended warranties that end within the period of my absence for an additional month
and will add two months on systems actually experiencing problems within the same period.
To date there has only been one system experiencing trouble (failing HDD)
for which I've done a remote diagnostic and am in contact with the the customer in case of further development.

Again, I apologize to all and will return on August 29.


It would be a good idea to change your mailbox recorded message accordingly. That way people would know that they called you at a bad time rather than thinking your service is crap.

In one of your above posts, you mention that your service is island-wide. Can you explain to me how I would go about having my computer serviced out in Kaohsiung?

Hope you're having a nice vacation, and thank you in advance.



Fair enough.

Island-wide repair and RMA services are only available on NationWide purchased systems and products.

On-site MIS and tech support is available island-wide.


Thank you dailo13 for your advice. I will go and see if it is just a monitor or battery problem.

For Nam, I am sorry if my posts seemed so vitriolic, but you might want to update your voicemail to actually state that you are not currently available so people don't get led to believe that your business is badly run when they are not responded to. I also came to this thread looking to see if maybe you had posted information about not being in the country since this page comes up on google when looking for your services (as well as perhaps something on your website, perhaps). I cannot wait another week to get my computer into a shop just for diagnostics, but should I have any needs in the future, heaven forbid, I may consider your company's services.


We use Nam's services because most of the problems we have are in front of the monitor. :smiley:

Hence we need good communication.


Hi, I just wanted to give some quick advice to anyone needing computer repairs. Recently my hard drive died on my Apple Mac- after surviving the initial heart attack I made a few enquiries and heard, several times, that the Apple repair center in Taipei was dodgy and took too long.
I finally got in contact with - they did an awesome job inside of a week, didn't charge too much and were always willing to answer the phone and help with with any queries I had afterwards. My computer's working better than before now.
Thanks so much!


You have a PEBKAC error?

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair


^ I would not recommend Nationwide.
My class mate used him a couple of times.

The guy's a nice fella but his way of running his business is atrocious.
I know he is busy but.....

If he was in Canada he wouldn't have a business.
It would be deemed unacceptable.
But as someone once pointed out to me, we're not in Canada.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are prepared to wait and wait go for it.

Me, I would grab a local friend and go to the computer market.
You'll have a new computer sorted within a couple of hours.

If Nationwide get their act together they have potential. But they need to work at customer care.