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#61 out for those LE's , though.. :sunglasses:



There's nothing wrong with using an online dating site to sift through all the crap and awkwardness of blind dates and picking some random stranger up. I prefer those websites, like and its affiliates (asianfriendfinder,, adultfriendfinder, outpersonals, bigchurch, etc.) to the usual way of picking up a date (i.e. going to a club or picking from your circle of friends - don't do it, trust me :noway: ). You can pick out what you are looking for in a mate - looks, personality, lifestyle, beliefs, values, interests, marital status or rather lack thereof, age, desire to have children, and sexual compatibility (and other related preferences :howyoudoin: ) rather than having to bring them up in a conversation or finding out the hard way that something you feel is extremely important to a relationship isn't as much a priority to them.


Why not you search form international dating free site? I think all local sites will be in Chinese. You may try msn free advance search option.

#64 seems to have a decent number of people, but for some reason the search feature doesn't work for taipei only, so you gotta search all of taiwan.


Hello. I've met quite a few people recently who have said that the way to go to meet girls is through online dating.
I tried doing a search for the thread but am pretty bad at skimming through the pages after pages of stuff.
This seems like one of those subjects that everyone I meet talks about... yet I'm pretty much clueless about it. What sites would one suggest?

Recently I'm at the point of desperation where I just need a hook up to get my confidence back up from being out of the game. Or a fresh scene...


Definitely there are a lot of sites, just type dating Taiwanese girls on Google and see what come out:

Also you can always trust to the old facebook to reconect with some old dates or something


I guess you must not have seen the 100s of afterdark web banners that pop up on this forum?


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Are they the same thing ?

If not, what are the advantages / drawbacks of each ? I signed up to the Hey site, and the interface seems pretty basic, you can't even sort by city, lol.



As far as I understand it's the same, Forumosa is just having a re-branded version. If you sign up with Forumosa Friends, you get the same, plus you support Forumosa.

Now I guess the more interesting question for you would be Forumosa Friends or Forumosa After Dark :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, I think the latter was just an attempt at monetization though right ? I don't think there's a lot of folks from Taiwan signed up to it.

I guess these services are a better way to meet people than say tealit ?


No idea what is better to meet people, I didn't do any comparisons ^_^ But it surely depends on what you are looking for.

And I guess you can browse the members before signing up for the paying part of any of those services, and also use functions like chat. So you should be able to check out what kind / amount of people that might interest you are present.


It's the same company operating out of China, they operate a rebranding strategy under 100s of websites.


Are they legit though ? Sounds pretty shady to me.


btw do you think the profiles are legit on After Dark, or are they mostly paid / hookers ? No idea from the looks of it.


There should be lots of reviews around for both services. Just look for "Adult Friend Finder" and "Heypersonals".

I also paid for heypersonals for a month or two before coming to Taiwan, getting to know some people (both sexes) with similar taste in music, so that I knew someone before I arrived here. From my experience for this kind of thing heypersonals works well, but or course you also have some girls there that will want to hook up with you even you are really just looking for friends (as in "pen pals" or "sports / activities partners"). I didn't run into many fakes, obvious hookers or whatever there, at least not as far as I could tell. That was 3 years ago, though. Mabye one or two times i recognized pictures of celebrities as profile pics, I guess those were jokes or fakes. Also I saw a few profiles being closed/deleted by the website management, with pretty suggestive names... I guess those would have been something fishy as well. All in all, far as I can tell lots of Taiwanese people which are interested in travelling abroad, learning languages, or simply making foreign friends are on that site. I think if you are open and genuine, you can make friends there. It simply increases the chances of getting to know someone with similar interests.

Two of my friends (girls) also used Heypersonals for finding friends (nothing else - as far as I know ^^), and for them it worked. Well, I think girls don't pay on such kind of sites, so no risk for them anyway.

I also know at least one American English teacher and one Taiwanese girl that were using the Adult Friend Finder for their sexual adventures, and while they didn't go into details when we talked about that, it seems it worked out for them. At least I think that means not all profiles there are fakes.

All in all there seem to be genuine people online in that kind of sites - but on the other hand, free stuff like facebook, myspace, and all kinds of blogs (plus MSN/Live Messenger) can be used to find friends online as well. For the adult stuff, the language exchange parts of tealit etc. seem to have a pretty bad (good?) rep, but I have no experience with that. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that in Taiwan it seems pretty normal to find friends over the Internet, also a kind of a nerdy dating culture here I feel. So even though in your home country this kind of website might be considered seedy, desperate or whatever, chances are that Taiwanese think different.


Yes, I agree. I think it's a great site and it's free.
Don't know if it'll work for me though.
It's awkward (for me) to meet strangers and I might not dare to do that, but it's interesting simply just answering those questions.


You know I am giving OKcupid a try again, I mean its free so not much to lose.

The thing is I really feel like I am fishing in a lake with no fish. In and around Taiwan the people’s interest are language exchange, movies, or whatever the norm is, I can’t find anyone in the area that has anything in common with me both online and offline. I have little to no interest in language exchange but I just want to meet like minded people and it seems as though in Taiwan you are either one way or isolated from everyone else.

I have never had much success with online dating, are there any tips on getting people to actually respond to my message?


OKCupid is ok site, you can meet people that are not there for LE. It all comes down to what you expect from people. Put it nicely on your profile, and maybe someone with the same ideas will hook up with you, although I generally feel that I need to initiate talks.
Just don’t idle…


[quote=“mr_boogie”]OKCupid is ok site, you can meet people that are not there for LE. It all comes down to what you expect from people. Put it nicely on your profile, and maybe someone with the same ideas will hook up with you, although I generally feel that I need to initiate talks.
Just don’t idle…[/quote]
I’ll just say I had some success there in the past, but it’s not a meat market.


the problem with blind dates from the net is that often one has to be blind.