[Poll] How Long Will DJ Trump Stay in Office?



It’s like a license to grope.


You’re painting all anti-Covfefists with the brush of one Machiavellian and acting like pro-Covfefists don’t have a single Machiavellian bone in their millions of bodies.

I’ll keep this in your file, Comrade. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Always had you pegged for a closet commissar. After the revolution I expect your file on me will be put to good use.


Hey, someone’s going to need to help Discobot run the universe.

But before the robot revolution succeeds, your file will come in handy whenever I need to call you out on the double standards you claim to eschew.


Actually, it makes sense from a pragmatic point of view. The only thing I see wrong with it is it justifies rank hypocrisy.

As a bonus, it exposes rank hypocrisy. And it shows exactly what’s wrong with the whole #MeToo hysteria.

Now, if only they’d take a strong stand against proponents of shariah law…


“I’m a feminist. I study rape culture”, that’s the perfect way to start an article.
Is there something that is considered the opposite of “argument from authority”? A term to explain a situation in which you use some form of authority to completely undermine your own position?