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Are there any good sites for Taipei where one can meet girls. I am moving to Taiwan later on this year so I will be on my own and I wanted to try and make friends with people who will be around where I will be at. This way I won't be completly on my own. The other question is how hard is it for a single white male who has had no kind of dating experience ever to find a date. I will be doing IT work and I will have my own 1 bedroom apartment. But I have no experience with girls. What can I do to prepare my self before I arrive. I should point out that I moving after the second week in september


try language exchanges and ladies nights at the popular western bars.

You can find language exchanges on

Good luck


Yes. I met my wife on, so you might try that one. They even have Happy Hours where you can meet other posters.

Making scrambled eggs is more difficult.

Start learning Mandarin. That will definitely help. Then when you get here, get language exchange partners, go out a lot (don't stay in your room watching TV), and chat with all the cute xiaojie's you see. Take them out for dinner, go for walks, and so on. Then comes amore. :wink: Then babies. And diapers. Lots of diapers. Dirty, stinky ones. Listen, are you sure you want to go this route?


To get back on topic, there are boatloads of applications on Facebook for this kind of use. Just using the hot or not application you will find an amazing amound of cute taiwanese girls.
Damn... why am i not single again...


Hi folks

Was thinking of paying for a membership to contact members on the site. The numbers of females on that site is plentiful. I'm looking for STR or LTR.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had luck actually meeting people through there? How does it compare with say, Tealit?




I was just hoping to get some dates.

But such a "study" would take quite a lot of work. Like, I'm a sample-size of one. So to do a study like that effectively, would require the mobilization of quite a few resources.

I have had success on Tealit. Met one of my exes there. She was a sweetie. And then there were a few others.


I know some guys that have used Forumosa Friends successfully. Success meaning they've gotten what appears to be a long-term relationship out of the deal. The cool thing about Forumosa Friends is that the pool of candidates is much bigger than just the people that have registered through Forumosa. Taiwan Fun's HeyPersonals, or whatever they call it, is actually the same dating service, just rebranded. Good luck!


One thing that bothers me about Forumosa Friends is that it in the country list it says Taiwan (China), which is a bit like saying Sudetenland (Germany) in 1938. However, I shouldn't mention that here, because it is politics and this is the Dating Forum.


Oh that's not good. Not good at all! Let me see if I can't get that changed! Thanks for the heads up! :notworthy:


The people on the banners all seem so bizzare, I never bothered looking. Are they chosen randomly?


It also says China (Mainland). Can we change it to something less ideologically charged like China (Currently under defacto control of the illegitimate crypto fascist PRC junta/Beijing entity. RIP Zhao Ziyang and the patriotic martyrs of June 4th 1989)

Hopefully someone here can translate that into Simplified Chinese.

  1. Tealit worked in the past for me. This was a few years ago. I don't think it's quite as effective anymore. The male:female ratio there seems too great.

  2. Yes. Both in quantity and quality.


just to expand on this....there is a network of dating sites feeding into this service that are all part of the worldfriends network; my HR manager actually saw my profile on it and asked me if i'd signed up for some site or other i'd never heard of (local Chinese language site) :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: ....some of the matches you find might not actually speak any English whatsoever....(the format for profiles is largely multiple choice)....



That's funny. That site has taken the same branding style from AdultFriendFinder.


I've tried three main methods of meeting women in Taipei. 1) Nightlife, 2) Introductions, 3) Online.

But first, some background. There is a huge, I mean HUGE pool of single available women in Taipei. Especially educated, professional women. The average Chinese/Taiwanese guy, is at best, an unintentional misogynist by western standards. Because of this, many, many Chinese/Taiwanese women refuse to destroy their quality of life by marrying one (Taiwan and Singapore depend on importing massive amounts of foreign brides to satisfy the demand for women who will marry a "traditional" Chinese/Taiwanese guy).

The problem is how to find this huge pool of single women. You may or may not feel comfortable with nightlife (bars, clubs, etc.). Certain bars and clubs have a reputation for being a place where local women go to meet foreign guys. You can ask other people here which ones are the most popular at the moment.

The second method, my favorite, are introductions. The Chinese/Taiwanese love to match-make. This is social-networking on speed with romance thrown in. Just let your work mates, class mates, teachers, and basically everyone in your professional and social circle know that you are looking for a girlfriend (you MUST do this in a respectful, courteous manner). They will carefully check you out over a period of a couple months (to make sure that you're not crazy) and make introductions for you. This is the standard, culturally acceptable way to meet women in Chinese culture.

The third method is online. The unfortunate thing about online is that all of the good online dating sites are in Chinese. However, there are some in English, such as TeaLit and ForumosaFriends (which is actually partnered/hosted by a wider global matchmaking site). The advantage of the English language sites is that the requirement for English pre-selects for women interested in foreign guys.

Don't worry about having no experience with dating. Chinese/Taiwanese men rarely hit on women due to shyness. Chinese/Taiwanese men also care little about their own appearance and live in a male-dominated society. This means that if you take care of your appearance, observe basic personal hygiene, and are courteous to women (the basics of western courting) you are already miles ahead of the local competition.

The variables and probabilities are too numerous to cover, but any respectful, polite, clean white male in decent phyical shape with a solid job should be able find anyone from a girlfriend to a wife in the male paradise of greater China.


Shoot. I was just going to ask that question here.

I was wondering how on earth there are so many posts on the site from people who obviously don't know a spit of English. Consider how "few" people post personal ads on Tealit, there's no way there's waves upon waves of Chinese-only speakers posting on (English) ForumosaFriends. So in fact, there are Chinese feeder sites.

That really sux. I teach in a university (I'm 31) - and have over the course of my time here, met some 1000 or so students. It'll be embarrassing if any one of them find an ad I place, cause it'll be passed around like a hot potato.

Doe - not sure what to do about this.


Don't go there than, cause there are youngsters on that site which indeed might be your students -
or just do not put your picture (-80% respnses though)


The only concern with Forumosa friends, along with the other sites it shares information with, is that some of the girls keep popping up and popping around from foreign guy to foreign guy.

Quite a few of those girls bounce from guy to guy. I've witnessed it multiple times and know it through friends.

Some show up, find a guy, disappear for awhile, the show up again looking for another guy.

Others just use it for another route to get whatever she may get from a guy.

So once you pick a girl, and if you care, get to know her and find out how many guys she has met via these sites. Chances are it could be your friend, or your friends' friend, or you might bump into her exe's when roaming around Taiwan.


But it's a 'dating' site, no? Not a mail order bride site? Women shop around too, y'know.