On free speech and punching.


The guy that says don’t project and look for an argument lol…oh and my favorite thing he says “as long as you’re informed!” And doesn’t even bother finding out who Peterson is a calls insane. Can’t make a statement worth his weight.


It’s a way to save time. Saying;“Peterson isn’t completely insane but whatever” is quicker than:“Well shit, he’s making some good points that I cannot reasonably refute since they’re backed by solid data. That sounds a bit problematic for my narrative, so I’ll just dismiss him and hop on my current year high horse”.

That took waaay too long to write.


I’ll let @Mick and @tempogain verify for the record which mod temped that thread.

Btw Andrew did you notice how this

Then don’t respond. You replied 2x to me. Even dropped a picture so your words say I’m not interested but you keep coming back.

makes an interesting juxtaposition with your situation where you keep letting someone back into your life even though you can’t stand her? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



More interview madness. “How dare you deny that what I want to believe you said is what you said! And about a woman! We’re done.” Sad.


Wow…just wow.