New National Immigration Agency starting January 2, 2007


My point being that the last three times I went to get my JFRV this was not required no matter where you lived. There was no need to show an ID of your wife/husband, no need for a contract, bill or other proof of where you lived. I only had to do that when I was doing the yearly visa renewals before I was married. Why did they change this, just to change it?

Here is the "pink slip" I was given the first time I went. Note the mistake in the picture size by the way, it should read a 2in photo. You know the normal size that everyone uses.

It would have been nice if someone had told me this. When I called the agency the first time they directed me the website, BUT the website doesn't mention this!!! Have checked the Chinese version also, and nope, not there! But I will dig further and see if I can find it. The Information for foreigners line was clueless about this also. If the law changed in January 2007, why wasn't the information widely published, and why wasn't this card sent with the little white piece of paper I was sent in the mail telling me I had 30 days to renew my visa. And why wouldn't this little piece of paper be enough to verify that I actually live at the place I tell them I live and the place that is already on my ARC, if I didn't live there how could I get that little white piece of paper?!

I think this will be useful for some of you.


Nah mate - it's much worse. You will start to appreciate how comparatively easy Taiwan immigration is to deal with once you start filling in the I-130 for your wife. And last time I checked you need 3 years as a lawful permanent resident with 3 years physical presence in the US before you can apply for citizenship. Given the processing backlogs and waiting lists for interviews etc. you could be looking at anywhere from 7-10 years and a lot of money to get through the whole process from spouse visa to full naturalization.


TWO quick questions:

1) I need to re-new my student ARC (address on current ARC is in YONG HE), but I have moved to TAIPEI CITY, which office do I go to?

2) Do we need to bring a picture to get the new fancy ARCs or do they just copy your existing photo?


  1. You apply where you live, i.e. Taipie City. Apply fast, as they can give you a fine for not informing them about your change of address.

  2. Bring your own. Remember size must be the same as for the local IDs.


I get the feeling that they are required to make it difficult. So we should all add to our list of docs to take each time:

contract or bill proving where we live
photocopy of spousal ID

I will also add that they're very resistant to renew if you go in even a DAY earlier than one month before expiry. I went in today, and explained that I'm traveling this month so I need to renew a couple days early, and they refused because I had not brought my airplane tickets to prove it. And the woman was very unfriendly from start to finish, too.


That seems to be something of a trend. I think the attitude must have come in with those uniforms. Or they made a call for grumpy old-timers from other ministries. Whatever, as long as they stamp the form it's good enough i guess.


I don't know, but yeah, add it to the list of stuff you need to bring with you, "JUST IN CASE!" I think the next time I go I will need a suitcase to carry all the documents...

What I don't get is that after so many years they should just give you some kind of equivilent to a permanet residency without having to really apply for it... This is the fourth time I have renewed the visa, I hate going there. I need to do there again soon too because I just moved. But I am waiting to have a nice stack of bills, letter's, etc with all of my alias on them so there is no question. My ARC is so old now too that it is falling apart, I am really hoping I can get one of those new IC ARC's, though I am wondering if every three years their going to have to offer us a new one because the expiration date and the issue date has to be written on them so when banks copy them they have a record..... Sometimes I wonder why they want to make things not only difficult for us but also more difficult for them.. No wonder why some of them are in such a bad mood everyday....


I have a question about student ARC.

My ARC expire date in Sep 31,2010. Then I will go back to home in June and will be come to November or October.

So can I renew my ARC in June? Is it possible?


Renew it in June based on what? If you're leaving in June 2010, you won't be a student here. So why would they renew a student visa for someone who isn't a student?

Also, once you're not a student as far as the government is concerned, your study-based ARC quickly becomes invalid, regardless of what date might be given on it. A September 31 expiration would apply only if you were a student through September 31, which it appears you won't be. (When you return, will you again be a full-time official student?)

You should call the NIA to make sure. But I don't think your chances are good.


I'm sorry. I was misinterpret you. Because I will graduate in June 2011. I'm full time student. I've left defense of my thesis. So I will finish my course in June then I'll go back my home.
Came back to Oct or Nov 2010.

Then , Can I extend my ARC in June? Expiration date in Sep 31, 2010.


My ARC expires June 27 2011 (due to my passport expiration date.. however I am a full time employee here) .. if I am not wrong they say in teh immigration office that in order to renew the ARC someone shoul apply something like at least 3 months beofre the expiration day of the ARC. Now it is April.. if i go there am i too early? Will they renew my ARC or should i go later. My boss has provide me all the necessary documents.However, some post above i see on an attached document that they say to go 15 days before the expiration day....
Also... my bad and i should have dealt with it earlier... but in January i renew my passport in my home-country. When i entered the country i showed bith of them, so everything ok. However, I have not yet informed the Immigration of this change and I was planning to do so alongside my ARC extension. I guess there is a fine... do you happen to know how much is it?