Anyone seen pumpkins for sale anywhere? I'm doing a Halloween class for school and want to make some jack-o-lanterns. The only place I have seen any pumpkins is at Jason's but they were quite expensive. If anyone knows a place I can pick up a few reasonably priced pumpkins this week I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Carrafour and Wellcome have them, but they're "special" Halloween pumpkins. Very small and cost a fortune.


You would think someone would grow them on TAiwan?? Doesnt anyone like pumpkin pie??


Jasons has the big pumkins for 299 each.


Well, you get the pie in Costco for NT$219... but the pumpkins, I dunno...


Our local market has little pumpkins. The kids in our family love pumpkin soup and we have it about once a week.


Time to make a Jack-O-lantern for Halloween. The past couple of years I have gotten large pumpkins for them at the Banchiou Jason's. This year they have switched to small pre-decorated ones. Anyone seen any large pumpkins for sale anywhere?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

BTW mods, I know there was a thread on this a couple of years ago but I couldn't find anything in a search.


pumpkins.zefrank.com/?facebookPumpkin - the modern equivalent.


Only pumpkins I have found here are those small, elongated greenish ones...


Just giving this a quick bump. So far my search has been fruitless (pun intended) and Halloween is fast approaching. If anybody sees any of the big old orange things for sale anywhere please post.



This may be a little off-topic, but when I can't find sizeable pumpkins for Halloween kids' stuff (Jack-'o-Lanterns), I merely buy giant orange balloons. Copy some templates for mouth/eyes/nose from the 'net or make your own. Glue on the balloon. Fill with candy. Instant pinata.

Of course, these materials don't make for as good a soup as the real thing.


jimipresley wrote

Not off-topic to me. Thanks for the suggestion jimipresley. It may make for a good substitution as it is looking increasingly like I won’t have a large pumpkin this year. Thanks for the input.

BTW, Jason’s says you have to pre-order two weeks in advance for the things now so heads up for anyone who wants one next year.


Thanks for the heads up about Jason's, I was going there tomorrow to look for them. RT mart has some medium sized ones I'll pick up instead.


Thanks for filling in for me, jimipresley --- yup, you said it, make your own! :discodance: If you want it to be even more realistic or want to wear it on your head on Halloween, After filling and tying off the balloon, cover it with papier-mâché, letting that dry thoroughly in layers, adding more curvature where you want the pumpkin's ridges, and adding the stem on top; then cut with a serrated knife, and paint with poster paints. You can also glue yellow, orange or red cellophane on the inside of the eyes and mouth and add a light inside (small battery powered lights suitable for this are available at stationery stores. This was part of my costume for my first Halloween party in Taiwan, about 15 years ago. Getting the papier-mâché to dry takes time in this weather, though, so if you're going to do this, start a few days early and have a dehumidifier and fans or heater involved.


piwackit wrote:

How medium and which RT Mart? The Jason’s pumpkins are small, hold in one hand affairs. Sort of the size of a mini-basketball. Are the RT Mart one’s a bit more robust? I would settle for those if so. If they are, can you tell me which location? Thanks.

Oh, and cool papier-mâché pumpkin idea Dragonbones.


Oh, the traditional market in my street has been carrying huge pumpkins, if anyone needs. Xindian.


Call up the guy who makes these ones and ask him to do one for you.


The small ones I got from Wellcome I just cut out the top and used as candle holders for long, black candles. The medium ones from RT Mart were about the size of those small, yellow watermelons, 75nt each. This is the NeiHu RT MArt, near Costco.

I would still love a couple of big ones, as we have a big party on Saturday and pumpkin carving is part of our usual schedule :slight_smile:


Icon wrote:

Could you give me a location on that traditional market Icon? Don't know if I can make it out there in time but just in case. A street or general area would be great. Thanks!

And thanks piwackit. Those sound about the same size as Jason's (but about half the price).


Those are just BLOODy FANTASTIC! :bravo: Thanks for the pics! :notworthy: